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How to choose sunglasses: practical recommendations

How to choose sunglasses: practical recommendations logo
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The choice of sunglasses for a girl also depends on several factors: UV protection, face shape, hair and skin color, style and preferences, fitting and comfort.
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  1. Video: Good glasses & sunglasses for your face shape | Justine Leconte
  2. Functional selection criteria
  3. Video: BEST Glasses for Your Face (and it's MORE than just FACE SHAPE) + Makeup Tips for Wearing Glasses
  4. Glasses and face type
  5. Video: GLASSES - How to choose the right Style, Shape and Color! Kerry-Lou chats with Ginger Burr
  6. Sunglasses sizes
  7. Video: Glasses for Small Faces
  8. How to understand that the glasses are chosen correctly?
  9. Caring for sun optics
  10. Video: How To Choose A Perfect Pair of Sunglasses & My Sunglass Collection | Jamila Musayeva
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Sun optics are not just a fashion accessory, but also a means of protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Vision and the condition of the retina are negatively affected by both types of radiation, UVA and UVB, the former to a greater extent. Spectacle lenses are a solar barrier that prevents people from squinting, which leads to wrinkles. How do you know which sunglasses are right for you?

Video: Good glasses & sunglasses for your face shape | Justine Leconte

Functional selection criteria

If the task is to choose glasses for vision correction, functional characteristics are considered first. You should also pay attention to them when choosing protective optics, otherwise the accessory will be just a beautiful item.

Relevant criteria:

  • Degree of protection. Models marked with UV-400 protect the eyes as much as possible from exposure to radiation. The lower the value, the weaker the protection level;
  • lens material. Glass lenses are less susceptible to mechanical stress, but require careful handling. Plastic is less brittle, but scratches easily. Manufacturers use high-quality polymer materials, which are an excellent alternative to glass;
  • The degree of light transmission. The parameter is expressed in numbers from zero to four. Products marked 4 provide the most protection, suitable for trips to the sea, ski resorts. The minimum value is an option for winter, cloudy weather;
  • lens color, the parameter affects eye fatigue. Neutral colors are gentle. In lenses of red, orange, the eyes get tired;
  • type of protective coating. It can be mirror, photochromic, anti-reflective;
  • frame material. Plastic models are light, metal ones are more reliable;
  • Lens size. Glasses should securely cover the head not only from the front, but also from the sides.
Quality Sunglasses
Quality Sunglasses

The CE marking on the frame indicates the certification of the product according to the European standard, it is an indicator of quality. Good glasses are not sold in plastic bags. They are packed in a case, sold through branded outlets or optics stores.

Having decided on the parameters that directly affect the quality of the optics, you can choose the style of glasses. Learn how to choose sunglasses according to your face type.

Video: BEST Glasses for Your Face (and it's MORE than just FACE SHAPE) + Makeup Tips for Wearing Glasses

Glasses and face type

There are basic types of faces that, due to the similarity of shape, are associated with geometric shapes. You can determine your type by visual comparison. Depending on the results, stylists give the following recommendations the correct choice of glasses according to the shape of the face:

  • faces with the same proportions in the longitudinal and transverse directions are round. Opposite shapes are suitable for this type: square glasses, "cat's eye", "aviators", models with a narrow nose bridge;
  • The owners of oval faces win. This classic shape does not need to be corrected, so the optics are selected based on personal preferences;
  • you can soften the angularity, lighten the chin of a square face, using models with rounded edges, not too massive, without a rim;
  • faces in the shape of a triangle, turned base down, tapering towards the temples. Proportions can be balanced by large, wide, but not square frames, for example, “aviators” with only bottom rim;
  • The heart-shaped face is elongated, has narrow cheekbones and a forehead. This type is suitable for models with low-set temples, round, rounded.

Recommendations are conditional, optics should be selected according to personal preferences and size.

Selection of glasses by face type
Selection of glasses by face type

Video: GLASSES - How to choose the right Style, Shape and Color! Kerry-Lou chats with Ginger Burr

Sunglasses sizes

Manufacturers indicate the size of sunglasses on the inside of the temple. These are four numbers, which, respectively, represent:

  • lens width;
  • the length of the bridge (the bridge of the glasses covers the bridge of the nose);
  • temple length (distance from rim to end);
  • Shadow level.

How do I know my sunglasses size? To do this, you can use the dimensions of the previous model, in which it was convenient or make independent measurements. The width of the glasses is measured like this:

  • pencils are placed behind the ears;
  • the distance between them is measured.

Manufacturers use a standard size grid for branded and sports glasses: 52-54 mm for narrow faces, 58 for standard faces, 60-62 for wide faces.

Size affects the fit of the accessory. Incorrectly selected sun protection optics are not only useless, but also dangerous, as they can cause headaches and fatigue.

Size information on the earpiece
Size information at the temple

Video: Glasses for Small Faces

How to understand that the glasses are chosen correctly?

Signs of a good fit:

  • lack of pressure in the temples, forehead, ears, nose;
  • tight fit: the frame must not slip;
  • position on a clear horizontal line, without distortions;
  • emphasis on the ears and bridge of the nose. The accessory should not rest against the left side of the cheek.

How should glasses fit on the nose? The bridge must strictly correspond in size to the bridge of the nose. To check the correct fit in glasses during fitting, it is recommended to stay for a while. Turning the head, smiling, laughing, other mimic actions should not affect the tightness of the accessory.

So, points are selected. Quality models are expensive, but justify the price. Careful care will extend the life of your sun glasses.

Caring for sun optics

Experts recommend:

  • take off and put on glasses, holding the temples with both hands;
  • use storage case;
  • put lenses up;
  • Do not impact, avoid contact with aggressive liquids.
Sunglasses Rules
Sunglasses Guidelines

Sunglasses need regular cleaning. Large dirt is washed off with warm water under the tap. You can use soapy water. Then the product is wiped with a napkin, moving along the lens from top to bottom and from left to right without excessive pressure. There is a special spray, after which the lenses do not need to be wiped.

Video: How To Choose A Perfect Pair of Sunglasses & My Sunglass Collection | Jamila Musayeva

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Comments (1)

- Jun 30, 2023 17:11:24
1. UV protection: It is very important to choose sunglasses that provide reliable protection from harmful UV rays. UV rays can damage your eyes and cause vision problems, so be sure to choose glasses labeled 100% UV protection or UV400.

2. Face shape: The shape of the face plays an important role when choosing sunglasses. Different face shapes work best with certain styles of frames. For example:
- Round face: Choose frames with angular shapes to create a visual sense of elongation of the face.
- Square Face: Frames with soft curves and round shapes will help soften the harshness of facial features.
- Oval face: The oval face shape allows you to experiment with different styles of frames, as they usually work well with this face shape.
- Heart-shaped face: Choose frames that are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom to balance a wide forehead and a narrow chin.

3. Hair and skin color: Hair and skin color can also influence the choice of sunglasses. For example, girls with warm skin and hair tones are encouraged to choose frames with warm shades such as brown, gold or olive. For girls with cool skin tones and hair, frames with cool shades, such as black, silver or purple, are suitable.

4. Style and Preferences: Be mindful of your individual style and preferences. Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. Choose the ones that suit your style and make you feel comfortable.

5. Fitting and Comfort: Be sure to try on a few glasses to make sure they fit your face well and are comfortable to wear. Glasses should not slip or put pressure on the nose or ears.

Finally, pay attention to the quality and manufacture of glasses. It is best to choose sunglasses from reliable manufacturers with a good reputation.