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How can a girl find her own style on her own?

How can a girl find her own style on her own? logo
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Finding your style can be a fun and creative process! But remember that style is an individual expression of your personality, so don't be afraid to be yourself and experiment. Do not forget that the most important thing in style is your confidence and comfort. If you feel good wearing certain clothes, then this is your style!
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  1. Video: my style evolution and how to start your own
  2. Steps of creating an individual style
  3. Determining the color type
  4. Video: How To Find Your Personal Style | Tips & Tricks by Konkana Bakshi
  5. Learning the type of shape
  6. Video: HOW TO FIND YOUR STYLE and NOT follow trends || how to actually build your dream wardrobe
  7. What else forms your own style?
  8. Video: How to Find Your Personal Style
  9. Main female styles
  10. Video: How To Find Your Own Style
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Personal image, style is expressed in a special ability to dress, do makeup, hair, select accessories. It stands outside of fashion and short-term trends, relies on personal life perception. Girls who have managed to find their own style are in harmony with themselves and the world around them, feel relaxed, confident and beautiful. How can you create your own style?

Video: my style evolution and how to start your own

Steps of creating an individual style

The richness of the choice of wardrobe items, cosmetics, accessories plays a cruel joke. Many women are familiar with the situation of a full closet, from which there is nothing to choose from at the right time. You can know exactly what skirts are in fashion in the summer of 2023, buy them, but soon make sure that they spoil the figure. To avoid annoying mistakes, it is worth acting consistently, thoughtfully creating your own image.

Determining the color type

The color of the skin, eyes, hair determine the color type. The most convenient classification of this concept is according to the time of year. For example, the appearance “winter” - these are contrasts, dark hair, brown or blue eyes, fair skin. In clothes, make-up, all saturated shades are allowed. The star representative of the color type is Monica Belucci. There are many instructions on the Internet for determining your type and recommended colors.

Female Color Types
Female Color Types

Information about the color of the exterior is incredibly useful for shopping. Knowing what colors are suitable, you don’t need to rack your brains how beautiful it is to wear a sweatshirt, what to combine a blouse with and so on. Many women accurately determine the color type on an intuitive level, after a careful analysis of external data. When using the recommended colors, you should not build bans. If red “not listed” among the must have, but you want to wear it, you can experiment.

The next step in creating a style is a wardrobe audit.

Video: How To Find Your Personal Style | Tips & Tricks by Konkana Bakshi

Learning the type of shape

You should not wear what is fashionable, but what fits perfectly on the figure. To find your own style, you need to know the features of the physique. Ideal proportions, in which the hips and shoulders are the same width, the waist is thin, pronounced, are of the "hourglass" type. The figure does not need to be corrected, only taste and the ability to combine basic things are required to form a wardrobe.

Other types of female figure:

  • “pear”, narrow shoulders, wide hips;
  • “apple”: waist, hips, shoulders about the same width with rounded lines;
  • a rectangle in which the same proportions of key dimensions are emphatically angular, there is no pronounced waist;
  • A triangle with its base up. With this configuration, the upper body is more massive than the lower one.
Main types of female figures
The main types of female figures

There is also a broader classification with subtypes. For the right choice of clothes, it is enough to determine belonging to one of the main types.

What else forms your own style?

The practical application of the color type and type of figure is the ability to combine things and select accessories. Some useful tips from stylists:

  • do not use more than three shades in one look;
  • carefully combine cold and warm colors with each other;
  • use a color wheel that reflects the most successful color combinations;
  • Don't buy wardrobe items that don't fit your body type.

Other components that influence the formation of an individual style:

  • age. What a twenty-year-old girl can afford is unacceptable for a lady of Balzac age;
  • temperament;
  • lifestyle and profession;
  • social status.;
  • accessories, a spectacular addition to images.

Psychologists advise you to create a "mood board" for yourself: a set of pictures from fashion magazines, photos of style icons, videos from fashion shows. Visualization helps to move in the right direction and make the right choice.

Fashion Moodboard
Fashion Moodboard

Video: How to Find Your Personal Style

Main female styles

After analyzing the points listed above, the fair sex forms personal habits in clothing. Basic wardrobe, hairstyle, makeup are a harmonious combination, they are effective means of self-expression and are one of the main styles that girls use.

A few well-known outfits:

  • classic. In clothes, preference is given to strict suits, blouses, conciseness can be traced in accessories, and restraint in makeup. The color scheme is calm;
  • Business-like, suitable for the corresponding lifestyle. The style is characterized by a strict dress code, no frills in all elements;
  • oversize. Clothing is relaxed, comfortable, gives the image looseness. What is oversized style? It's not just things that are a couple of sizes larger. Wardrobe items are made using a special technology and are purchased in size, but visually blouses, t-shirts, jackets look voluminous. There are also accessories in the oversized style: bags, jewelry;
  • sporty. The basic wardrobe includes sneakers, tracksuits, T-shirts of a simple cut. Calm tones are welcome in colors, but contrasts are acceptable;
  • everyday. The motto of casual style is elegance and practicality. The clothes are cozy for every day, things are tailored as comfortably as possible;
  • glamour. A daring style that is designed to showcase beauty. Outfits in rich colors, an abundance of jewelry, furs, translucent fabrics, prints, defiant makeup are the hallmarks of glamour.
Oversized Clothing
Oversized Clothing

A very young female style - an aesthetic girl with her own social communities. How to understand Aesthetic girl? Style unites girls for whom the main thing is accuracy and beauty in everything, from handwriting and photographs to hairstyles and clothes. Estetic girls are feminine, prefer light-colored clothes, and follow a healthy lifestyle. This is an example of a style that extends not only to the wardrobe, but also to habits.

Searching for an individual style can be a long one. It is normal to change or improve the image several times throughout life. You don't have to stick to one bow. Depending on the life situation, you can wear a classic suit or a club dress. It is important to observe a sense of proportion, not be afraid of experiments, to be in harmony with yourself and others.

Video: How To Find Your Own Style

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1. Explore and get inspired: Check out a variety of fashion and style sources such as magazines, blogs, social media, and even street fashion. Look for images you like and save them for later reference.

2. Determine Your Preferences: Ask yourself questions about what you like and what you feel comfortable wearing. Find out what style of clothing, colors and styles you like the most.

3. Experiment: Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different styles. Visit clothing stores, try on different outfits, play with accessories. This will help you understand what you really like.

4. Listen to your intuition: Your intuition and sense of style are important factors in finding your unique style. Trust your feelings and choose what is right for you.

5. Get Inspired by Famous People: Study the style of famous people you like. Pay attention to their color combinations, styles and accessories. You can use their looks as inspiration to create your own style.