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How to properly care for leather shoes?

How to properly care for leather shoes? logo
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Before using leather shoes for the first time on the street, it is recommended to break them in at home. Waxing or creaming is recommended every 7 days, while shoes should be treated with cream after each wet cleaning, after the leather is completely dry.
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A pair of good-quality leather shoes for every season is the basis of a basic wardrobe. The best shoe material has not yet been invented. Boots, boots, shoes made of genuine leather are comfortable, but expensive. To extend the life of products, it is important to know what is the best way to lubricate leather shoes, what care rules to follow.

Video: Shoe Care 101: Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Attention from day one

Before going outside for the first time, a new pair should be broken in at home. The material takes the shape of the foot well. Pre-wearing eliminates subsequent discomfort.

The second mandatory event is cream treatment. The cream softens the skin, the model sits well on the leg. Excess is removed with a napkin. After drying, it is treated with a dirt- and water-repellent agent. It can be a spray, an aerosol. When applying, you need to make sure that the composition gets into the joint between the platform and the top.

Cream-on-leather-shoes technique
The Technique for Creaming Leather Shoes

It is desirable to check the tool locally. After processing, there should be no stains.

To regularly keep leather shoes in perfect condition, you need to purchase accessories and compounds for cleaning protection. We will learn how to clean suede shoes, what to buy for leather boots.

Video: Ultimate Guide To Restoring Leather Boots // Back To Life In 4 Mins

Inventory for the care of leather shoes

In order to properly care for leather shoes,you need to have a basic set of accessories, which includes:

  • a brush with soft bristles so as not to leave scratches. Each pair of colored shoes needs its own brush. The best option is a wooden tool with natural pile;
  • softening cream, matched in color or clear;
  • polish to add shine. It is convenient to use special polishing wipes;
  • water-repellent impregnation or wax;
  • Cleanser, foam or shampoo

About the same arsenal, with the exception of the cream, is required for care for nubuck shoes.

Leather care accessories
Leather care accessories

General recommendations

How to care for leather shoes at home? A common mistake is to wash boots or boots without dry cleaning first. Dust, dirt penetrate the pores of the material, mix with shoe cosmetics, and creases are formed that spoil the appearance.

Experts recommend following the rule”of three steps”.


The first one is cleaning. Dry dirt can be brushed off. If leather boots, boots, shoes are wet, they are pre-dried at room temperature, away from heating appliances, after removing the insoles.

The hair dryer cannot be used.

Start cleaning from the sole and heel, then move on to the heel, toe, upper.

Washing under a tap is not the most useful procedure. Abundant water washes out useful components, the material gradually loses its elasticity. It is permissible to use warm water from a basin, immerse napkins in it, wring out, wipe especially contaminated places. Shampoos or foams give a good effect. The instructions for their use are the same: the composition is applied to the surface, the skin is wiped with a brush.

Remains of product can be removed with a soft cloth. After that, the shoes are dried for half an hour.

Leather Shoe Cleaning Technique
Leather Shoe Cleaning Technique


Nutrition is necessary to prevent coarsening, loss of elasticity of the material. Which is better, shoe polish or spray? The format of shoe cosmetics does not matter, it is important that there is no silicone in the component composition. You can use mousse, wax with anti-cracking components, with natural beeswax. Sprays are more suitable for express care.


On the street there are negative factors, dirt, moisture, chemicals. To level the negative impact, impregnations are used. They are universal and specific impact.

If the color has lost saturation, you can use a spray or coloring cream for this type of material.

Important rules:

  • Impregnation must be rubbed to a shine;
  • if heavy snowfall or heavy rain is expected, it is better to find an alternative to leather shoes.

The best products: TRG Protector impregnation to protect against moisture, snow, dirt. Suitable for all skin types, does not change the color of the material during processing, Famaco Impermeabilisant aerosol. Universal impregnation MAVI STEP Protector Universal also protects against grease stains.

Winter Care

It is especially important to follow the three-step cleaning rule in winter. Another tip: don't wear the same pair for more than two days in a row. During the day, the foot releases more than 200 ml of sweat. Part of this amount is absorbed deep into the material and does not have time to evaporate, so putting on a pair for the third day in a row, you wear shoes that are not completely dried.

This causes an unpleasant odor. Hygienic insoles help to eliminate it.

Leather shoes need special care in winter
Leather shoes need special care in winter

Video: New Leather Shoes? 7 MUST DO'S Before Wearing

Care products

Effective creams and impregnations are available in the lines of manufacturers Mavi Step, Famaco, TRG the One, Columbus. The products have been tested, they saturate the material with useful components, prevent wear and loss of elasticity.

Is it possible to lubricate leather shoes with vegetable oil, baby cream, Vaseline? No! This arsenal of “grandmother” funds are best used for their intended purpose. The material from such compositions fades, loses its natural luster. At best, such compositions will not improve the condition of sneakers, boots, at worst, they will be harmful.

Rehabilitation measures should be carried out regularly. Not touching the boots for a couple of weeks, and then generously smearing them with cream is the wrong approach. An excess of cream can cause oily stains that are difficult to remove at home.

Video: How To Clean & Condition Your Thursday Boot Captains (Smooth Leather)


With the onset of the new season, you should take care of storing your favorite pair. Proper packaging - the box in which the model was sold or a bag made of natural fabric. Before putting a pair into storage, go through all the 3-step care activities.

To prevent creases from forming on the folds, shoe lasts or paper are used to prevent deformation. The storage location should be located away from heating appliances and not under direct sunlight. The best option is a shoe cabinet.

Mold holder for leather shoes
Leather shoe holder

Carrying out simple activities at home, correctly choosing how to process leather shoes before wearing, you prolong the period of wearing them, retain their original appearance.

Video: How to Polish Your Leather Shoes | KIWI Shoe Care

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Comments (3)

- May 13, 2023 11:54:40
Caring for leather shoes is very important so that they keep their appearance longer and do not deteriorate. Here are some tips to help you take care of your leather shoes:

1. Clean your shoes regularly. After each use, wipe the leather with a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and dirt.

2. Use shoe polish. Shoe cream nourishes the leather and helps maintain its elasticity. Apply the cream in a thin layer and wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth.
- May 13, 2023 11:54:27
3. Protect shoes from water. Leather does not like moisture, so try not to wear leather shoes in rainy weather. If your shoes do get wet, dry them at room temperature and never place them on a stove or radiator.

4. Store your shoes in the right place. Store shoes in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Use shoe racks to keep your shoes in shape.

I hope these tips will help you take care of your leather shoes. If you have any further questions feel free to ask!
- May 10, 2023 15:25:16
I have leather boots that I really love and take care of them every time I come into the house from the street. Thanks for the helpful tips on how to properly store leather shoes out of season. For me, this was new information.