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Original ideas for home comfort with your own hands

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To make your home cozy, get rid of unnecessary things, make a refreshing renovation, get indoor plants, use decorative elements in the interior, achieve good lighting, provide a pleasant smell in the room, buy a nice cozy sofa.
What will be in the article
  2. Window decor
  3. Blankets, pillows, bed linen
  4. Video: 20 SIMPLE WAYS to Make Your Home COZY | Hygge Living and Home Tips for 2022
  5. Combination of modern and antique furniture
  6. Smell
  7. Video: How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy
  8. Indoor plants and flowers
  9. Lighting and color
  11. Family heirlooms
  12. Cleanliness
  13. Video: 6 COZY HOME TIPS THAT WORK WITH ANY DECOR STYLE | Easy ideas for making your home warm and inviting!
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Small daily joys can make a person happy: a beautifully served breakfast, fragrant coffee, a rocking chair by the fireplace, beautiful dishes. Each person, family, has his own ideas about what adds comfort to the house. Comfort is an immeasurable concept. Getting into a comfortable room, people feel peace, tranquility, feel the desire to live a full life, and not exist.

The explanatory dictionary defines the word “comfort” as the quality of the environment. Sometimes a chic mansion with expensive paintings, luxurious furniture looks exactly like a living environment, and a cramped apartment with modest furnishings attracts like a magnet, gives psychological comfort. What is the secret of a cozy home?


Window decor

Curtains dominate the textile design of the room. Thoughtful window framing gives a sense of privacy, security, emphasizes the interior style, provides healthy sleep, creates conditions for watching a home theater, but not only.

Psychologists have deduced a pattern: contemplation of the street or the natural landscape through a beautifully designed window relieves tension and stress. Think about what curtains to choose for the kitchen, how to decorate a balcony, a window in the bedroom in order to enjoy the comfort from the inside and relax, enjoying the scenes outside the windows .

Curtains are an attribute of home comfort

Blankets, pillows, bed linen

In the framework of textile design, one cannot fail to mention these important components. Make your apartment more comfortable help:

  • plaids made of natural fabrics deliberately casually laid on sofas, armchairs, beds;
  • pretty towels in the bathroom;
  • smart tablecloths;
  • quality, healthy bed linen. It does not matter that it is not visible, because the pleasant sensations of home should continue during the periods of night rest. There are plenty of sources to read how to choose a bamboo pillow, a duvet according to the season to rest anatomically correct.

Comfort and convenience, an original look add decorative pillows to the atmosphere.

Pillows and decorative pillows in the bedroom
Blankets and decorative pillows in the bedroom

Video: 20 SIMPLE WAYS to Make Your Home COZY | Hygge Living and Home Tips for 2022

Combination of modern and antique furniture

To make your apartment cozy and stylish,it is not necessary to buy expensive sets for every room. Reception that works flawlessly - a conglomeration of new and retro furniture.

Don't rush to take out old bookcases, vintage chest of drawers, grandmother's rocking chair to the landfill. Furniture restoration is an exciting hobby. The result of efforts is rewarded with an original interior that you fall in love with from the first minute.


Each house smells differently. The olfactory component is the most important element of comfort. The house may smell like coffee, fresh pastries, vanilla, but that's where the list of kitchen scents ends. It is desirable to neutralize the remaining odors by baking.

Dilute natural odors with care, only if appropriate:

  • The smell of scented candles will create comfort if you are planning a romantic evening, but will be unnatural during breakfast or lunch;
  • Essential oils of bergamot, mint, lemon are used in the bathroom for relaxation procedures, but in rooms for other purposes, a strong smell can cause irritation.

Unpleasant amber from a trash can, from a wet umbrella, a floor cloth, from dust on the shelves does not add coziness to the room, it is important to remember this.

The smell of freshness is very cozy, so in good weather it is important to open the windows to let fresh air into the house.

Candles - the smell of comfort
Candles - the smell of comfort

Video: How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Indoor plants and flowers

Plants have a beneficial effect on the energy of the room, cause aesthetic pleasure, purify the air. Undoubtedly, this attribute should be used to make the house comfortable. Tips for choosing plants:

  • large decorative leafy trees look good in spacious rooms: yuccas, ficuses, palm trees;
  • arrange succulents and cacti in groups;
  • In the bedroom, do not plant flowers with a spicy scent, such as lilies;
  • pots, flowerpots are chosen to match textiles and upholstered furniture.

Don't forget seasonal compositions. Reproducing the time of year in an apartment is always nice. This does not require luxurious bouquets of roses. In the spring, it is enough to bring home a branch with buds and watch how the leaves develop. In autumn, compositions of dry flowers look beautiful, in summer - from field flowers, daisies, cornflowers.

Lighting and color

A cozy house is bright and warm. This applies to both the degree of illumination and the color palette. Beige, sand, terracotta and other warm colors bring more harmony than flashy ones. There is no taboo on the use of red, orange, yellow, purple as accents, but their predominance causes psychological discomfort.

Scenery lighting adds charm to the setting, so that you can brightly illuminate the room with a chandelier or sit in the twilight with a book by the floor lamp.

Kitchen Dining Lighting Idea
Kitchen-Dining Room Lighting Idea


Family heirlooms

Every family has a story. Photographs, souvenirs brought from travels, memorable gifts, hand-made gizmos, children's postcards - these items remind of loved ones, happy life moments.

The entire family archive should not be hung on the walls and placed on shelves, but a couple of locations for family heirlooms will not be superfluous when creating a cozy atmosphere.


Comfort in the house does not depend on family wealth. Items for beauty and comfort are absolutely available, you just need to pay attention to them, understand how you can decorate your apartment with them or make your own decor with love.

In absolute dependence, comfort resides with cleanliness. An untidy house cannot be comfortable. You should not go to extremes in order to keep the operating room clean, but twice a month general cleaning and ongoing maintenance of order are necessary.

Cleanliness doesn't just mean clean floors and dust-free shelves. It has to be in the details. In a clean, well-kept house, there are no greasy areas around switches, dusty windows and curtains, an unwashed hob, a dirty trash can and a non-shiny samovar.

Pay attention to your home, love it. In response, the house, like a living being, will become a part of life, it will give comfort, tranquility, peace, protection.

Video: 6 COZY HOME TIPS THAT WORK WITH ANY DECOR STYLE | Easy ideas for making your home warm and inviting!

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Comments (2)

- May 7, 2023 16:55:16
In fact, everything is very simple. When the house is clean and tidy, when all things are in their places, nothing is lying on the floor and not scattered on surfaces, the house is already cozy and without antique furniture and fragrances.
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- May 7, 2023 16:57:40
I totally agree. The main thing is to maintain cleanliness and order and the house will always be comfortable.