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How to choose a high-quality natural mink coat?

How to choose a high-quality natural mink coat? logo
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Choosing a quality natural mink coat can be tricky, but we've put together a list of important tips to help you make the right choice.
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  1. Video: Reveal & review: Full length Mink coat ( Blackglama ) Shopping for fur coats.
  2. What is the fur coat for?
  3. Video: China’s Obsession with Mink Coats
  4. Expert recommendations for selection
  5. Video: Samantha's Fabulous Mink Coat | Bewitched
  6. Common fakes
  7. Fur coat for you: style, style
  8. Video: Why is mink fur so valuable?
  9. The relationship between color and value
  10. Fashion models of mink coats
  11. Video: How Fur Coats Are Made (Start to Finish)
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A mink coat is a status item in a woman's wardrobe, a sign of prosperity and good taste. Shiny silky fur looks beautiful and has excellent warming qualities. Under a mink coat in the cold, you can wear a light blouse and not freeze.

Products are resistant to weather changes, do not change their appearance under the influence of rain, snow. All positive qualities remain valid if you know how to distinguish a good fur coat from a bad one.

Video: Reveal & review: Full length Mink coat ( Blackglama ) Shopping for fur coats.

What is the fur coat for?

Against the background of the active struggle for animals and the ingenuity of down jacket manufacturers, many people ask a reasonable question why buy expensive products, if you can choose a down jacket for the winter. It is light, comfortable to wear, warm and inexpensive.

Taking into account all the advantages of high-tech materials, true connoisseurs of fur cannot resist it and are ready to pay for aesthetic pleasure. It's worth looking into pro tips on how to choose a mink coatto justify the financial investment.

Mink Coat Status Clothing
A mink coat is a status garment

Video: China’s Obsession with Mink Coats

Expert recommendations for selection

The checklist upon purchase includes several items:

  • Origin of raw materials. Fur coats are made from Russian mink, which is bred in Siberia. The fur has a high awn and thick underfur, fur coats made of it are very warm, but look somewhat "shaggy". The Scandinavian breed has a short guard hair. When asked which mink coats are better, the experts answer: from the North American breed, with black fur;
  • country of production, brand. Models of Greek manufacturers have recognized quality;
  • fur. It should be shiny, flowing. A dull shade indicates improper storage conditions for the skins. When holding a hand against the pile, it should immediately return to its original position. No smell should come from the pile;
  • fluff. It is the component of the skin that provides warmth. If you spread the pile, there should be a uniform fluff under it;
  • mezdra, wrong side of dressed leather. Those who have studied how fur coats are made from astrakhan fur know that there should be no residues of fat, cracks on the mezdra, it should be strong , elastic, light color. These same evaluation rules “work” for mink skins. Conscientious manufacturers never sew the lining tightly, leave room for inspection of the wrong side;
  • Color quality if a non-natural color is selected. To check, you need to moisten a napkin and move it over the fur. With a poor-quality color, the napkin will change color, and the product itself will lose its appearance at the first rain.
Fur Authentication
Fur Authentication

The quality of the product is indicated not only by raw materials, but also by the technology of tailoring. Here are the things to know when buying a mink coat:

  • Welt pockets should have fur facings. If they are not there, the pocket openings will quickly begin to "bald";
  • fur coats “ in embroidered” from small skins, there are high-quality ones, subject to the technology of dissolution and accurate selection of the colors of the patches;
  • Joint seams should not be visible.

There should be no folds or creases on the fur coat. Such defects indicate improper storage.

The easiest way to purchase fur products is in reputable stores where certificates are provided for products. At dubious points of sale, there is a big risk of leaving with a fake.

Video: Samantha's Fabulous Mink Coat | Bewitched

Common fakes

Unscrupulous manufacturers go to all sorts of tricks to save on the cost of fur products. Often sheared nutria is given out for mink fur. Sheared nutria is prickly to the touch, mink is elastic, but soft.

Another tricky trick is an attempt to pass off a painted model as natural. Most often fake rare black color. Quality charcoal skins can only be bought at auctions. To determine the truth is quite simple: you should push the fur. Genuine leather of light flesh color, dyed - the same as fur.

Fur coat for you: style, style

At the end of the assessment of quality criteria, the fitting begins. It is not enough to simply put on and take off clothes. You need to walk around the salon in it. A high-quality fur coat, sewn according to the correct patterns, sits well on the figure, regardless of size.

Clothes should not be tight-fitting, no tension should be felt in the back and chest area. In fitted short fur coats, folds should not form in the waist area.

When choosing a style, it is worth considering fashion trends, body type, color type.

Video: Why is mink fur so valuable?

The relationship between color and value

How much does a good mink coat cost? The price tag is affected by the number of skins that went into making clothes, the quality of fur and dressing. The pricing policy is also determined by the manufacturer.

Color is also a determining factor in price. The most affordable models are walnut, light brown, brown. What is the most expensive mink color? Black, this shade is obtained from the Blackglama, BlackNAFA breeds.

BlackNAFA Black Mink Coat
BlackNAFA Mink Coat

Basic natural colors: mahogany, black, pastel, brown, iris, pearls, white. The last two shades are also rare, products in such colors belong to the premium price category. The lighter the color of the mink, the lighter it is and the higher the cost of the product.

Fashion models of mink coats

Mink fur is beautiful in itself, it does not require additional decorations and a complex cut. Several styles of mink coats never go out of style:

  • Slim fit, ideal for hourglass figures
  • “balloon”, style diverts attention from lush hips, strengthens the upper body;
  • straight, classic;
  • silhouette “trapeze”.
A-Line Mink Coat
A-Line Mink Coat

Buying a mink coat, a woman embodies her cherished dream. Psychologists believe that this has a positive effect on self-esteem, uplifting. An expensive purchase motivates you to succeed in other areas of life. Both psychological, and practical, and aesthetic aspects are strong arguments in favor of the purchase.

Video: How Fur Coats Are Made (Start to Finish)

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- Jul 12, 2023 15:18:47
1. Check the markings: Make sure that the fur coat has the appropriate markings indicating the presence of a mink. Pay attention to the label, where information about the material and country of production should be indicated.

2. Research the reputation of the manufacturer: Check the reputation of the manufacturer of the fur coat. Study customer reviews, find out how long the company has been on the market and what the quality of their products is.

3. Assess the quality of the fur: When choosing a mink coat, pay attention to the quality of the fur. It should be soft, smooth and shiny. Fur must not have gaps or damage.

4. Check the lining and sewing: The lining should be of good quality and well sewn. Check that the tailoring of the fur coat is neat, with no visible threads or defects.

5. Pay attention to details: Evaluate the quality and strength of fasteners, buttons and other details of a fur coat. They must be reliable and well sewn.

6. Consult an Expert: If you are unsure of your knowledge of mink coats, it is best to consult an experienced salesperson or consultant. They will be able to offer you professional help and advice.

7. Budget: And, of course, keep your budget in mind. Mink coats can be quite expensive, so it's important to determine your budget and find a coat that fits your requirements and budget.
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