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Topics for conversation with a guy: features of conversation structure

Topics for conversation with a guy: features of conversation structure logo
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You need to communicate with guys the same way as with any other person - with respect and mutual understanding. Try not to ask unpleasant questions or criticize his appearance or past relationships. Show interest in his hobbies and opinions, do not hesitate to ask questions on various topics. Be friendly and open, but don't impose your opinion. And remember that every person is unique, so communication with each guy may be different.
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  8. How to meet a guy on the street
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If you want to build an interesting conversation with a guy, there are several topics you can use:

  1. Shared interests: Find out what he is interested in and discuss it with him. This could be sports, music, movies, books or any other common hobbies.
  2. Travel: Discuss places you have visited or dream of visiting. Exchange stories and travel experiences, share recommendations.
  3. Culture and the Arts: Discuss your favorite artists, musicians, films or theater plays. You can discuss new trends and discover new and interesting things for each other.
  4. Food and Cooking: Exchange recipes, talk about your favorite dishes and cuisines. This can lead to interesting conversations about the culture and traditions of different countries.
  5. Sports and Physical Activity: Discuss your favorite sports, teams, or players. You can also talk about your own sports activities and achievements.
  6. Current Events and News: Talk about the latest news and events that are happening in the world. Discussing current topics can be interesting and allow you to get each other's opinions.
topics for communicating with guys
topics to talk about with a guy on the street

It is important to remember that the conversation should be mutual and respectful. Listen to your interlocutor, ask questions and show interest in his opinion. Also, feel free to share your ideas and thoughts. Mutual communication and openness can help build an interesting and enjoyable conversation with a guy.

Video: How to Keep a Conversation Going With a Guy (Watch Till The End)

How to talk to a guy correctly

Here are some tips on how to talk to a guy correctly:

  1. Be sincere: It is important to be yourself and express your thoughts and feelings frankly. This will help create a deep and sincere connection.
  2. Show interest in his life and interests: Ask questions about his interests, work, hobbies, etc. This will allow you to learn about his world and create the basis for an interesting conversation.
  3. Listen actively: Pay attention to what the guy is saying and ask clarifying questions. This will allow you to better understand his point of view and demonstrate that you are interested in his opinion.
  4. Be open to discussing a variety of topics: Talk about a variety of things, ranging from common interests and hobbies to serious topics. Respect his opinion and be prepared for discussion.
  5. Use humor and wordplay: Humor promotes a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Wordplay and jokes can help create a more relaxed and fun conversation.
  6. Don't be afraid to share your stories and opinions: Share your thoughts, experiences and stories. This will help create mutual understanding and build a connection.
  7. Respect boundaries and space: It is important to respect his personal space and boundaries. Do not disturb his comfort, take into account his reactions and desires.
  8. Be aware of nonverbal cues: Pay attention to body language and the nonverbal cues it conveys. This will help you better understand his emotions and mood.
  9. Don't hesitate to ask questions: If you have questions or something is unclear, don't hesitate to ask questions. This will show that you are interested and willing to talk on a deeper level.
  10. It is important to be polite and respectful: Always remember the ethics of communication and show respect for his opinion and space. This will help create a healthy and pleasant communication atmosphere.

Remember that each person is individual, so approaches to communication may vary. It is important to be open to adaptation in communication and adapt to the characteristics of your interlocutor.


Topics for conversation

  1. Interests and hobbies:ask about what the young man is interested in and how he spends his free time.
  2. School/university:Ask about his academic progress, favorite subjects and plans for the future.
  3. Sports:Ask about his favorite teams, players and sports achievements.
  4. Music:Ask about what kind of music he listens to, his favorite artists and concerts he has been to.
  5. Movies and TV series:Ask about his favorite genres, films and TV series that he has watched recently.
  6. Travel:ask about where he has already been, where he would like to go in the future and why.
  7. Career:Ask about his plans for the future, what kind of job he would like to have and why.
  8. Technology:Ask about his favorite gadgets, social networks and apps.
  9. Food:Ask about his favorite foods, restaurants, and culinary hobbies.
  10. Personal life:If you are close with a guy, ask about his relationship, partner and plans for the future.

Video: Secret To Getting Better At Talking To People

What not to talk about

  1. Religion and politics: These topics can cause heated debate and unpleasant emotions.
  2. Finance: Don't ask about salary or debts, this can be too personal and unpleasant.
  3. Appearance: there is no point in saying that the young man looks bad or that something needs to be improved in his appearance.
  4. Past relationships: you should not ask about former partners, this can cause unpleasant emotions and negative memories.
  5. Indecent questions: Do not ask questions about your sex life or other intimate details, as this may be unpleasant and cause discomfort.


How to meet a guy on the street

If you want to meet a guy on the street, it is important to follow some recommendations:

  1. Take the initiative: Approach him and start a conversation. Overcome your fears and don't be afraid to take the first step.
  2. Be friendly and willing to communicate: Smile and wish him a good day. Your friendliness and positive attitude will help create a comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Pay attention to the surrounding situation: If he is busy or in a hurry, it may not be a good time to meet. It is better to choose a moment when he is free and calm.
  4. Use common interests: Look around, maybe you have a common interest in books, music or events in your city. This can be a great starting point for conversation and connection.
  5. Ask something: Ask him a question about something you're interested in, or simply express your admiration for something you've noticed. This will help start a conversation.
  6. Be yourself: Don't pretend or change for the sake of someone else. Being sincere and natural is what really attracts.
  7. Remember boundaries and safety:Always pay attention to your safety. If something bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to stop communicating and leave.
  8. Be persistent, but not intrusive: If the first meeting was pleasant, do not be afraid to offer to exchange contact information or ask him out on a date. But also respect his decision and willingness to continue communication.

It’s important to remember that meeting people on the street can be unpredictable, so don’t be discouraged if things don’t work out the first time. Smile, be open to meeting new people and enjoy the process.

Video: 7 Greatest Conversation Starters That Actually Work

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- Sep 23, 2023 15:38:00
What to ask a guy tricky questions?

You shouldn’t ask a guy tricky questions, as this can cause mistrust and unpleasant emotions. It is better to ask open-ended questions that do not cause tension and allow easy and free communication. For example, you can ask about his hobbies, interests, opinions on current topics, past travels, or what he likes to do in his free time. The main thing is not to ask questions that can cause negative emotions or disrupt the comfortable atmosphere of communication.
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