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The most fashionable skirts of 2023: what to wear this summer?

The most fashionable skirts of 2023: what to wear this summer? logo
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In fashion 2023, you can expect a variety of styles and trends in skirts. Here are some popular options to look forward to: pleated, midi, pencil skirts, skirts, shorts, high waisted. It is important to remember that fashion is subject to change and everyone can choose the style they like and fit.
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Modern women choose practical clothes. The skirt does not always fit into this concept, it is less comfortable than trousers. However, this is not a reason to exclude a feminine wardrobe item.

A well-fitting skirt emphasizes the advantages, hides the flaws, makes the figure sophisticated and feminine. Which skirts are in fashion in 2023 in summer? Learn the news from the fashion catwalks.

Knowing the type of your figure, it is easier to find your individual style, choose skirts, blouses, t-shirts, dresses that suit your physique. A well-chosen skirt, even a tight-fitting silhouette, should not press and gather "accordion"; while sitting. The floor length is inconvenient when walking, the style is appropriate only in certain situations.

Analyzing the summer assortment of stores and videos of fashion shows, we can name the following current trends in skirt fashion for the upcoming season:

  • “cult” romance, suggesting flying, feminine silhouettes for the lower part of the image;
  • layered models. Fashion touch - the contrast of the lower and upper tiers;
  • asymmetry;
  • A fringe that looks dynamic as you move. From the traditional lower part of the products, the fringe moved to the entire canvas, “captured” the role of the image accent;
  • High side, back or front slit
Fringed Summer Skirt
Fringed Summer Skirt

Styles and other attributes of fashionable women's skirts are designed to emphasize grace. Pay attention to other trendy attributes of products.


The owners of slender legs have every chance to demonstrate them in all their glory. Answering the question what skirts are in fashion in 2023, stylists call the first item ultra-mini, barely covering the buttocks. The image is complemented by shoes with low heels, voluminous top. Trendy silhouettes - trapeze, wrap, straight cut. Decorative details - lush flounces, chains, wide belts.

There is also a way out for ladies who do not want to put their legs on public display. Many collections show floor-length linen-style skirts made of silk, organza and other light flowing fabrics, semi-flared or straight silhouette.


Models without a belt or sitting a few centimeters below the waist triumphantly returned to the catwalks from the beginning of the new century. They are perfectly combined with tops, T-shirts, but impose obligations on the owners of such clothes.

The abdomen must be kept in perfect physical shape. Stylists call a light sweatshirt or a tight-fitting top a successful combi-partner for low-rise models. Before making a purchase, find out how a sweatshirt should fit from our blog.

Low rise skirt is a hit for summer 2023
The Low Rise Skirt is a hit for summer 2023

Style and cut details

When thinking about what kind of skirt to buy for the summer, pay attention to fashionable styles and cut elements. Hits of the season 2023:

  • models with a complex wrap front, consisting of a single sheet, which is beautifully tied in the manner of a loincloth at the waist or below;
  • tiered products with lush frills;
  • decoration of the bottom line with a frill;
  • asymmetrical wrap trimmed with decorative buttons, rhinestones;
  • pleated skirts. Warehouses should be uniform along the entire length, thin. Models are a godsend for fans of the dance floors;;
  • A-line below the knee;
  • Contrasting belt as an accessory to accentuate the waist

After a long absence, the trumpet style has returned to fashion. The cut involves a tight top, a bottom made in the form of a detail that resembles this musical instrument. The lower flounce can be asymmetrical, have different lengths on the sides, back and front of the hem. Designers preferred midi options, but short trampet skirts are not forbidden.

Fashionable summer wrap skirts
Fashionable Summer Wrap Skirts


Designers transfer the time of bright colors and violent flowering to clothes. The leaders among prints are floral motifs, polka dots, longitudinal stripes, animalistic patterns.

In monochrome, the pastel palette, coral, turquoise, yellow, and orange clothes remain relevant. You definitely can't go wrong choosing light and bright. Classic colors, black, white, red, are still inferior to the previous leadership of the shades listed above.


Denim remains the king of the catwalks for the summer season. Designers use it in a concise version. The trend is straight denim skirts, pencil style, midi and mini. Long models with a slit at the back seam look sexy and extravagant. Stylists advise to combine them with white cotton shirts, vests for a naked body.

Other actual fabrics and materials:

  • silk;
  • cotton;
  • organza;
  • knitwear;
  • natural viscose;
  • chiffon;
  • leather

The most fashionable style for leather options is with a zipper in front.

Zipped Leather Skirt
Zipped leather skirt

This summer, fashionistas have a chance to try their hand at needlework. At fashion shows, handmade knitted fitted models with a smell, a flounce along the bottom line, openwork knitting are presented. With a knitted skirt, a top made of smooth fabric, a light knitted pullover are appropriate. If there is no desire and time for creativity, products can be purchased in stores.

Video: 20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Maxi Skirt For Any Season

Antitrends 2023

Which skirts are out of fashion? Until the next round of fashion in the closet, you can leave the sun and half sun models of any length, skirts with elastic at the waist. You can replace them with an actual A-line with a similar visual effect.

Antitrend Skirts
The Anti-Trend Skirts

Basque models are also forgotten. Peplum is a great way to emphasize the waist and hide the fullness of the hips, but designers have come up with a more effective alternative - a wide belt.

Lace skirts are no longer in vogue. Ten years ago, finding a rarity in my grandmother's chest was a great success. Today, lace is an attribute of only wedding dresses, and even then it is not the most successful one.

Other styles and details in non-trends:

  • large patch pockets;
  • “packs”;
  • counter folds at the hem;
  • Tucks at the waist.

For a while, you should forget about models made of synthetic fabrics. Once relevant due to the ability to keep their shape well, they have lost their leadership because they absolutely do not fit into the modern concept of naturalness.

Every season, designers stun fashionistas with fireworks of models, among which each one is sure to find her own. Now you know what will be in fashion in 2023, therefore, armed before shopping.

Video: Complete guide to fashionable skirts Spring/Summer 2023│TOP 10 of skirts

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- Jul 6, 2023 13:12:35
1. Pleated Skirts: These wavy pleated skirts will be very trendy in 2023. They add femininity and lightness to the image. You can choose pleated skirts in different lengths and colors.

2. Midi skirts: Midi lengths (middle and below the knee) remain popular in 2023. These skirts emphasize elegance and classic style. They can be straight, flared or wrapped.

3. Pencil Skirts: Pencil skirts are flattering and accentuate feminine curves. They are perfect for business and evening wear. In 2023, you can expect a variety of lengths and materials in pencil skirts.

4. Pleated Shorts: This unusual variation combines pleated fabric and skirt length, but has shorts underneath. These short skirts will be an excellent choice for those who want to look stylish and original.

5. High Waisted Skirts: High waisted skirts continue to be popular in 2023. They add elegance to the silhouette and accentuate the waist. These skirts can be worn in different styles: from casual to evening.