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Caring for goldfish

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Goldfish care includes regular aquarium cleaning and water changes, moderate feeding and control of the amount of food eaten, maintaining optimal temperature and water chemistry, and regularly checking the condition of the fish and their environment. To create optimal conditions for goldfish, it is necessary to choose the right filtration equipment, as well as select the appropriate plants and decorative elements for arranging an aquarium.
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Humanity's love story for aquariums began with goldfish. These stunningly beautiful inhabitants of the underwater world are unpretentious in content, so inexperienced aquarists start with their cultivation. The type of goldfish includes many breeds: Butterfly, Telescope, Nymph, Veiltail and so on.

Representatives differ in color, body shape, size. Regardless of the chosen breed, it is important to understand how many goldfish should be in the aquarium, to learn how to care for the aquarium with goldfish.

Video: Beginner Goldfish Care Guide

Reservoir requirements

One individual needs 50 liters of water. Can I keep a goldfish in a round aquarium? Yes, if you have one fish, it will be enough for her to buy a glass aquarium or a rectangular tank. The flock will need more space. The volume is calculated based on the needs of one pet.

Video: How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years

Water in a goldfish tank

Water should be moderately cool and meet certain parameters:

  • The temperature is 18-23 degrees. The value is regularly monitored with a thermometer, as the species does not respond well to warm water;
  • acidity level - 6-8 units;
  • hardness 8-25;
  • water level - not lower than 25 cm

Goldfish do not react very strongly to acidity and hardness values, unless these values change abruptly. Unpretentious in this regard, and fish pelvikachromis pulcher or parrots. To ensure proper caring for parrot fish, you need to purchase an aquarium with a volume of at least 40 liters for two individuals.


How often should I change the water in my goldfish tank? To maintain normal performance, it is recommended to replace a fifth of the volume of water once a week. When using liquid from the water supply system, it is preliminarily cleaned of chlorine and other harmful impurities using ready-made conditioning preparations. The water for replacement should be the same temperature as in the aquarium.

Video: Common Goldfish Care - NEED to Know

What should be in a goldfish tank?


The breed is not particularly demanding on lighting. An aquarium lamp with a color temperature of 6,000 K is enough. Living plants are usually not present in the biosystem, so nitrates and phosphates quickly accumulate. Too much light can cause excessive algae growth.


Goldfish love to swallow soil. Therefore, it should be a large fraction, from 10 mm. Suitable round rounded pebbles. It is laid with the top layer, and fine quartz sand is used as a substrate.

Coarse Soil
Coarse soil

Powerful filter and compressor

Beginner aquarists are interested in why does the water in an aquarium with goldfish become cloudy? Because they have a great appetite and its consequences: numerous waste products. A must-have for a goldfish aquarium is a powerful filter.

The filter with aeration and temperature indicator effectively performs its functions and combines several devices.

To saturate the water with oxygen, it is desirable to equip the container with a compressor.

Plants and decor

The best option for tank decoration is artificial algae. Decorative items are best purchased in specialized stores. Objects of too intricate shape are not needed: fish can get stuck in them. Before placing in a container, all decor items should be thoroughly rinsed.

Artificial algae in goldfish tank
Artificial algae in a goldfish tank

Decoration improves the appearance of the biosystem and creates a comfortable living environment, but it should not be overloaded. Large objects will prevent free swimming.

What not to put in an aquarium

The ban exists on several items:

  • Small decorative pebbles that fish can swallow. Stony fractions in the esophagus can lead to death;
  • non-aquatic items that may release toxic substances;
  • representatives of other types of aquarium fish. “neighbourhood” related to temperature. In water that is comfortable for golden beauties, other fish are cold. The best option is to populate with several breeds of goldfish.

It is desirable that there are no living plants in the tank, as voracious inhabitants quickly eat them, which spoils the aesthetics and negatively affects the health of the fish.

Video: Goldfish Care: 10 Things You Should Know

Power Mode

The most important rule in the diet of goldfish is not to overfeed. Pets are happy to absorb any food:

  • live food: bloodworms, daphnia, tubifex, which are a source of proteins;
  • high-fiber plant foods, lettuce, cabbage;
  • fresh vegetables: grated carrots, cucumbers, zucchini;
  • complex dry food for goldfish is the most useful diet option due to its balance. Dry food is soaked before filling so that it swells. In this form, fish absorb less water, their stomach is not overloaded.
Goldfish feeding
Goldfish Feeding

The serving size of prepared food is indicated on the packaging. When feeding organic matter, the rule helps: “lunch” should be eaten without residue in 5-10 minutes. You need to feed the fish twice a day, and arrange a “fasting day” once a week.

Result of correct content

Well-groomed healthy goldfish are cheerful, beautiful and mobile, retaining a bright, characteristic color for the breed. Adult fish are well-fed, reach a length of 10-15 cm.

It's worth the effort to grow a real aquarium queen. In good conditions, the average life expectancy of individuals is 10-15 years. All these years, the owners can enjoy the created mini-underwater world and its inhabitants.

Video: Goldfish Beginner Care Guide | Basic Care For Goldfish

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Goldfish care includes regularly cleaning and changing the water in the aquarium, monitoring water quality and temperature, feeding regularly, and maintaining optimal living conditions, including sufficient oxygen and light. It is not recommended to overfeed the fish, as well as keep them in thickened water or together with more aggressive fish species.