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Valuable tips on how to choose the right jeans for a woman

Valuable tips on how to choose the right jeans for a woman logo
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When it comes to choosing jeans for women, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are a few tips to help you find the right jeans: identify your body shape, choose the right cut, size and fit, try on a few options, consider material and stretch, styling and accessories
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  1. Video: How To Find Jeans For Your Figure | Jeans For Your Body Type
  2. General recommendations for selection
  3. Video: The BEST denim jeans | how to find your perfect jeans
  4. Accounting for body features
  5. Video: The right and WRONG jeans fit for YOUR shape (straight, flare, boyfriend, or... skinny?)
  6. Perfect fit
  7. Video: WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT JEANS *life changing*
  8. Signs of quality models
  9. 2023 trend patterns review
  10. Video: The Right Jeans For Your Body Shape | How To Find The Right Jeans
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Jeans are a basic piece of women's wardrobe, comfortable, practical clothing that goes well with many styles. Denim pants look beautiful if they fit flawlessly on the figure. How to understand that jeans are the right size, and how to choose a model taking into account anatomical features? Understanding the intricacies of choice.

Video: How To Find Jeans For Your Figure | Jeans For Your Body Type

General recommendations for selection

In the wardrobe of an average woman, there are 5-7 pairs of jeans. Knowing what colors in clothes are combined with each other, you can make an incredible number of sets for different occasions with them. It is also important to buy fashionable and solid models that serve more than one season. When choosing denim trousers, the following criteria are significant:

  • size. Jeans “for growth” or to the planned weight loss - a useless thing;
  • The composition of the fabric. In classic models it is 100% cotton. There may be synthetic additives, but their proportion should not exceed the natural component;
  • quality of fittings;
  • landing;
  • style and silhouette.

The last two criteria are determined by careful fitting. There are several types of landing:

  • Brazilian, in which the belt is located 10 cm below the navel. Such models can be afforded by women with an absolutely flat pumped-up belly;
  • low, in which the upper edge of the thing is 4-5 cm below the navel. Suitable for slender ladies;
  • medium. The belt is located 2-3 cm below the navel. The style visually narrows wide hips;
  • high. The belt is located at the waist.
Jean Fit Options
Jean Fit Options

Fashion designers are constantly inventing new styles of jeans, it's impossible to list them all. Basic cut options:

  • Classic straight leg jeans with the same leg width throughout. Basic models always remain in trend, suitable for any figure, combined with office and sportswear. A variety of classic jeans - boyfriends, trousers borrowed from a guy;
  • skinny or “pipes”: youth jeans narrowed along the entire length, completely repeating the silhouette;
  • wide, low rise. Combi partners - sweatshirts, oversized t-shirts and other things related to street style;
  • flared, extended from the knees.

Owners of a perfect figure can choose any model to their taste. And how to choose clothes for “pear” body type, ladies with narrow hips?

Video: The BEST denim jeans | how to find your perfect jeans

Accounting for body features

Narrow hips are usually accompanied by broad shoulders in physique. For greater harmony “bottom” volume is added. This effect is given by banana jeans, boyfriends with a medium and low fit.

With the same width of shoulders, waist and hips, trousers with a high fit are recommended, which “shapes” waist.

For a “pear” There are three universal models with a slimming effect: classic straight, boyfriend and flared. You can visually enhance the effect of harmony by wearing high-heeled shoes. Absolute taboo - skinny.

If there is volume in the waist, it is worth choosing models with a medium and high fit made of dense denim. Models with arrows, in a longitudinal strip can visually lengthen the silhouette. Too massive back pockets give the hips extra volume.

For women with an hourglass figure, with a thin waist, hips and shoulders of the same width, any style is suitable.

Types of female figures
Types of female figures

The above tips will be relevant if the product fits the figure correctly.

How do you know if your jeans are the wrong size? There are several signs:

  • to fasten the zipper and button, you have to pull in the stomach;
  • when leaning forward, the jeans slip from behind, cut into the stomach;
  • a fist passes between the jeans and the waist;
  • when walking, trousers fall off the waist;
  • It's hard to bend your knees.

If at least one of the signs is present, it is better to stay in the fitting room for a while and achieve a perfect fit.

Video: The right and WRONG jeans fit for YOUR shape (straight, flare, boyfriend, or... skinny?)

Perfect fit

How should women's jeans fit properly? The feeling of comfort, freedom of movement, aesthetic appeal, this is what the wearer of denim trousers should check to achieve a beautiful fit. Consider these points:

  • Jeans should not unnaturally stretch when walking;
  • there should be no folds in the hip area;
  • correct length - to the end of the heel;
  • Quality denim stretches when worn, so the pair should fit snugly enough without cutting into the body.

After making sure that the product fits well, do not rush to pay. Check the quality of the item.

Video: WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT JEANS *life changing*

Signs of quality models

How to understand that jeans are of good quality? Check the label to determine the quality of the fabric. The more elastane in the composition, the more the pants will stretch during wear.

Classic cotton denim is dyed with indigo and fades over time to add to its appeal. If the coloring is not of high quality, the jeans will shed, stain underwear and skin. You can check the quality of the color with a damp cloth. Traces on it indicate that the color will be intensively lost.

Good jeans have even neat seams, securely sewn zippers and loops, solid fittings, the bottom edge is hemmed with a strong chain stitch. All paired parts are strictly symmetrical. On the surface of the buttons - the logo or the first letter of the brand. The label is clear and informative.

Signs of quality jeans
Signs of quality jeans

When the style, fit are chosen, the quality of the product is assessed, another important question remains: to stay in trend.

2023 trend patterns review

Which jeans are trendy in 2023? Relaxation and ease touches all the clothes that are shown on the fashion catwalks this year. Jeans are no exception. In fashion are products with a free cut from the hip, a straight shape, which stylists advise wearing with “hairpin”.

Other trendy denim fashion ideas:

  • an abundance of "scuffs" that look as natural as possible;
  • minimalism in decoration;
  • abundance of prints;
  • patchwork jeans
  • color palette extension. In addition to classics, blue, blue, designers offer models with an ombre effect, light colors;
  • high waisted jeans with side slits;
  • cargo with additional side pockets;
  • jeans with an asymmetrical waistband.
Asymmetrical Waistband Jeans
Asymmetric Waistband Jeans

Slender girls, curvy ladies can exhale: in the fashion assortment there is sure to be an option for your figure.

Video: The Right Jeans For Your Body Shape | How To Find The Right Jeans

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Hi all! In this blog we post useful information on the topic how to choose jeans for a girl according to her body type. If you have questions or ideas that we did not cover in our article, write about it in the comments.
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- Jul 1, 2023 14:29:42
1. Determine your figure: One of the key points when choosing jeans is to consider your figure. You need to determine which part of your body is most susceptible to changes in size or shape. Some common body types include hourglass, apple, pear, and upright. When you understand your figure, you can choose jeans that will highlight your best features and balance your proportions.

2. Find the right fit: Depending on your body type, certain jeans cuts may work better. For example:
- Straight leg jeans fit most body types and create a classic and versatile look.
- Skinny jeans look good on an hourglass or apple figure and help create a slender silhouette.
- High-waisted jeans can accentuate your waist and make your legs look longer.
- Jeans with flare legs (flare jeans) and wide legs (wide-leg jeans) are suitable for creating a retro style and look good on a pear or straight figure.

3. Size and fit: It is important to choose the right size jeans for them to fit comfortably and look good. The fit of the jeans also plays a role: low, medium or high. Choose jeans according to your preferences and comfort.

4. Try on several options: When you choose jeans, it is recommended to try on several options of different brands and models. This will help you find the best style and fit for your figure.

5. Consider Material and Stretch: The material of jeans can affect comfort and fit. Jeans made from cotton with a little spandex or elastane can be more stretchy and provide a better fit.

6. Styling and accessories: After choosing your jeans, it's important to also consider styling and accessories to complete the look. Choose the right shoes, outerwear and accessories to make your jeans part of your stylish outfit.

Ultimately, the choice of jeans is an individual process, and each woman has her own preferences. Remember that the most important thing is comfort and confidence in your image.