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TOP 5 reasons why a girl should buy a down jacket

TOP 5 reasons why a girl should buy a down jacket logo
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Choosing a good down jacket for women can be a daunting task, but there are several key factors: down quality, outer shell material, construction and tailoring, size and style.
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  2. A wide range of models
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  4. Reliable protection from the cold
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  6. Thing for several seasons
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  8. Practical
  9. Light weight
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Down jacket - a common women's outerwear, fashionable, warm, waterproof, comfortable, affordable. The jacket is perfect for dynamic women who like to spend time actively and appreciate clothes that do not hinder movement.

Let's take a look at the five main arguments in favor of buying a padded jacket and find out which down jacket is better to take for the winter.

Video: Best Women's Down Jacket In 2023 | Top 10 Trendy Women's Down Jackets For Your Next Trip

A wide range of models

Couturiers have turned padded jackets into exquisite beautiful clothes. The variety of models convinces fashionistas not to rush choose a mink coat, which costs fabulous money. In a classic, casual, fusion, street style down jacket, you can look no less elegant.

Which down jackets are in fashion in 2023-24? The following trends stand out:

  • loose fit;
  • volume;
  • oversized style in the form of a cocoon, blanket;
  • a tandem of sophistication and convenience;
  • puffed collars;
  • Longitudinal stitch and irregularly spaced stitch lines.

Fashion designers offer A-line quilted coats, products with fur trim, with asymmetrical shelves, shortened, waist-length. Muted, matte shades, powdery, beige, white prevail in the color scheme. There are options for lovers of bright accents, models with sparkles, with a metallic effect.

Variety of women's down jackets
Variety of women's down jackets

When choosing, you should take into account the color type, type of figure, personal preferences. Shortened models visually lengthen the legs. Flared options are a good choice for a figure with a wide back.

If fur is your passion, you can read on our blog how to choose an astrakhan fur coat. But the right down jacket will protect you from the winter cold. It is easy to match with any outfit.

Video: Top 6 Best Down Coats for Women in 2023 [Review and Buying Guide]

Reliable protection from the cold

Is it possible to wear a down jacket in winter? Yes, the jacket protects well from the cold. The degree of protection depends on the filler. Manufacturers offer products with natural and artificial fillers. Natural are duck, goose down or a mixture of raw materials in a certain proportion.

Which women's down jackets are the warmest? Goose feather models are the most durable and expensive. The thermal performance is affected by the feather to down ratio. The optimal composition for a harsh winter is 20% feather and 80% down. For temperate climates, models with a one-to-one ratio are suitable.

Artificial fillers:

  • holofiber, lightweight, hypoallergenic material, not subject to fungal attack. Jackets with it are suitable for moderate winters;
  • synthetic winterizer that retains its shape well;
  • sintepuh, a filler that does not deform when washed, does not absorb odors, and provides good thermal insulation.

The best and most expensive artificial filler is thinsulate. Products made from it are worn for many years without losing their original properties, they retain heat no worse than down-feather models.

Artificial Thinsulate Filler
Artificial Thinsulate Filler

Artificial fillers are suitable for people who are allergic to down.

Video: My Favorite Down Jacket For Backpacking

Thing for several seasons

Down jackets filled with goose feathers retain their original quality and thermal insulation properties for up to 20 years with proper care. Products with duck down last up to 5 years.

Down jackets with artificial fillers are worn for 2-3 seasons, but they have their advantages: affordable cost, ease of care. Jackets dry quickly after washing.

Durable down jackets for multiple seasons
Multi-Season Durable Down Jackets

When trying on products with natural filler, it is important to make sure that nothing pricks inside. A tingling sensation indicates poor quality feathering. Such a thing is not comfortable and will not last long.

Video: Down Jacket vs Padded Jacket - What's better for trekkers?


How to choose the right women's down jacket for the winter? There are certain quality criteria:

  • FP index, which determines the density of a natural filler, its ability to acquire its original volume after compression. In quality jackets, the parameter starts from the value 550;
  • quilting quality. The quilting fixes the filler inside the product, it can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, square. Too wide a distance between the lines of the seams threatens that the filler will go astray in a certain area;
  • fabric for the outer part. Manufacturers use nylon, artificial leather, fine wool, polyamide and polyester materials with different fiber structures. The fabric should be breathable but wick moisture away;
  • lining. This part of the product is in direct contact with the body, so it should be tactilely pleasant. Good options are satin, satin, viscose, cotton, polyester;
  • buttons and buttons. They must be securely fixed, the zipper should open and close freely, without jamming.
FP index - an indicator of the quality of down jacket filling
The FP index is an indicator of the quality of down jacket filling

An important detail of winter outerwear is the hood. Well, if it comes unfastened or rolled up. An additional warming element - cuffs on the sleeves.

Conscientious manufacturers include a bag with a filler sample in the sales package or provide a certificate.

Light weight

It is surprising that outerwear for extremely severe frosts can weigh only 400 grams. When folded, it fits into a small package. Light weight does not load, does not get tired. In a light down jacket it is convenient to walk, drive a car, go on excursions, go shopping. You can even take a thing in hand luggage on an airplane.

The described advantages convince that a down jacket is useful and practical clothing for winter, a fashionable attribute of a woman's wardrobe. Knowing which down jackets are of the highest quality, you can look stylish and not freeze in winter.

Video: Stop Wasting Your Money on Down Jackets

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- Jul 13, 2023 18:04:23
1. Quality of insulation: A good down jacket should have high quality insulation. The ideal option would be down with a high content of down and a low content of feathers.

2. Quality of material: Women's down jacket should be made of durable, but at the same time light and breathable material. An excellent choice can be a down jacket made of nylon or polyester.

3. Size and fit: When choosing a down jacket, it is important to make sure that it is the right size and fits well on your figure. It is recommended to try on several different models in order to choose the most suitable one.

4. Style and design: Choose a women's down jacket according to your style and preferences. There are various designs of down jackets, including straight, semi-fitted, with or without a belt, with or without a hood, etc. Choose the model that you like and will suit your needs.

5. Manufacturer's Brand and Reputation: Pay attention to the brand and reputation of the down jacket manufacturer. Well-known and trusted brands are the safer choice, as they usually guarantee the quality and durability of the products.

6. Functional features: Learn about the functional features of a down jacket, such as pockets, zippers, hood, lining and other details. They can add comfort and practicality to your down jacket.