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How can a girl wear a sweatshirt, the coziest thing in her wardrobe?

How can a girl wear a sweatshirt, the coziest thing in her wardrobe? logo
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A sweatshirt is a comfortable and practical garment that girls can wear in different styles: combine with jeans or shorts, create a sporty look, combine with a skirt, experiment with accessories. It's important to remember that style is an individual expression of your personality, so don't be afraid to experiment and wear your sweatshirt the way you like it!
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  2. Varieties of sweatshirts
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  4. Stylish looks with a sweatshirt
    1. Tips for creating a spectacular look with a hoodie
  5. Video: Korean Hoodie's Ideas For Girl's| 45 Hoodie For Girls| Trendy and cute hoodie idea
  6. What to wear cropped sweatshirts with?
  7. Video: 7 Ways You’re Wearing Sweatshirts & Hoodies WRONG! *how to fix*
  8. Trend sweatshirts 2023
  9. Video: HOODIES: Outfit Ideas + How To Style (18 Outfits)
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Sweatshirt - practical, cozy casual wear with a loose fit, long sleeves, a hood, a large front pocket. Things are sewn from thick knitwear, worn over underwear. The item is unisex, present in the women's and men's wardrobe.

Designers love it for its versatility, each fashion season varies the types of models, and stylists recommend having several of these sweaters in your wardrobe. Which sweatshirts are fashionable in 2023 and what to combine them with?

Video: How to Style Hoodies

Varieties of sweatshirts

Sporty style sweatshirts are sewn in different versions:

  • sweatshirt, sweater, which is worn over the head, has cuffs along the bottom line and on the sleeves, a kangaroo pocket or welts on the sides. Some models are sewn without pockets;
  • hoodies, elongated models with a stand-up hood, with a zipper, with patch pockets;
  • bomber jacket, jacket with a zip or buttons with a stand-up collar or with a detachable hood.
Sweatshirt types
Types of sweatshirts

Products are sewn from fleece, footer, acrylic, mixed fabrics, velor, wool. Sleeves are elongated, sometimes completely covering the brush. Shoulders are cut out lowered.

With all kinds of sweaters, it is easy to create your own look, it is important to choose a model that fits your figure well.

How should a sweatshirt fit? A well-chosen jacket loosely fits the figure, does not fit the hips and stomach. The shoulder seam is located in the middle of the shoulder, does not “mov out” down and to the sides. The exception is oversized models, in which the shoulder seam goes to the front of the product.

Too voluminous models visually increase the upper half of the body, so when choosing, you should take into account the features of the figure.

Video: Hoodie Outfits Ideas ll Aesthetic

Stylish looks with a sweatshirt

How beautiful is it to wear a sweatshirt? This piece of clothing fits well with a sporty, urban style, casual, it can be combined with classic clothes. Basic rule: the sweater is not tucked into a skirt or trousers, worn over. The bottom should be tight.

Sweatshirt looks
Sweatshirt looks

The thing is appropriate not only in the home wardrobe. The sweatshirt can be worn on a trip, for a walk, shopping, for a party and for a date. There are many combination options.

Can I wear a T-shirt under a sweatshirt? Yes, this is a winning combination. Most of all, models with a round neckline fit into the image, they do not create contrast. V-shaped t-shirts are best left for another occasion. T-shirts of a neutral color without prints are combined with bright models. The reverse is true. Under a printed T-shirt, it is better to wear a sweatshirt, a hoodie in a neutral color and wear it with an unzipped zipper. A cropped sports top looks good in tandem with a mid-thigh hoodie.

Stylists are blurring the lines between haute couture and street style. Sweatshirts are allowed to be worn not only with sportswear. They are combined with skirts, classic trousers, put on under a coat. You can choose a suitable skirt for any jacket. If you are thinking what skirt to buy for summer, stop at the pencil model. On chilly days, it's perfect to pair with a light sweatshirt.

Successful partners for trendy sweaters:

  • straight jeans and trainers;
  • sleeve top worn over;
  • straight-cut skirts of any length;
  • denim breeches;
  • warm joggers.

It is not forbidden to wear a sweatshirt over a dress, but this option fits more into an urban style than a sporty one.

Maxi Dress and Sweatshirt
Maxi Dress and Sweatshirt

Tips for creating a spectacular look with a hoodie

Fashion designers suggest not to be afraid of contrasts in color and the choice of combi partners. Combinations of warm and cold tones are welcome, for example, green and fuchsia. It is not forbidden to pick up office items, an oversized jacket, business trousers under a sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts are actively used with outerwear: long coats, down jackets, jackets. Such combinations are not only a fashionable look, but also an excellent option for warming.

Video: Korean Hoodie's Ideas For Girl's| 45 Hoodie For Girls| Trendy and cute hoodie idea

What to wear cropped sweatshirts with?

Modified by stylists, the model is an informal sweater cut like a sweatshirt, but waist-length or higher. What to wear under a cropped sweatshirt? Successful combination options:

  • denim jumpsuit for a nineties look
  • skinny or leggings;
  • Frayed ripped jeans. Slender girls put on cropped models right on their naked bodies, demonstrating a flat stomach. Nice look for a dance party;
  • boyfriend jeans, heels and trench coat;

A bold but effective option - a short sweatshirt and leather shorts.

Shoes for a sweatshirt should not go beyond the concept of the image. In the sports version, these are sneakers, sneakers, boots, in the urban version - shoes, in the smart version - shoes with heels. A sweatshirt, shorts and over the knee boots look very stylish.

Cropped Sweatshirt
Crop Sweatshirt

Video: 7 Ways You’re Wearing Sweatshirts & Hoodies WRONG! *how to fix*

Trend sweatshirts 2023

What sweatshirts are trending right now? The classic sweatshirt in neutral colors remains the favorite of fashion catwalks. Other fashion models:

  • color block hoodie;
  • products in white, beige, black, with a lot of options for combining in everyday looks;
  • plain sweatshirts with slogan print;
  • sweatshirts in pajama style;
  • with a thick cord along the bottom edge;
  • Cowhide print, an alternative to the somewhat battered leopard motifs;
  • oversize models;
  • with an asymmetrical hem, they can be worn as a mini dress.
Trendy Printed
Trendy print style

Sleeveless sweatshirts are new for the season, with which it is easy to realize a fashionable effect of layering in clothes.

You can't go wrong with a classic base color. Do not be afraid to combine sweatshirts. A versatile wardrobe item involves many bold experiments. The original task of the sweatshirt is to warm and give a feeling of freedom. If it is done, the item is chosen correctly.

Video: HOODIES: Outfit Ideas + How To Style (18 Outfits)

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- Jul 6, 2023 15:09:37
1. Pair with Jeans or Shorts: A hoodie and jeans are a classic pairing that always looks stylish and casual. Choose your favorite pair of jeans or shorts and complete them with a sweatshirt. You can wear a sweatshirt with regular jeans, as well as with trendy boyfriend jeans or wide shorts.

2. Get a sporty look: A sweatshirt and sweatpants or leggings are a great choice for an active look. Add to this sneakers or sneakers, and you get a stylish and comfortable sports look.

3. Pair with a skirt: For a more feminine look, you can pair the sweatshirt with a skirt. Choose a skirt with an interesting cut or print to add variety to your style. For example, a crew-neck sweatshirt will look good with a pencil skirt, and a loose hooded sweatshirt with a pleated skirt.

4. Experiment with accessories: To add personality and style to your sweatshirt look, don't forget to accessorize. Try adding a hat, glasses, scarf, or oversized earrings to make your look unique.

5. Play with different cuts and designs: Hoodies are now available in many different cuts and designs. You can choose from a regular loose sweatshirt, crop sweatshirt, oversized sweatshirt or a printed or embroidered sweatshirt. Experiment with different options to find the one you like best.
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