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All about the German Pinscher dog, photo, description of the breed

All about the German Pinscher dog, photo, description of the breed logo
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The German Pinscher is a medium-sized breed that originates from Germany. They have a short, shiny coat and a distinctive narrow muzzle profile. They are distinguished by high energy and intelligence, which makes them excellent companions and working dogs.
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  2. From distant ancestors to the present day
    1. What types of pinscher are there?
  4. “Portrait” and physiological features
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  6. Character and habits
  7. Video: German Pinscher Facts
  8. Maintenance and care
  9. How to feed the German Pinscher?
  10. The perfect host for the German Pinscher
  11. Video: German Pinschers | Breed Judging 2023
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A born hunter and watchman, a devoted friend of the owner, a thunderstorm of rodents, balanced, obedient, supportive of training and a noble dog - such epithets are worthy of the German Pinscher, an old breed bred in Germany.

Like Italian lap dog, the Pinscher is great with children if they do not show aggression, gets along with other pets, can sleep in the same bed with the cat. What do German Pinschers like? How to take care of them properly? Learn more.

Video: German Pinscher - Top 10 Facts

From distant ancestors to the present day

The history of the breed goes back to the 17th century. There is a hypothesis that the ancestors of the German Pinschers were dogs living in swamps, which were famous for their endurance and rodent extermination skills. They were often called stables, because the dogs accompanied the carts, protecting them from robber attacks.

What types of pinscher are there?

At the end of the 19th century, smooth-haired and wire-haired dogs began to be crossed. On the basis of the breed, five breed types of pinschers were bred with common external features and temperament:

  • doberman;
  • Austrian Pinscher;
  • German;
  • affenpinscher
  • miniature pinscher.

How is the Miniature Pinscher different from the German Pinscher? The main difference is height. Zwerg in German means dwarf. The initial height of the dogs was 35 cm. To reduce their height, they were mated with dachshunds. Now the standard height of miniature pinschers is 30 cm.

The German Pinscher is a rather rare breed intended for apartment keeping, found mainly in France and Germany.

German Pinscher
German Pinscher


“Portrait” and physiological features

The dogs are well-built, lean, with graceful proportionate forms. The muzzle is slightly elongated, the forehead is flat. The eyes are almond-shaped, close-set, dark brown. The lips are thin, close fitting to the jaw. The neck is short and muscular. The coat is short, without undercoat, which can make dogs cold. Those who want to have a four-legged companion should investigate the issue of clothes for dogs.

The paws are long, narrow, with pronounced muscular thighs. The tail hangs, can be docked.

Standard physiological parameters were determined at the end of the 19th century and since then have been modified only in color:

  • height up to 50 cm;
  • weight -15-20 kg;
  • common colors: red, red-brown, red-brown, black with brown patches on the forehead, chest. The marks are arranged symmetrically and have clear boundaries.

The breed is characterized by high mobility, physical strength, excellent ability to train, sharp mind. Pinschers are alert, but not prone to unreasonable barking. They react with lightning speed to danger, strangers, etc.

Pinchers are bred as companions. They are happy to comprehend sports exercises, participate in hunting (with appropriate training), they know how to follow the trail well, so they often work in tandem with the police. They can jump up to one and a half meters in length.

How long does a German Pinscher live? Pinchers are distinguished by good health, they live up to 15 years.

German Pinscher characteristic color
German Pinscher characteristic color


Character and habits

What kind of character and pinscher? Cheerful, energetic, gentle, cheerful. It is necessary to educate a puppy from the first days, otherwise he will attempt to dominate the owner. Dogs are not aggressive, but they treat strangers with distrust. They get along well with children.

German Pinschers are jealous creatures. They react sharply to increased attention to other animals, protect their toys from encroachment. There are decorative rats and hamsters in the house, it is better not to let them out of the cages. Following the natural hunting instinct, the pinscher can attack.

Dogs are fanatically devoted to their owners, they do not recognize harsh training methods, they have overbearing notes in character, therefore they obey only firm and determined owners. If the owner does not have such qualities, the dog will try to manipulate him. German Pinschers adapt to any situation, but with an undoubted benefit for themselves.

Pinchers love to train and learn new skills.

Physical activity is good for pinschers
Exercise is good for Pinschers

Video: German Pinscher Facts

Maintenance and care

Pinchers are considered healthy hardy dogs with strong immunity.

Physical activity and walking are integral attributes of education. Dogs like to walk only in good weather, in the rain the dog will not go outside.

The average exercise time is 1.5 hours. Walking can be combined with a personal jog, the dog will be happy to accompany you.

Hygiene procedures:

  • combing;
  • nail trimming;
  • rubbing wool with a damp mitten;
  • bathing when dirty.

Periodically, you need to monitor the condition of the ears, eyes, teeth, visit the veterinarian every year. The doctor performs cupping, setting the ears.

The German Pinscher must “work out” energy. If you do not give the dog enough to walk up, he will begin to look for entertainment on his own. The results of such fun: destroyed home furnishings, damaged clothes, shoes, interior items.

Active games and walks are a must-have
Active play and walks are an essential part of grooming

How to feed the German Pinscher?

The nutritious diet should be healthy and balanced. You can feed dry food or organize a natural diet with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Be sure to include cottage cheese, lean meat, cereals, eggs, greens. Tubular bones, potatoes, legumes are prohibited.

The menu can only consist of dry food. It is worth giving preference to premium class foods, consult a veterinarian or breeder about the type of food.

Feeding a German Pinscher puppy
Feeding a German Pinscher Puppy

The perfect host for the German Pinscher

So, the German Pinscher is an energetic, active dog. It should not be started by passive homebody owners. The dog requires attention, communication, needs education, long walks. The ideal owner for a pet is a person with an active lifestyle who is able to build a trusting relationship with the dog, show patience and perseverance during training, and establish his dominance.

How much does a puppy cost? The price varies from 220 to 250 dollars.

Those who are in love with Pinschers, but prefer to have a dog of a more compact size, should pay attention to the Miniature Pinscher, which is half the size of the German.

The incredible attachment of the German Pinscher to the owners is a serious problem in the event of a forced separation. It is better to teach a puppy from childhood to travel together, trips.

Video: German Pinschers | Breed Judging 2023

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Comments (3)

- Jun 2, 2023 19:24:46
German Pinschers come in two sizes: standard and miniature. A standard German Pinscher can reach a height of up to 45 cm at the withers and weigh up to 20 kg, while a miniature German Pinscher can reach a height of up to 30 cm at the withers and weigh up to 5 kg.
- May 31, 2023 11:22:04
They are known for their loyalty and protective behavior towards their owners, but can be unfriendly towards strangers and animals. They need enough physical and mental stimulation or they can become irritable and destructive.
- May 29, 2023 15:52:21
German Pinschers are prone to certain medical conditions, such as hip dysplasia and visual impairment, so it is important to monitor their health and visit the veterinarian regularly.
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