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How to wash tulle in a washing machine and with your hands?

How to wash tulle in a washing machine and with your hands? logo
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Each type of tulle may have its own care instructions, so it is recommended to follow the instructions on the product label: use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent that will not damage the fabric, do not tumble dry or tumble dry, make sure the tulle fits in the washing machine loosely spread to avoid wrinkles and wrinkling.
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  1. Video: How to Dry Clean Curtains at Home
  2. General recommendations
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  4. Hand wash
  5. Video: how to wash net curtins the correct way
  6. Machine wash on delicate cycle
  7. Stain removal
  8. Effective whitening methods
  9. Video: Tip Wash net curtains and Hang no ironing
  10. Features of washing tulle from different fabrics
  11. Video: I washed the tulle curtain in the washing machine
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Tulle is called curtains made of thin fabrics: muslin, organza, polyester, veils, nets. Like other home textiles, curtains accumulate dust. Because of this, the room loses elegance, less daylight enters it. You can keep thin curtains clean without dry cleaning. We will learn how to wash tulle in the machine so that it is snow-white, how to wash curtains with your hands.

Video: How to Dry Clean Curtains at Home

General recommendations

After removing from the eaves, the tulle should be shaken off the dust. It is better to put laundry in a special bag into the machine. The water temperature for delicate fabrics should not exceed 30°C. The same temperature is recommended if you have to wash your down jacket. In manual processing, for best results, the fabric is soaked in a soapy solution of warm water.

Spinning is performed at minimum speed. Ironing is not required. Curtains straighten under their own weight on the eaves, hang them wet. After hanging, if the weather permits, windows are opened indoors to speed up drying.

Tulle Curtains
Tulle curtains

Video: How to Wash Net Curtains

Hand wash

Some tulle fabrics accumulate dust due to the electrostatic effect. Thorough shaking will remove dry dirt before washing. Next steps:

  • water t 30°C fill a large basin or bathroom;
  • dissolve detergent for delicate fabrics in water;
  • curtains are immersed in the solution and left for 1-2 hours, depending on the degree of contamination;
  • it is not necessary to rub the fabric strongly, the movements should be gentle;
  • For rinsing, change the water several times. She must be warm. Hot water tarnishes the tulle;
  • At the end of the rinse, the fabric is folded into several layers and the water is allowed to drain.

Washed textiles are hung over the bath to remove moisture, then on the ledge to dry completely.

Hand wash tulle curtains
Hand-washing tulle curtains

Video: how to wash net curtins the correct way

Machine wash on delicate cycle

Wash tulle in the washing machine separately from other linen. Mode - delicate. Some models of machines are equipped with a built-in curtain mode. When installing it, do not forget to check the temperature and spin. It is better to turn off the spin or select the minimum value. Other recommendations:

  • washing powders for delicate fabrics, textile shampoos, washing gels for delicate materials are used as detergents;
  • half the dose indicated in the instructions is placed in the compartment so that there are no residues after rinsing;
  • In case of powders with high foaming, an additional rinse is activated at the end of the working cycle;
  • If your washing machine has the “No Creases” it should be activated.

Rinse efficiency affects the environment in the room. It is important that the curtains smell fresh, not detergent.

At the end of the process, the textiles are stirred over the bath, the water is allowed to drain. If the spinning was performed at the minimum speed, it is recommended to smooth the fabric. To do this, prepare a solution: 200 ml of water, 20 ml of vinegar and 20 ml of fabric softener and spray the tulle with it from a spray bottle.

Machine wash
Machine wash

Stain removal

There may be greasy stains on the curtains that hang in the kitchen. It is desirable to pre-treat them with a solution of water and stain remover. Contaminated areas can be lathered with laundry soap.

If you were interested in how to remove grass from jeans, then you learned a lot of recipes with gasoline and other aggressive liquids. Do not use them on delicate fabrics, they may simply dissolve at the treatment site, especially synthetic fibers.

In case of severe fatty contamination, soaking overnight in soda solution is allowed.

Effective whitening methods

If the white tulle becomes gray or yellowish during use, bleaching is carried out before washing. For bleaching, curtains are soaked for 2-3 hours in a solution of salt, soda, hydrogen peroxide (in equal parts per 6-8 liters of water).

Folk recipes for whitening:

  • soaking in a solution of vinegar (1 tablespoon per liter of water);
  • soaking for half an hour in a solution of manganese, water and laundry soap. Soap should be grated, and grains of manganese should be added so much that the water acquires a pale pink color. This recipe helps with chronic yellowness.

Bleaching can also be carried out in the process of machine washing. To do this, a teaspoon of blue or oxygen-containing bleach is added to the air conditioner compartment. Important! The possibility of using bleach needs to be clarified, depending on the fabric.

Tulle after bleaching
Tulle after bleaching

Video: Tip Wash net curtains and Hang no ironing

Features of washing tulle from different fabrics

The material of the tulle determines the features of care:

  • organza tulle can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, with the spin turned off;
  • Chiffon tulle is best washed by hand;
  • Polyester curtains are not afraid of hot water. The temperature can be up to 50°C;
  • aggressive detergents are not suitable for veils;
  • nylon tulle tolerates both types of washing in warm water, dirt is well washed off it;
  • it is important to carefully place the muslin tulle in a bag so that the threads do not get tangled;
  • Cotton tulle curtains can be starched to keep their shape better. Starching makes the next wash easier because the dust will go away with the starch.

It makes no sense to oppose both types of washing. Each hostess chooses an option, depending on the type of fabric, the availability of time, the degree of contamination. Subject to the rules, both machine and hand wash give a good effect.

Video: I washed the tulle curtain in the washing machine

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Comments (2)

- May 24, 2023 12:14:56
1. Assess the condition of the tulle. If there are large stains or dirt on it, it would be better to remove them manually before washing.

2. Prepare washing powder or washing gel.

3. Set the machine to the "delicate wash" or "hand wash" mode.

4. Spread the tulle inside the drum of the machine, trying to evenly distribute it over the entire area of ​​the drum.
- May 24, 2023 12:14:44
5. Close the washing machine door and turn on the wash.

6. When the wash is finished, carefully remove the tulle from the drum of the washing machine.

7. If possible, do not dry the tulle in the washing machine. It is better to hang it on a rope outdoors and let it dry naturally.

8. If necessary, iron the tulle at a low temperature and hang the tulle on an ironing board rack.
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