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Cozy knitted manicure: fashionable ideas for nails

Cozy knitted manicure: fashionable ideas for nails logo
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Winter manicure can be very beautiful and stylish. You can use winter elements such as Christmas trees, rhinestone snowflakes or other decorations to create a more creative winter manicure.
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  1. Video: How to do Sweater Nails!
  2. What is a knitted manicure
  3. Video: EASY Sweater Nail Tutorial | BEGINNER FRIENDLY
  4. The main advantages and main disadvantages of winter manicure
    1. Main advantages
    2. Main disadvantages
  5. Video: Sweater Nail Art Tutorial - With Regular Polish!
  6. What knitted designs are in fashion in winter
  7. Video: Cosy Winter Sweater/Jumper Nails
  8. Popular colors and shades
  9. How to do voluminous and flat knitted manicure
  10. Video: Chic Manicure-Quickly! Knitted manicure gel Polish/nail design-sweater/nail Design step by step!
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Fashionable manicure ideas for nails can be very diverse.

Here are some popular ideas:

  1. French manicure: a classic and always fashionable option. You can use different colors, including unusual ones, to give a regular French manicure a special charm.
  2. Gradient Manicure: This design involves a smooth transition from one color to another on each nail or on all nails together. You can play with bright colors or create a more delicate and romantic look.
  3. Accent Nail:Choose one nail for a special design while keeping the rest plain or with a simple background. This can be a pattern, rhinestones, glitter, floral elements and much more.
  4. Manicure with patterns: You can create different patterns on your nails using black threads, stamping, brushes or stickers. This can be a geometric pattern, a floral motif, animals or any other decorative elements.
  5. Foil Manicure:Using sheets of foil adds a metallic shine to your nails. You can stick the entire foil on your nails or create abstract patterns.
  6. Minimalist manicure:If you prefer a more neutral and understated style, you can try a minimalist design with simple lines, dots, geometric shapes and simple colors.
winter knitted manicure

These are just some ideas, and there are many possibilities for creative manicures. It is important to choose a style that you like and matches your look. You can also be inspired by fashion trends, designer collections or style icons to create a unique manicure.

Video: How to do Sweater Nails!

What is a knitted manicure

A crochet manicure, also known as a thread manicure or spider design, is a type of nail design that is created using thread and a needle. The process of knitted manicure consists of thin threads being wound onto the surface of the nail, creating various patterns and designs.

winter knitted manicure

Nile, silk or cotton thread is usually used to make this design. The thread is treated with gel polish or nail glue to fix it on the surface of the nail. Then, using a needle or other tool, the thread is carefully shaped to create the desired pattern or design.

winter knitted manicure

Knitted manicure is a creative and original way to decorate nails, which allows you to create a variety of designs, including knitted patterns, contrasting lines, geometric shapes and even images. This type of manicure requires some skill and patience, but the result can be very impressive and unique.

winter knitted manicure

Video: EASY Sweater Nail Tutorial | BEGINNER FRIENDLY

The main advantages and main disadvantages of winter manicure

This complex manicure has its own characteristics.

winter knitted manicure

Let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages.

Main advantages

  1. Unique and original design: Winter knitted manicure allows you to create unique and original patterns and designs on your nails that will make you stand out from the crowd. This can be especially attractive during the cold season, when everyone is looking to add a little holiday cheer to their look.
  2. Warm and Cozy Look:Knitted manicure will give your nails a warm and cozy look. This design goes perfectly with winter outfits and accessories, creating overall harmony.
  3. Good durability: Winter knitted manicure made using gel polish or acrylic can be very durable and long-lasting. This will allow you to enjoy a beautiful manicure throughout the winter season without the need to constantly update it.
  4. Materials Available: For a knitted manicure, you will need simple materials such as thread and a needle, which are easily available and inexpensive. This makes winter knitted manicure accessible to many people.
winter knitted manicure

Main disadvantages

  1. Additional time and skill required:Knitting on nails requires additional time and skill. If you are not experienced in knitting or do not have patience, this type of manicure may be difficult for you.
  2. Limited durability: Knitted manicures may be less durable than other types of manicures, especially if only glue or threads are used without additional protective coatings. Therefore, it may require more frequent updating and re-manicure.
  3. Limited selection of designs:Knitting on nails may have a limited selection of designs. Some designs may be difficult or unrealistic to create on your nails. This may limit your creative freedom when doing knitted manicures.
winter knitted manicure

Although a winter knitted manicure has its advantages and disadvantages, it is still an attractive option for those who are looking for originality and coziness on their nails in the winter. It is important to remember that everyone can have their own preference and the experience with knitted manicure can be individual.

winter knitted manicure

Video: Sweater Nail Art Tutorial - With Regular Polish!

What knitted designs are in fashion in winter

In winter, popular knitted manicure designs are:

  1. Cable Style Patterns: This design resembles a knitted braid pattern and creates a cozy winter look on your nails.
  2. Snowflakes: Snowflakes are a symbol of winter, and their image on nails gives winter manicure a festive and magical look.
  3. Jacquard Pattern: This pattern is created using multiple thread colors and imitates the traditional jacquard patterns that are often used in knitting.
  4. Braids:Creating patterns that resemble crochet braids adds texture to your nails and is an interesting winter design variation.
  5. Knitted Sweatshirts: Designs that imitate the knitted pattern of a sweater can add a touch of comfort and style to your nails in the winter.
  6. Fur Pattern Vests:This design imitates the texture of fur and can add a bit of elegance and luxury to your nails.
  7. Gloves and hats:The image of gloves and hats on the nails creates a winter atmosphere and emphasizes the seasonal mood.
winter knitted manicure

It is important to remember, however, that crochet manicure designs can be challenging to execute, so you may need the help of a professional nail artist or practitioner to achieve the desired result. These trendy winter nail art ideas can serve as inspiration, but don't forget to add your own creativity and personality to create a unique design for your nails.

winter knitted manicure

Video: Cosy Winter Sweater/Jumper Nails

Popular colors and shades for winter knitted manicure include:

  1. White: is a classic winter color that symbolizes snow and purity. White can be used as a background for other designs or as the main color for each nail.
  2. Grey: The color gray is associated with a winter atmosphere and creates a classic and elegant look. This neutral shade can be used alone or in combination with other colors.
  3. Blue: Cool blue color perfectly conveys the feeling of winter. From deep navy blue to light sparkling shades, blue manicures add a special charm and magic.
  4. Silver and Gold:Metallic shades like silver and gold are great for winter knit manicures. They will give your nails shine and luxury.
  5. Turquoise and Mint: Fresh shades of turquoise and mint evoke icy lakes and sea waves. These bright and refreshing colors will create a winter mood on your nails.
  6. Pastel shades: Delicate pastel colors such as pale pink, lavender, soft green or lilac add a touch of tenderness and romance to winter nail designs.
winter knitted manicure

The choice of colors and shades depends on your style, mood and preferences. You can also experiment by combining different shades, creating gradients or using multiple colors in one design to make your winter manicure more unique.

winter knitted manicure

How to do voluminous and flat knitted manicure

To create a voluminous and flat knitted manicure you will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Nail art brush or fine detail brush.
  2. Acrylic nail paints in different shades.
  3. Gel polish for fixation and adding shine.
  4. Base and top coats for nails.
  5. Nail form or tape for creating a manicure on a template.
  6. Alcohol or rubbing alcohol to clean your nails before applying paint.
  7. Cotton swabs or a brush for correcting errors.
winter knitted manicure

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to perform voluminous and flat knitted manicure:

  1. Prepare your nails: remove any remaining old polish and carefully trim and file their shape.
  2. Apply base coat to your nails and let it dry. This will help protect the nail plate and ensure better paint adhesion.
  3. If you want to create a template manicure, cover part of your nails with tape or use nail forms to create the desired shape.
  4. Clean your nails: soak a cotton swab or brush in alcohol or rubbing alcohol and wipe all over your nails to remove any remaining oils and moisture.
  5. Start painting a knitted pattern on your nails using a nail art or fine brush and acrylic paints. You can use different colors to create a pattern with three-dimensional and flat elements.
  6. Wait until each element of the pattern is completely dry.
  7. If necessary, make edits and refine the pattern with additional layers of paint. If you make a mistake, use cotton swabs or a brush to correct it.
  8. When the design is complete and completely dry, apply top coat to your nails to seal, protect, and add shine.
  9. Allow the top coat to dry completely.
  10. Done! Now your voluminous and flat knitted manicure is complete.
winter knitted manicure

Remember that doing a crochet manicure requires patience and skill, so don't be afraid to experiment and practice before creating the final design on your nails.

winter knitted manicure

Video: Chic Manicure-Quickly! Knitted manicure gel Polish/nail design-sweater/nail Design step by step!

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- Oct 21, 2023 16:12:08
How to make a knitted manicure step by step?

1. Prepare your nails: remove any remaining polish, clean any dirt, trim and polish the nail plate.
2. Apply a base coat of polish to protect your nails and make your manicure last longer. Let it dry.
3. Choose two polish colors you want to use to create the knitted effect.
4. Apply the first color (base) to all nails in two layers. Let each layer dry.
5. Take the second color and apply it in stripes on each nail, parallel to each other. The distance between the strips should be approximately equal.
6. Using a thin brush or spatula, draw horizontal stripes across the vertical stripes on your nails, creating a knitted pattern. Try making the stripes jagged and looped to add a more realistic knitted effect.
7. Wait until the polish is completely dry and then apply a protective layer of top polish to increase the durability of your manicure and add shine.
8. Wait for the top coat to dry and then remove excess polish from the skin around your nails using a brush dipped in nail polish thinner or concentrated acetone.
9. Finally, apply moisturizing oil to the cuticles and massage it into the skin of your hands. This will help nourish and moisturize the skin around your nails and make your manicure more luxurious.

The knitted manicure is ready!