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Spathiphyllum and its varieties. What to do if it does not bloom?

Spathiphyllum and its varieties. What to do if it does not bloom? logo
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How to achieve flowering Spathiphyllum, how to care for women's happiness so that it blooms. What does the spathiphyllum flower like and dislike, is it possible to cut the tips of the leaves and whether the leaves need to be cut. We will analyze all these questions in more detail to help you care for one of the most beautiful flowers.
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  1. Video: Peace Lily Not Blooming - What to Do? || Fun Gardening
  2. Growing conditions and care
    1. Transplant
    2. Soil
    3. Water
    4. Lighting
    5. Leaf clipping
  3. Video: Peace Lily problems and how to fix them | MOODY BLOOMS
  4. Causes of non-blooming
  5. Video: Peace Lily NOT Blooming? DO THESE & Get GUARANTEED Result!
  6. Other problems and solutions
  7. Video: Get a PEACE LILY (Spathiphyllum) to Rebloom Again — Ep 193
  8. How to “persuade” spathiphyllum bloom?
  9. Video: Do THIS to Get Your Peace Lily to Flower Again
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The houseplant, popularly referred to as “female happiness”, has the botanical name spathiphyllum. Those who managed to visit South and Central America saw its natural luxury.

Large leaves with clearly visible veins grow directly from the root, a white petal with “tassel” at the end, resembling a sail, carefully covers a delicate inflorescence. It is possible to achieve stormyblooming of spathiphyllum at home, following the rules and some secrets of caring for a flower.

Video: Peace Lily Not Blooming - What to Do? || Fun Gardening

Growing conditions and care

Each plant has its fans. Someone grows perennial sweet peas, someone is in love with violets. "Women's Happiness" has a wide audience of amateurs. Spathiphyllum looks great in interiors, it is believed that the flower brings positive energy to the house.

So, the pot is brought from the store. It is necessary to properly care for “female happiness”, so that it blooms and develops normally from the first days after purchase. Care activities cover several components.


After purchase, it is recommended to transplant the plant from the technical pot. Spathiphyllum likes to tightly occupy the provided volume, so the new pot should be about the same size.

Transplant process:

  • a layer of expanded clay 2-3 cm and a little soil are laid on the bottom of the flowerpot;
  • the plant is moistened and carefully removed from the previous container;
  • roots are cleared of old soil;
  • The plant is placed in the center, the roots are evenly distributed and covered with earth to a stable position.
Spathiphyllum Transplant
Spathiphyllum transplant

The process ends with watering. In the future, it is necessary to transplant the plant as the flowerpot is filled with roots.


Flower shops sell ready-made soil for aroid plants with all the necessary components.

Flower growers with little experience are advised to stop at this option, ask managers about the intricacies of care, get advice, how to plant an orchid, if this plant is also purchased.

The mixture can be prepared independently using humus soil, conifer bark, river sand, charcoal. The substrate should be loose in structure, air and water permeable.


In the wild, Spathiphyllum grows in damp places. Homes also need to provide sufficient humidity. Abundant watering with water at room temperature is carried out 2 times a week in summer and once every 7 days in winter.

Water deficiency is immediately noticeable: the leaves begin to turn yellow, lose their elasticity. After watering, it is important to wait for the water to drain from the drainage holes.

Stagnation of moisture is harmful: the roots will begin to rot. The signal for the next watering is a dried top layer.

The leaves should be sprayed with a spray bottle between waterings.

Watering Women's Happiness
Watering “Women's Happiness”


Know, that the spathiphyllum flower does not like direct sunlight, but the lack of it is painful. The best option is diffused sunlight from a window on the east side. Direct sunlight causes burns on the leaves, harms the root system.

Despite the simple rules of care, many complain that the plant does not bloom.

Leaf clipping

Beginner flower growers are wonderingis it possible to trim the tips of the leaves of a spathiphyllum? Manipulation is recommended only if the plate is completely yellowed. If green areas remain on the leaf, it is still involved in photosynthesis and does not require pruning.

Incorrect pruning can harm the flower, especially the buds. They will stop growing. Excessive pruning creates a load on other vegetative organs.

Plants that are more than five years old grow strongly, forming a dense rosette. “Rejuvenate” such flowers cannot be cut off. The correct option is to carefully divide the outlet and plant a bush.

Planting an adult plant
Seating an adult plant

Video: Peace Lily problems and how to fix them | MOODY BLOOMS

Causes of non-blooming

The plant is shade-loving, but with a lack of light it will definitely not bloom. Other reasons why there is no flowering:

  • the flower “freezes”. The temperature in the room should be 20-24°C, there should be no drafts in the room;
  • The soil is dry. Because of this, the development of the root system is disrupted, it cannot deliver the proper amount of moisture to the leaves;
  • lack of nutrition. Periodically, the soil in the pot should be enriched with fertilizers with potassium and phosphorus for decorative leafy plants. The feeding period is from March to November;
  • The air in the room is too dry. This problem is solved by spraying.

What “feminine” loves happiness is the correspondence of the pot to the volume of the root system. If the proportions are not observed, the plant refuses to release its stunningly beautiful inflorescences.

Video: Peace Lily NOT Blooming? DO THESE & Get GUARANTEED Result!

Other problems and solutions

If the leaves of a spathiphyllum turn pale, it does not have enough light. Need to make the lighting more intense. Resetting the buds immediately after the ovary signals that the flowerpot is too large. The plant needs to be repotted. The tips of the leaves of the flower dry if the air is dry in the room. It is not necessary to trim such leaves of Spathiphyllum. Regular spraying will solve the problem.

Drying of leaf tips from lack of light
Drying of leaf tips from lack of light

The appearance of brown spots on the leaves indicates an excess of fertilizer. Adjust the feeding regimen.

Video: Get a PEACE LILY (Spathiphyllum) to Rebloom Again — Ep 193

How to “persuade” spathiphyllum bloom?

Experienced flower growers recommend a shock, but effective measure to start flowering. For 2-3 weeks, you need to move the pot into a room with a temperature of 16-18 degrees, and then transfer it to a warm room. Changing temperature conditions cause flowering.

Care is a mandatory component for a normal spathiphyllum, but a spiritual approach is also important. The legends associated with the spathiphyllum prescribe to treat it as an animated creature, to care for it with pure thoughts. Only in this case, the plant will generously respond to care, give the joy of contemplating flowers, attract female happiness to the owner: a life partner, the joy of motherhood, peace and tranquility in the family.

Video: Do THIS to Get Your Peace Lily to Flower Again

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Comments (6)

- May 30, 2023 18:13:02
If your Spathiphyllum does not bloom, then there are several possible reasons:

Not enough light. Spathiphyllums love bright but diluted light. If the plant is in the shade or in a very dark place, it may not bloom.

Not enough moisture. Spathiphyllums need regular watering and high humidity. If the soil in the pot is too dry or the air in the room is too dry, the plant may not bloom.
- May 29, 2023 19:53:24
Not enough nutrients. Spathiphyllums need enough nutrients to produce flowers. If the plant does not receive enough fertilizer, it may not bloom.

Incorrect temperature mode. Spathiphyllums need a moderate temperature, from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high or too low, the plant may not bloom.
- May 27, 2023 14:53:47
Wrong pot size. If the pot is too small, the roots can become oversaturated, which can result in a lack of flowering. The plant needs enough soil to develop and produce flowers.

Wrong leaving. Spathiphyllums need regular care, including pruning, removal of wilted flowers and leaves, and protection from pests and diseases. If the plant does not receive sufficient care, it may not bloom.
- May 24, 2023 11:44:07
Underripe plant. Spathiphyllums may not bloom if they are too young. The plant must reach a certain age and size before it can start producing flowers. If your Spathiphyllum is still young, you need to give it time to grow and develop.
- May 22, 2023 15:24:25
If you are sure that your Spathiphyllum has all the conditions for flowering, but it still does not bloom, it may just need more time. Some plants may only bloom once a year, so don't worry if your Spathiphyllum isn't blooming at the moment. In any case, regular care of the plant will help it to be healthy and ready to bloom when the time comes.
- May 11, 2023 19:10:49
Currently, two main varieties of spathiphyllum are distinguished: S. Wallisii (Wallis) and S. Floribundum (abundantly flowering), but in addition to these, there are still a large number of different varieties and hybrid species: cannoleaf, lovely, spoon-shaped, helicone-leaved and others.