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Bamboo pillow: what is good and how to choose the right one

Bamboo pillow: what is good and how to choose the right one logo
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Pillows made from bamboo fiber are hypoallergenic and ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin. Bamboo also has an antibacterial effect, as it naturally has antiseptic properties.
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  4. Which filler is better, swan's down or bamboo?
  5. The benefits and disadvantages of bamboo pillows
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  7. How to choose the right bamboo pillow?
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  9. Bamboo pillow care
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Bamboo is used in medicine, cooking, construction, paper production, and, more recently, in the textile industry. Eco-friendly raw materials and gentle processing technologies determine the useful properties of finished products: blankets, pillows, blankets, bedspreads.

The choice of bamboo products is not a tribute to fashion, but an investment in one's own health. How to choose the right bamboo pillow? We will learn the selection criteria and some secrets of a cozy home.

Video: The 5 Best Bamboo Pillows for the Bedroom

Bamboo fiber production

From bamboo stalks, cellulose fibers are obtained, which is a filler for bedding. Production does not violate environmental standards.

There are 2 technologies for processing raw materials:

  • mechanical, in which the stems are crushed and fermented with natural ingredients. Fibers are pulled out of the resulting white mass, they are called bamboo flax. The method is laborious and long, so the filler is expensive;
  • chemical, in which the crushed mass of raw materials is affected by chemical reagents. The mass is passed through metal plates with holes, after hardening in an acidic environment, it is cleaned of chemical impurities. The result is thin fibers, viscose bamboo, which is also considered a natural filler, but is cheaper.
Bamboo Fiber Production
Bamboo Fiber Production

Bamboo stems are also used to make interesting decorative items for the home - mats, screens, blinds, curtains for the kitchen.

There are other options for fillings for bedding: natural feathers and down, wool, microgel fiber, orthopedic foam, cashmere, cotton, buckwheat husk. It's hard to say what's the best pillow filling without a detailed comparison.

The best-selling options are with artificial swan down and bamboo fiber. Let's compare their properties.

Video: How to Choose the Right Cariloha Pillow for You.

Which filler is better, swan's down or bamboo?

Artificial swan down is used in textile production. Natural raw materials are not produced, since the swans are listed in the Red Book, and for the filler of one pillow you need the down of 10 birds. Analog, very thin polyester balls treated with silicone, provides an anatomically correct position of the head and neck during sleep and is elastic.

Bamboo filler has the same properties.

Models with bamboo filler wrinkle faster, last 3-4 years, with swan filler - 5 years. Both options are resistant to the growth of microorganisms, but products with fluff gradually attract dust, so they lose in terms of hypoallergenicity.

Bamboo-filled and swan-down pillows
Pillows filled with bamboo and swan down

In order to balance the pros and cons of both materials, manufacturers have come up with the best option: pillows with bamboo fiber covers and swan down filling.

The benefits and disadvantages of bamboo pillows

What are the benefits of bamboo pillows? Products have a lot of useful qualities:

  • antiseptic properties that are preserved in raw materials and after chemical treatment;
  • preservation of the original density throughout the entire service life;
  • hypoallergenic. Dust mites and other microorganisms that infest feather products and cause allergies do not multiply in bamboo filler;
  • light weight;
  • the ability to self-ventilate: even on a stuffy night, the sleeper has a feeling of pleasant coolness;
  • fast absorption and evaporation of moisture.
  • Comfortable sleep. The pillow is soft, it takes the shape of the head, and recovers in the morning;
  • inertness to foreign odors;
  • practicality and unpretentious care;
  • resistance to stretching and deformation during washing.
Bamboo Benefits
The Benefits of Bamboo

The listed advantages are valid only for genuine products.

Some inconvenience of bedding - quick caking.

Textile products filled with bamboo are not recommended for use in rooms with high humidity, since the hygroscopicity of the fibers has a limit.

The structure of the product is soft. It is not recommended to sleep on them for people with protrusions, intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis.

Video: Queen Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

How to choose the right bamboo pillow?

It is obvious that it is impossible to turn the stems of a herbaceous plant into a silky textured yarn without the use of chemical reagents. Despite this, viscose bamboo belongs to natural and environmentally friendly materials. After complete processing, no chemical additives remain in the fibers.

The quality of the finished product is determined by certificates. GOTS, Oeko-tex, Eco-label, Ecocert certificates mean:

  • the presence of a closed cycle in production (waste water and reagents are disposed of);
  • processing components are safe, do not remain in the final product;
  • there is information about the composition of the filler (linen-bamboo or viscose);
  • the percentage of the composition is indicated. More than 60% natural fiber is used in quality products. 30-40% polyester fibers in the composition only improve performance: the sleep accessory becomes more elastic and resistant to deformation.

Some manufacturers on the label do not specify that only the cover is made of bamboo fabric, and synthetic fiber inside. The label should be informative.

Information on the label
Label Information

Using this information, you can distinguish a bamboo fiber pillow from a fake. The guarantee of original quality is the purchase of models of famous brands.

External signs of quality: even seams of the cover, no cavities or dense places inside, no unpleasant smell. The preferred material of the cover is bamboo linen, cotton.

Video: Top 5 Best Bamboo Pillows | (Review & Buying Guide)

Bamboo pillow care

Can bamboo filled pillows be washed? Yes, you should do this at least twice a year. Hand wash is allowed. Other care tips:

  • Machine wash on delicate cycle up to 40°C, spin at low speed;
  • drying in a horizontal position;
  • ban on bleach and ironing;
  • periodic shaking to maintain the shape of the products and airing to saturate the fibers with air.
Machine washable bamboo pillow
Machine washable bamboo pillow

Immediately after purchasing the accessory, study the manufacturer's care instructions, which should be on the label, and follow them for the entire period of use. Bamboo pillows do not last as long as models with modern artificial fillers, but they are more comfortable and healthier for sleeping.

Video: Best Bamboo Pillow in 2022 | TOP 5

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Comments (4)

- May 13, 2023 11:42:26
Choosing a bamboo pillow depends on your preferences and needs. Here are some tips that can help you choose a bamboo pillow:

1. Learn about the properties of bamboo. Bamboo is a natural material that has many health benefits. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and can help reduce the appearance of odors.

2. Decide how firm you want. Bamboo pillows can be soft or hard, depending on how much support you want for your head and neck.
- May 13, 2023 11:12:17
3. Choose the correct size. Bamboo pillows come in a variety of sizes, so choosing the right size for your body is important.

4. Check the quality. When you choose a bamboo pillow, make sure it is made from high quality materials and has a good finish.

5. Learn about service life. Like any other item, bamboo pillows have a limited lifespan. Make sure you understand how long you can use your pillow before it needs to be replaced.

6. Compare prices and reviews. Don't forget to compare prices of different bamboo pillows and read reviews from other buyers to choose the best one for you.
- May 13, 2023 11:11:33
Please note that bamboo pillows come in a variety of shapes and designs, such as orthopedic neck pillows or ergonomic side pillows. Therefore, it is important to choose the right pillow for your needs and preferences.
- May 7, 2023 17:04:14
That's it, I'm running to buy myself a pillow made of bamboo. Maybe after this it will be a little easier with my allergy to house dust.
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