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How to choose clothes for a pear body type?

How to choose clothes for a pear body type? logo
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If you have a pear shape, then you should emphasize your beautiful thighs and buttocks, as well as create balance with your upper body. Don't forget that the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. This will help you look great regardless of your body type.
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“Pear”, triangle, A-shaped silhouette - this type of figure is most common in women. The lower body looks "heavier than the upper", especially if there is excess weight. Kilograms are most noticeable at the waist and hips. The chest and shoulders are already hips, the waist is expressed moderately. Height is average or below average.

The disproportion of forms can be corrected by choosing styles. What clothes to wear with a pear body type?

Video: How to Dress a Pear Body Shape

Clothing tips

Women with a pear figure can have all known types of clothing in their wardrobe: dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, blouses, sweaters, and so on. It is important to choose them harmoniously.

The main task is to divert attention from massive hips and focus on the upper body, make the décolleté, chest, and waist more visible. This can be done with separate cut details, styles. One of the popular tricks is the V-neckline, which visually lengthens the figure and focuses on the neckline.

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Celebrity Women

You can also achieve proportionality by knowing how to correctly combine colors in clothes. Skirts, trousers should be chosen in dark colors so as not to draw attention to the lower body. Stylists advise not to use pockets, massive decorative elements, frills, textured fabrics in this part of the body. On the contrary, bright prints decorating elements are allowed in the details of clothes to the waist.

What styles are suitable for a pear shape? When forming an image, it is worth achieving smooth curves, choosing semi-adjacent, fitted, straight silhouettes. In such clothes, the contours are softened as much as possible. Welcome:

  • tops, T-shirts, blouses with bare shoulders;
  • sleeveless clothing

You should not buy turtlenecks with a turtleneck, pencil skirts, oversized clothes.

The preferred length of dresses, skirts is just below the knee. Long things make the bottom heavier, the length to the knee will open full legs and will "crush" figure.

Blouse with neckline
Cleavage blouse

Video: I was wearing the WRONG underwear for years. Are you choosing the RIGHT ones for your shape?

Correction techniques

The "hourglass" figure is considered the reference figure, although male representatives consider the "pear" to be the sexiest. The task of the owners of triangular silhouettes is to bring the physique closer to the classic version, while retaining all the advantages.

How to adjust the type of pear shape? Elementary mathematics helps with this:

  • women with short and medium height are recommended to use upper elements of clothing up to the waist, lower ones - the same length, i.e. apply a one-to-one ratio;
  • when the waist line is low, the top of the garment should be in relation to the bottom, as one to two;
  • You can visually lengthen short legs by wearing high-waisted blouses and maxi skirts. The proportion of top and bottom is 1 to 3 or 1 to 4.

The puffy collar, all options for shoulder pads, and horizontal cut lines help to visually expand the shoulders. Belts are great for emphasizing the waist, and massive jewelry for the neckline. Belts are preferably thin, without large buckles.

Blouse with decorative frill
Blouse with decorative flounces

Video: Pear Shaped Body | Best Pieces to Wear in 2022 | Fashion Over 40

Jeans, trousers and skirts

Which style of trousers is suitable for a pear shape? Everything is simple here - only straight cuts that build the correct proportion of the legs with the rest of the body.

Pear Shape Pants
Pear Shape Trousers

For several years, the style of the palazzo has remained relevant. These are pants that flare from the waistline with a high or mid-rise fit, perfectly disguising the volume on the hips.

Skirts should be preferred A-line, straight, with a wrap, with a fit at the waist, a length just below or to the middle of the knee. The trapezoid style perfectly masks the wide bottom. They well mask the fullness of the half-sun skirt and any models with asymmetrical details.

Which jeans are suitable for a pear shape? The rule of emphasizing the waist is preserved when choosing models. Your choice is straight jeans with a high waist or boyfriends without excessive decorative trim.

And how to choose jeans for a woman with tall stature and wide hips? Such options are rare, but they do occur. In such a situation, jeans should be flared from the knee, which visually lengthens the legs and makes the figure more proportional. Cropped jeans are not suitable for ladies with full hips, full length models are required.

Dresses for pear shape

A-line dresses are a must have for the basic wardrobe of owners of seductive hips. They perfectly sit on the figure, are invariably present in the collections of world brands. Dresses adjust the silhouette like this:

  • hide disproportion;
  • make the image feminine;
  • emphasize arms, shoulders, neck.

Other options are dresses of a straight silhouette, in the style of a Greek tunic, with a wrap. Due to the diagonal arrangement of the shelves, the hips in wrap models visually narrow.

Close-fitting dresses are also allowed. It is important that the waist line is located in its natural place, and the cut of the bottom hides the hips. The actual detail is a peplum from the waist, completely covering the hips. Successful silhouette - Empire style.

The recommended length is just below the knee. Straight cut does not mean baggy, dresses should not be too loose.

Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress

Video: How to Dress the Pear Shaped Body (10 Best & Worst Styles!)

Blouses, sweaters, jackets

These garments should not end at the widest point of the hips. Recommended blouses, jackets with an accentuated waist, extended shoulders, waist length. Elongated models can also be included in the wardrobe, but they must cover the hips.

Blouses with flounces, frills, puffed sleeves, with frills perfectly perform an accent function.

Underwear and swimwear

An indispensable element of an intimate wardrobe is push-up bras, which give volume to the chest. Which panties are suitable for a pear shape? Models with a slimming effect that hide the stomach, for example, shorts, high-waisted products.

Separate swimsuits look good on pear-shaped figures. It is advisable to choose panties high, a bra with decorative elements that reinforce the top and with fixation on the neck.

Pear Shape Leotard
Pear Shape Swimsuit

Knowing how to adjust the “pear” body type, women feel more confident, skillfully use seductive advantages and skillfully hide flaws.


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- Jul 2, 2023 12:57:25
1. Upper: Pay attention to outerwear to draw attention to the upper half of the body. Choose blouses or tops with interesting details, such as bold prints, cutouts, ruffles, or puffy sleeves. This will help create a visual balance between the upper and lower body.

2. Skirts and Dresses: For the lower body, choose skirts and dresses that accentuate the waist and fit at the hips, then flare out at the bottom. High-waisted or A-line skirts are also a good choice, as they create a balance between your upper and lower body and show off your feminine curves.

3. Jeans: When choosing jeans, give preference to models with straight or wide legs. They will create a harmonious silhouette and make the legs visually more slender. Avoid jeans that are too tight or tight around the hips.

4. Accessories: Accessorizing can create visual interest and draw attention away from the lower body. Wear bright and large earrings, necklaces or bracelets to draw attention to your face and neck.

5. Shoes: When choosing shoes, look for models with open heels or shoes with heels. They will help visually lengthen the legs and create balance with the lower body.

6. Colors and prints: Play with colors and prints. Bright colors and prints on the upper body can draw attention to it and make the figure more balanced.