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How to take care of nubuck shoes?

How to take care of nubuck shoes? logo
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It is necessary to process the material only when it is completely dry, while it must dry naturally, without the use of a heater. Leather shoe care products are contraindicated for nubuck shoes, so be sure to buy specialized impregnation for nubuck shoes.
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  1. Video: How To Care For Suede & Nubuck Shoes - Q&A 32 | Kirby Allison
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  4. Recommendations for the care of nubuck shoes
  5. Video: How to Care for Nubuck Shoes
  6. Classic Grooming Cycle
    1. Working with stains
    2. Restoration of color and structure
    3. Storage
  7. Video: Bootcare Series – For Nubuck (5/5)
  8. Use professional tools
  9. Video: Nubuck vs Suede vs Rough Out Leather - (EXPLAINED)
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Light and elegant shoes made of nubuck never go out of style. The material is used for winter and summer models. Shoes are well ventilated, which ensures comfortable wear. To carry nubuck shoes, boots, boots of the 2-3 seasons, you need to know how and with what to impregnate nubuck shoes, to study the properties of the material.

Video: How To Care For Suede & Nubuck Shoes - Q&A 32 | Kirby Allison

Material Features

Nubuk is often confused with suede due to its external similarity. The difference lies in the raw material and the way it is made. Natural suede is made using fat tanning technology, which allows you to get a high stretch rate.

For the production of nubuck, calf and cowhide skins are used according to the chrome tanning method. At the final stage, the front side is processed with fine sandpaper and polished, so a very short pile remains.

The material is durable, wear-resistant, it is often used to make trekking boots and sneakers. To maintain the initial characteristics, it is important to know how to care for suede shoes and nubuck models.

Nubuck material
Nubuk material

Video: How to Clean Nubuck Shoes

Recommendations for the care of nubuck shoes

There are several types of material:

  • natural dressing, excellent breathability, aesthetic appearance, good heat retention;
  • artificial;
  • Nubuk-oil, made of genuine leather impregnated against getting wet, the most expensive and high quality.

Types differ in price and some properties. Care should begin immediately after purchasing a new pair. Before the first exit, it is recommended to protect the surface from moisture with a water-repellent spray. Initially, the treatment is carried out three times, with the drying of each layer. In the future, protection is performed once a month or less (depending on the conditions of wear).

Daily care involves dusting with a brush for nubuck and suede. If the shoes get wet, they must be dried naturally, and then cleaned of dirt. To speed up the drying process, you can put paper napkins inside the pair.

Cleaning nubuck shoes from dust
Dusting Nubuck Shoes

In addition to a brush with rubber or metal cleaning elements, along with a new pair, you need to buy an eraser to remove deep dirt, impregnation, cleaning foam, a sponge, a color restorer.

Many people are wondering, is it possible to smear cream on nubuck shoes? No, such manipulation “blinds” villi and irrevocably ruin the surface.

Other taboos regarding nubuck shoes:

  • washing under running water. You can only wash the sole, but be careful not to flood the leather parts;
  • wearing in the rain (the exception is models made of material with factory oil impregnation);
  • aggressive effect on the surface.

The least problems with nubuck oil. You can handle shoes and boots without problems if you know how to care for leather shoes. Oil-impregnated nubuck can be worn in the rain.

Video: How to Care for Nubuck Shoes

Classic Grooming Cycle

With constant wear, periodic cleaning of stains, restoration of color and texture of products are carried out.

Working with stains

An eraser made of rubber or foam rubber removes stains well without special tools, and also copes with minor scratches. In this case, the texture of the material does not suffer. After cleaning with an eraser, the area of \u200b\u200bcontamination must be treated with a brush so that the villi "lie down" in the right direction.

Removing Stains with Nubuck Eraser
Removing stains with a nubuck eraser

What is the best way to clean nubuck shoes?

Manufacturers offer shampoos, foams, aerosols. Show a good effect:

  • Tradigo "SOAP FOR NABUK" liquid soap provides delicate care, cleans contaminated areas, refreshes the color of nubuck shoes;
  • Saphir stain removers, cope with salt stains, grease. There are options for artificial and natural nubuck;
  • Cleaner with dispenser

The products should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions only on dried shoes. The compositions are applied to the sponge. Cleaning is done with non-aggressive movements.

An effective and affordable option for cleaning nubuck shoes from salt stains is steam treatment. Shoes stuffed with paper should be held over the steam for about a minute, and then brush over the place of contamination.

Restoration of color and structure

Aerosol paints are available to restore color, soften the material, and paint over worn areas. The principle of their use is the same:

  • the coloring composition is applied to clean, dry shoes;
  • the layer should be uniform and thin, the excess is immediately removed;
  • In order not to paint over the sole, it is sealed with adhesive tape.

Regular use of repair sprays prolongs the life of shoes by 4-6 times.

Restoration of nubuck shoes
Restoration of nubuck shoes


Storage is organized in free, well-ventilated boxes, away from radiators. Before storing, the steam must be cleaned, treated with a protective spray and dried. The use of plastic bags, squeezing shoes are not allowed.

Video: Bootcare Series – For Nubuck (5/5)

Use professional tools

On the Internet, there are tips for cleaning nubuck shoes with improvised means. They include talc, ammonia, soap solution and other ingredients, the effect of which on the material has not been thoroughly studied.

Manufacturers offer an extensive line of tested products. When used correctly, they cope with stains, dirt and are guaranteed not to ruin expensive shoes or boots.

When buying, ask the sellers how to maintain nubuck shoes and purchase the necessary set of tools and accessories. This way you will keep your shoes in good shape for several seasons.

Video: Nubuck vs Suede vs Rough Out Leather - (EXPLAINED)

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Comments (4)

- May 22, 2023 13:41:36
Use a special nubuck brush to remove dust and dirt. This brush has soft bristles that will not damage the surface of the nubuck.

If there are stains on the shoes, use a special brush to remove the stains. This brush has hard bristles that will help remove stains without damaging the surface of the nubuck.
- May 13, 2023 12:44:55
If the shoes are very dirty, use a special nubuck cleaner. Apply the product to the brush and gently clean the shoes. After that, treat the shoes with a water-repellent spray.

Do not wear nubuck shoes in rainy or snowy weather. If you still wear such shoes, then after wearing, be sure to dry them at room temperature, but not near a heat source.
- May 11, 2023 12:13:47
Store your nubuck shoes in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Use special silicone liners to keep the shape of the shoe and absorb moisture.
- May 10, 2023 15:38:45
Now my nubuck boots can sleep peacefully. Thanks for the useful information. The article was very helpful for me. Learned a lot.