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How and what to feed a cat?

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Proper nutrition is the key to health. This principle applies not only to humans but also to animals. It is best to feed the cat with boiled meat, but sometimes it is useful to chew raw meat, as it contains a lot of vitamins. Once a week it is useful to give raw or boiled liver, which the feline family is very fond of.
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  1. Video: Balanced, Tasty Homemade Cat Food Recipe
  2. Types of food for cats and cats
  3. Video: Homemade and Healthy Cat Food Recipe | Vet Approved
  4. Which is better to feed a cat, dry food or natural food?
    1. How to feed a cat with natural food?
    2. Advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet food
  5. Video: Homemade and Healthy Cat Food Recipe | Vet Approved 2
  6. Feeding frequency and amount of food
  7. The emotional component of feeding
  8. Video: Home made persian cat food || fish Recipe for cat
  9. What foods should not be given to cats?
  10. Video: The Growing Problem With Homemade Pet Food
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The nutritional rules of cats determine the biological and physiological foundations. Despite centuries of domestication, these animals cannot eat the same things as humans.

Eating habits are formed at a young age. In most cases, kittens follow their mother's example, but there are exceptions. Every fluffy owner should know how many times a day to feed cats, learn the basics of the diet.

Video: Balanced, Tasty Homemade Cat Food Recipe

Types of food for cats and cats

There are several feeding options:

  • “human” diet. The pet is given the same foods and dishes that the owners eat;
  • food with natural products;
  • dry food;
  • preserves.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages, as well as admirers and opponents among the four-legged.

Cat food
Cat food

It is wrong to feed a cat from the table, despite the fact that pets often “ask” pleasing piece. Salty and spicy foods, fats, flavor enhancers cause urolithiasis. Eating fatty foods causes allergies, colic, skin and coat problems. Sooner or later, owners have to find out how to eliminate dandruff in a cat, contact a veterinarian because of digestive problems.

Natural nutrition involves the presence in the diet of fish, fresh meat, cereals, cottage cheese and other natural products. The option is not bad if the diet is optimized for a specific animal, after examination by a veterinarian.

Dry and canned food from specialized stores is usually balanced, contains all the substances necessary for cats and cats: protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fats. This option is ambiguous due to the different class of feed. Only premium options provide animals with a balanced and healthy diet.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of specialized feeds and natural products.

Video: Homemade and Healthy Cat Food Recipe | Vet Approved

Which is better to feed a cat, dry food or natural food?

The activity, normal weight, and lifespan of an animal depend on proper nutrition, so it is very important to understand how to properly feed a cat at home. Both loss of appetite and polyphagia are dangerous. Don't confuse the signs of cat's pregnancy, one of which is weight gain, with trivial obesity from overeating.

Obese cat
Obese cat

How to feed a cat with natural food?

A natural diet is good for fastidious gourmets. In the diet - any lean meat, except pork, fish, cottage cheese, cereals, vegetables, offal. It's great if your cat appreciates all this.

“Natural” requires time from the owner. Products need to be bought, processed. There are a number of negative points:

  • it is difficult to achieve the perfect balance of a natural diet;
  • ready food is windy, may go bad;
  • In the presence of raw meat in the diet, antiparasitic therapy should be carried out periodically.

The owners who are ready to solve these difficulties are confident in the quality, shelf life, nutritional value of products for their pet.

Feeding with natural food
Feeding natural foods

Advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet food

Dry food and canned food - balanced food. It is acceptable to feed only one species or mix dry and wet food. Benefits of this diet:

  • convenience;
  • the possibility of experimentation. There are hundreds of types of food. If the food does not fit, you can try a different composition;
  • longer shelf life than natural food;
  • presence of medicated feeds that are used to prevent diseases.

The disadvantages include the high price of premium feed categories. The cheap ones add flavor enhancers. The cat absorbs food with pleasure, but there is little benefit from this. A relative inconvenience of dry food is the need to monitor the constant presence of water in the animal's bowl. If you feed only canned food, the cat may drink little. He gets the required amount of fluid from food.

Video: Homemade and Healthy Cat Food Recipe | Vet Approved 2

Feeding frequency and amount of food

When determining nutritional standards, a cat's appetite and desires cannot serve as a guideline. Some cunning people pretend to be forever hungry, do not control the amount of food they eat. Objective factors that are taken into account:

  • age: kittens have higher nutritional norms than adult cats, which is associated with the active growth of the body. Kittens are fed 6 times a day, adult cats - 1-2 times. For elderly animals, a single meal is sufficient;
  • weight;
  • activity level;
  • time spent outdoors;
  • breed;
  • Special condition, such as pregnancy. A pregnant cat needs up to 55 g of dry food per day with a weight of 5 kg. If the weight is greater, 15 g is added to the norm for each kilogram of weight;
  • castration, sterilization.
Recommended Feeding Rates for Cats
Recommended Feeding Rates for Cats

Fatness can be assessed by external examination: when viewed from above, an animal with normal weight can see the waist, the contours of the body are even without dips and angular protrusions.

It is difficult to determine the optimal condition on your own. A visit to the veterinarian, where the specialist uses a physical condition rating scale, is the best option for determining the daily amount of food.

In terms of determining the volume and number of servings, dry food and canned food are optimal. Manufacturers on the packaging provide tables of the daily allowance in accordance with weight, age and other criteria.

The emotional component of feeding

If once a cat has linked her bad condition, for example, an attack of vomiting, with food, she will probably refuse it forever. It is important to exclude negative factors in the feeding area, to ensure the safety and comfort of the pet in the mika area.

There should be separate containers for water and food that need to be washed regularly. It is strictly forbidden to place feeding accessories near the tray.

The psychology of feeding cats
Psychology of Feeding Cats

Video: Home made persian cat food || fish Recipe for cat

What foods should not be given to cats?

When compiling a diet for a pet, remember that some foods are contraindicated for cats and cats. Among them:

  • fatty meat;
  • whole milk;
  • onion, garlic;
  • salt;
  • pasta;
  • mushrooms;
  • legumes;
  • sweets.

A clear choice is made between natural and specialized food. You cannot combine these feeding options.

Video: The Growing Problem With Homemade Pet Food

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Comments (6)

- May 29, 2023 19:03:14
Cat food should be complete and balanced, contain all the necessary nutrients in the right amount. It is best to choose food from well-known manufacturers that do not use harmful additives and preservatives.
- May 27, 2023 10:52:35
It is recommended to feed the cat at the same time every day. It helps to establish a dietary pattern and maintain a healthy digestive system.
- May 25, 2023 11:21:21
The cat should always have access to fresh water. It is recommended to change the water in the bowl every day.

Do not give the cat food from your table. Many foods that are safe for humans can be dangerous for cats. For example, chocolate, onions, garlic, alcohol, and chicken bones can lead to serious illnesses.
- May 24, 2023 10:41:53
Some foods may be beneficial for the cat, but remember that they should not replace the main food. For example, you can give your cat boiled fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, but only in limited quantities.
- May 23, 2023 17:44:42
Control your cat's weight. Obesity can lead to many health problems, so it's important to control your cat's weight and feed it the right amount.
- May 10, 2023 13:26:25
We feed our cat only homemade food. Mom prepares meals for the whole family and our cat (named Sonya) is no exception. She is our true family member. We love her very much and wish only the best for the whole family. Take the time to prepare natural food for your kitty - by doing so, you will prolong her life and ensure vigor and good health.