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How to take care of suede shoes?

How to take care of suede shoes? logo
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Suede shoes require constant daily care, otherwise they will not last long. Care products should be used on a dry surface, namely: rubber brush, cream, silicone-based emulsion, sprays. You need to shake off the dust with a brush every time you come home, and if the shoes get wet, you must definitely dry them.
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  4. Cosmetics and accessories for shoes made of suede and nubuck
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  6. Protecting suede shoes
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  8. Restoration of suede shoes
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Fans of suede shoes explain their priorities in different ways. But there are objective circumstances that make suede models popular. The material, unlike leather, is less prone to the formation of creases, loss of shape.

Shoes are universal in relation to fashionable styles. Shoes, ankle boots, boots easily take the shape of the foot, which is important for people with atypical anatomy. For long-term preservation of operational, aesthetic properties, it is important to know how to properly care for suede shoes at home.

Video: Quit RUINING Suede Shoes Jackets & Boots | ULTIMATE Guide To Cleaning Suede Leather

Rules for caring for suede shoes

Suede is a fussy material, but stereotypes about the complexity of care are debunked by elementary activities available at home. Make it a rule to care for nubuck shoes and suede daily.

Manufacturers offer models for all seasons. In summer, care is easier: you need to shake off the dust with a brush when you return home. Accumulated dust changes the color of the coating. In winter, due to the risk of getting wet, mud, more intense events are held.

Dusting Suede Shoes
Dedusting suede shoes

Secrets of correct operation:

  • putting on and taking off shoes, boots, use a horn so as not to deform the heel;
  • drying is done naturally, at room temperature;
  • Suede shoes should be stored in the off-season in the boxes or bags in which they are sold. It is advisable to use mold holders to prevent deformation. The tops of the boots need to be stuffed with paper to maintain the shape.

The sequence of daily manipulations is as follows: removing dirt and dust with light movements with a semi-rigid brush with natural bristles. Significant dirt is removed with an eraser by moving against the pile. Special products are used to remove stubborn dirt.

The second stage is drying, the final one is combing with a brush, after which the pile will become velvety, the surface will be textured.

Remember what not to do with suede shoes:

  • dry near radiators, radiators, use a hair dryer to dry;
  • wash in plenty of water;
  • Machine washable;
  • to clean with cream. The cream can only be used on the sides of the platform and heels;
  • use brushes used for leather shoe care. Purchase separate accessories;
  • store in plastic bags;
  • leave for a long time in direct sunlight.
Suede shoes should not be heavily wet
Suede shoes should not get too wet

Periodic measures include color restoration, moisture protection. Special tools are available for such procedures.

Video: How To Care For Suede & Nubuck Shoes - Q&A 32 | Kirby Allison

Cosmetics and accessories for shoes made of suede and nubuck

Worth buying with a new pair of suede shoes:

  • water repellent spray: Solitaire Nano Plus, Saphir;
  • impregnation. Effective products are offered by the Tarrago brand;
  • cleaning foam, such as Loake, Boot Black Suede Cleaner;
  • eraser;
  • color restorer;
  • a brush. The best option is a double-sided brush with a rubber surface to remove dirt and bristles to restore texture.

Some brands produce branded shoe cosmetics kits, which have all the necessary products and accessories.

The expert opinion on whether suede can be wiped with a damp cloth is negative. Properly use a porous sponge that absorbs dirt. The fabric simply smears dirt on the surface, which makes the problem worse.

Suede Shoe Polishing Sponge
Suede shoe polish sponge

How and with what to clean suede shoes? The answers to the first question were given above. Consider what cosmetics she needs.

To care for suede shoes, you can use not only store-bought, but also folk remedies. Some tips:

  • you can freshen up black shoes or boots with carbon paper, brown shoes with coffee grounds;
  • stubborn dirt can be easily removed with soapy water and ammonia;
  • Talc works well with greasy stains. The powder is poured onto the stain, left for a while, then brushed off;
  • You can return the old look of worn areas by steam treatment. Under the influence of steam, the villi will take their previous position.

You should not get involved in folk remedies, since the result is not guaranteed, but there is a risk of spoiling the material with a non-delicate effect.

Video: How to Clean Suede Boots – and Protect Them for the Future! Step-By-Step

Protecting suede shoes

What is suede afraid of? Only three things: fat, water and sun. It is from these factors of influence that it must be protected.

For protection against moisture and wetting, impregnations in the form of sprays are used, which are conveniently applied to a previously cleaned surface. It is better to prefer compositions without silicone. It is desirable to spray aerosols outdoors, for example, on a balcony.

Shoes may darken slightly after processing. This is a normal reaction. After drying, the color is restored. This procedure can be dispensed with if the pair is worn only in dry weather.

Water-repellent impregnation-for-suede-shoes.jpg
Water Repellent Treatment for Suede Shoes

Accidentally planted greasy stains should be dried first, and only then proceed to cleaning the surface. When deciding what to put on suede shoes, avoid creams. They will leave stubborn greasy stains.

The sun's rays that fall on the shoes in the process of wearing during the day do not bring critical harm. Intentional drying under the sun is unacceptable, due to which the color may change.

Video: Daily Suede Shoe Care: How to Use a Suede Cleaning Brush

Restoration of suede shoes

Over time, abrasions that differ in color may appear on the surface. They are restored using transparent aerosol products or preparations with a coloring pigment that matches the color of the pair. You need to apply the aerosol evenly over the entire surface, and not just on the “bald spot”, from a distance of 20 cm.

Premium color restoration products can be found in the range of the Mavi Step brand. They not only restore the shade, but also soften and nourish the material.

The complexity of caring for suede shoes is a myth, so you should not refuse such a noble and practical material. The described rules apply to gloves, jackets, coats and other suede clothing.


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Comments (4)

- May 22, 2023 12:21:12
There are special suede cleaners that can be used to remove stains and dirt. These funds are usually sold in specialized stores. Use the suede cleaner only on clean shoes and follow the instructions on the package.

To protect suede shoes from moisture and dirt, you can use a special water-repellent agent. It creates a protective layer on the surface of the shoe and helps maintain its appearance.
- May 17, 2023 11:51:46
Suede shoes are not recommended for rainy weather, as water can damage the material. If you still wear suede shoes in rainy weather, then after wearing the shoes you need to thoroughly dry and clean.

Suede shoes must be stored in a dry place to avoid damage to the material. Store shoes in a box or on a shelf, protected from moisture and direct sunlight.
- May 11, 2023 18:52:28
I love my suede boots very much and in order for them to continue to please me, I have to follow them every day.
- Nov 30, -0001 00:00:00
Use a suede brush to clean suede shoes. The brush should be soft and not have metal elements so as not to damage the material. The brush should be used to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the shoe.

If there are stains on suede shoes, you can use a special brush to help remove the stains. This brush should be stiff so that it can remove stains without damaging the material.