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What curtains to choose in the kitchen?

What curtains to choose in the kitchen? logo
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Curtains on the kitchen windows - what should they be in color, length and material? An excellent option would be something laconic, up to the window sill: rolled with a light translucent texture or Roman blinds, fabric blinds. Curtains that are dense in structure will look expensive, without a “screaming” sheen, able to keep their shape well.
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Textile design is the final stage of arranging the kitchen. Properly selected curtains emphasize interior details, organically fit into the environment, perform standard and special functions.

Mistakes in choosing curtains can cross out all efforts to design a kitchen interior, break that special atmosphere with which it is customary to associate home comfort. We will learn how to choose the right curtains for the kitchen by color, style and other criteria.

Video: 55+ Best Kitchen Curtain Ideas You Need to See

Criteria for choosing kitchen curtains

What do you need to know about choosing curtains? The not so good news is that this is a significant amount of information, nice - you can always use the help of professional designers. We analyze the most important factors of choice.


Kitchen curtains should not absorb odors, fade in the sun, and be easy to wash. In these parameters, roller blinds are more practical than traditional curtains. Roller blinds simply function, are produced in a variety of colors and surface decor options, and are easy to clean.

Care is facilitated by the purchase of models made of fabric with anti-mud impregnation.

Kitchen roller blinds
Roller blinds for the kitchen

Features of roller blinds for the kitchen:

  • compatibility with loft, minimalism, high-tech interiors;
  • fastening to the wall, ceiling, window opening;
  • different canvas widths;
  • the ability to easily adjust the level of illumination;
  • neutrality to textile combi-partners: bamboo pillow for a bench or stools, a linen tablecloth, napkins will not disturb the overall composition.

Roller blinds are an alternative to all types, except for classic kitchen curtains, which are difficult to compete with. Structurally, the composition consists of light curtains and floor-length tulle.

Such curtains look expensive, even chic, but not suitable for every room. The option is appropriate if the kitchen and dining room form a single space of a large area.

Windows in the kitchen and dining area with classic curtains form a tandem that reveals all the advantages of such a configuration. Decorations can be pelmets, tassels, tiebacks.

Classic kitchen curtains
Classic kitchen curtains

For a small kitchen, when the window is located near the stove or sink, Roman blinds are more suitable. In the straightened form, they form an even canvas, in the assembled form - soft folds. This is a good option if the curtain needs to end at the base of the window sill and the space below it needs to remain functional. You can combine Roman blinds with tulle.

Japanese panel curtains move apart not from top to bottom, but to the sides. This is a fashionable and practical option for decorating kitchen windows.

In a spacious kitchen, curtains on grommets are appropriate. The attachment allows the safe use of heavy fabrics such as teak, a good option for effective light protection. Curtains do not require additional decor, large rings on the cornice are a spectacular solo decoration.

Video: Best Kitchen Curtain Design Ideas | Above Sink Curtain Ideas


Designers are advised to follow these recommendations when choosing the color of curtains:

  • choose bright plain curtains if the rest of the interior is decorated in muted colors. The action makes sense with a non-standard window shape, to emphasize the original opening;
  • curtains to match the walls in the kitchen of a modest area will visually increase the space;
  • The pattern on the curtains and on the floor should have similar motifs. The rest of the textile should be unifying in color;
  • successful color combinations: light furniture and walls are in harmony with powder, coral, lavender curtains. A creamy finish is accentuated by a chocolate-colored curtain.

Color is a criterion that allows experiments. Curtains should intrigue, attract attention, therefore bold, but not pretentious combinations are acceptable, as well as the addition of plain options with appliqué, embroidery, and accessories.

Color option for curtains to match interior items
Colour options for curtains to match interior items



Wear resistance is the first requirement for the material for window curtains in the kitchen. No matter how beautiful the texture and colors are, the operating conditions of the kitchen will sooner or later spoil the original look. The fabric must withstand repeated washing without compromising quality.

Due to the peculiarities of the kitchen, it is better to refuse velor, velvet, silk in favor of linen, satin, viscose, cotton, mixed materials. Curtains made of artificial and natural jacquard look beautiful in kitchen interiors. They do not deform when washed, do not fade, absorb odors minimally.

Video: INTERIOR DESIGN | 50 Awesome Curtains Designs for Kitchen | Latest Kitchen Curtains Designs Ideas

What curtains for the kitchen are currently in trend?

In textile design, each owner determines the rules himself, but fashion trends should also be taken into account. What are they hanging on kitchen windows now? Current trends:

  • compact kitchen - a laconic window. In rooms of a small area, folding options, roller blinds, Roman Japanese curtains or blinds are used. If the window is very small or of a non-standard shape, the curtain should be abandoned altogether, and the visual void should be filled with a houseplant;
  • smooth texture. At the last exhibitions, frills and ruffles were not noticed. Curtains with such decor are appropriate only in retro, country styles. Asymmetry is not welcome in styles;
  • natural fabrics. A separate direction of eco-fashion has appeared, within which manufacturers offer rolled curtains made of bamboo, linen curtains for the kitchen, cork blinds painted in natural colors;
  • Curtains with gradient prints, blurry tie-dye patterns, photo prints, plant and floral prints, watercolors.
Tie Dye Curtains
Tie Dye Curtains

At the peak of popularity, light airy tulles remain, somewhat frivolous, but appropriate in a room for emotional gatherings.

Modern designers prefer to replace complex cuts and cuts with the beauty of material and texture, as it is more practical.

When deciding how to choose curtains and cornices for the kitchen, you can listen to personal preferences or take into account generally accepted canons. The main thing is that the result pleases from the functional and aesthetic side.

Video: Best +50 Kitchen Curtains Ideas 2023 | Window Curtain Designs | Curtain Design Ideas for Kitchen

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Comments (4)

- May 13, 2023 11:46:08
The choice of suitable curtains for the kitchen depends on your style and preferences, as well as functionality and practicality. Here are some tips that can help you choose curtains for your kitchen:

1. Dimensions. Measure your window to find out what size curtains you need.

2. Color. Choose a color that matches your interior and kitchen design. For example, light colors can create a feeling of spaciousness, while dark colors can add coziness.

3. Textile. Choose a fabric that is easy to clean and won't absorb odors. Cotton, linen and polyester are good options for kitchen curtains.

4. Style. Decide what style of curtains you want. For example, roman blinds can create an elegant and modern look, while cafe curtains can create a traditional and cozy look.
- May 13, 2023 11:45:45
5. Functionality. Think about what functions your curtains should perform. For example, if you want them to block out light, choose a dark fabric or lined curtains.

6. Decor. Add decorative elements such as fringes, tassels or knots to give your curtains a personal touch and brighten up your kitchen.

7. Safety. If you have children or pets, choose curtains without long cords or ribbons to avoid accidents.

8. Budget. Set a budget for buying curtains and choose the best option according to your needs and possibilities.
- May 13, 2023 11:45:03
Please note that kitchen curtains should be light and easy to maintain so that you can wash and clean them easily. Also consider that the kitchen area is a place with high humidity and food odors, so choose a material that does not absorb odors and is not susceptible to moisture damage.
- May 7, 2023 17:27:11
I like roller blinds most of all, which, if necessary, perfectly cover the kitchen from sunlight, while not covering the window sill. This is very convenient when the window sill is open and the curtain does not block access to it. There is a wide range of roller blinds to choose from. I like the day-night model the most.
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