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Choosing a power supply for a computer by power. Calculation of the main indicators

Choosing a power supply for a computer by power. Calculation of the main indicators logo
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Before buying a power supply for your computer, you must definitely decide on its basic characteristics, which will be needed specifically for your PC. Case form factor, power, connection type, noise level all this must be taken into account in order not to make a mistake in choosing.
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  1. Video: Beginners Guide to Power Supplies... How to understand the ratings
  2. What is BP and its tasks
  3. How to choose a power supply by power
  4. Size. Form factor and manufacturer
  5. Video: STOP Making These PSU Mistakes! Best Power Supply for PC 2022
  6. Connection type
  7. What is PFC?
  8. Video: Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (PSU) Power Supply Buyers Guide
  9. How to choose a silent power supply
  10. Energy efficiency and efficiency
  11. 6 tips from a technical expert
  12. Video: Full vs. Semi vs. Non-Modular Power Supplies - Which To Choose? [Guide]
  13. FAQ
    1. How can I find out what kind of power supply my computer needs?
    2. How to find out what power the power supply needs?
    3. What is a good power supply for a PC?
    4. What will happen if you put a power supply unit with more power?
  14. Video: Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (PSU) as Fast As Possible
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Despite the abundance of mobile gadgets, computers remain the main tool for work, study and most entertainment. They are in all offices, it is more convenient to play and watch movies on them.

In order to get reliable and productive equipment, it is better to assemble it yourself in a store and therefore it is important to know about all the components of a computer, and in particular to pay attention to good power supplies. The article will discuss how to choose a PSU, calculate its power and other parameters.

Video: Beginners Guide to Power Supplies... How to understand the ratings

What is BP and its tasks

Who knows at least a little about the design of a computer, he understands the importance of choosing a reliable power supply. It can be compared to a car battery, because both devices power the car and the system unit. If the PC does not turn on, then in 9 cases out of 10 the problem lies in the PSU.

The main task of the power supply is to convert voltage and transfer current to computer hardware, as well as protection from various troubles that occur on the line. It consists of a box with wires and boards, a fan.

Computer power supply
Computer power supply

How to choose a power supply by power

In order to calculate the power correctly and choose the optimal power supply for a computer, you need to find out what indicators the computer hardware has and sum them up.

Special attention should be paid to the video card and processor, as they consume the most watts.

Less is required for coolers, drives and lighting. After the total amount is determined, its minimum should be multiplied by 1.5. This makes it possible to upgrade equipment in the future, and the reserve is useful in case of short-term peak loads.

You can rely on the manufacturer's recommendations on which power supply you need and it depends on the type of computer:

  • office - 300-400w;
  • gaming - from 500w to 600w;
  • with high-performance video cards - more than 700w.

There are power supplies with a power of more than 2000w even. If you plan to turn your computer into a powerful gaming machine or create a mining farm, then you need to take a model with at least 1000w.

High Power Server PSU
High power server PSU

Good to know. To save time, you can use the power calculator, which will give you the optimal numbers in a few seconds.

Size. Form factor and manufacturer

When asked how to calculate the size of the power supply, the answer is as simple as possible - it should fit in the system unit for the computer and it would be easy to insert / remove it if necessary. With form factors, it is somewhat more difficult, because manufacturers offer several versions.

The most popular is atx, which has dimensions of 15 by 8.6 cm and a length of up to 22 cm. Such dimensions allow it to fit harmoniously into most PC cases.

If you have compact models of equipment, you should opt for SFX or TFX. The first configuration is square, while the second is elongated. There are external power supplies, but they have a narrow scope and are usually found on professional equipment or when assembling a computer on one board. If we talk about models, then the best manufacturers are: Thermaltake, Sea Sonic, Chieftec, Cougar, ENERMAX.

Thermaltake power supply
Thermaltake Power Supply

Video: STOP Making These PSU Mistakes! Best Power Supply for PC 2022

Connection type

Many people underestimate how the wires are connected to the device, but this affects the operation of the equipment. Today, 3 types of PSUs are used:

  1. Modular.
  2. Semi-modular.
  3. Standard.

The first option is considered the most effective. Here the user himself can connect the cable for the power supply that he needs. In semi-modular products, some of the wires are fixed, which are definitely needed in any model of equipment. If the owner wants to connect an additional component to the system unit, he finds the right connectors and inserts a white or any other cable there.

In cheaper PCs, a standard type of connection is used, when all wires are fixed. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the reliable fastening in the connectors, the design is reliable and the cost is lower than for modular devices. There are a number of disadvantages, among the main ones it is worth highlighting the fact that not all wires can be used.

And the presence of unnecessary products in the case of the system unit negatively affects the work, because the cables often close the ventilation holes. As a result, overheating, slow start, slowdown of the operating system and other "charms".

Modular Power Supply
Modular PSU

What is PFC?

Not every apartment has stabilizers and other protective devices for leveling power surges in the network, which periodically occur on the lines.

But when the voltage jumps, it can cause the burning of expensive equipment. To protect your computer from such troubles, a special PFC correction system is used.

When a surge occurs in automatic mode, energy is converted and the risk of equipment damage is reduced.

There is a passive PPFS correction used in inexpensive PCs. It is able to withstand small changes in voltage over a short period of time. Much more efficient is the active APFC model, which can handle even heavy loads.

This is a separate board, which is an additional element of the computer's power supply.

It is worth paying attention to whether stabilization is carried out for each wire and component, or whether the entire system is protected in general.

Video: Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (PSU) Power Supply Buyers Guide

How to choose a silent power supply

During the operation of the computer, noise is constantly or intermittently heard from the system unit. It can be of different levels, and sometimes comparable to the sound of a running car engine. This is how coolers function, which cool the hardware, saving it from overheating and shutting down.

Naturally, the louder the equipment works, the more it disturbs others, whether they are colleagues in the office or at home, who are not allowed to sleep by night gamers. Therefore, this criterion is worth paying attention to.

Computer fan
Computer fan

There are free-cooled models that are quiet. It uses parts made of heat-resistant materials, and the hot air is removed by a radiator. Most computers use active coolinge, which runs constantly or turns on at a certain temperature.

Air is moved by a fan and the larger the blade area, the quieter the system.

If you need to check the noise level, then you should run a large game or open as many programs as possible so that the system unit heats up and the fan starts.

Energy efficiency and efficiency

Like any equipment, computer equipment has its own efficiency. Any user wants the efficiency to be as high as possible, but this indicator has a number of nuances. First of all, the higher the performance of the equipment, the higher the cost of its components.

If you do not know how to check the efficiency of the power supply, then certification, which is carried out according to the Energy Star 4.0 standard, will help. Therefore, the device must have an appropriate sticker with the necessary information.

The single standard is considered to be 80 PLUS, which means an efficiency level above 80%. There are some budget models where the numbers are even lower, but modern manufacturers must provide just such a minimum figure. In addition to the number, there are additional designations that are responsible for more specific characteristics of the performance level:

  • Bronze - 82%+;
  • Silver - 85%+;
  • Gold - 87%+;
  • Platinum - 90%+.

These indicators are calculated from the fact that the system will be loaded halfway. That is, in the case of peak loads, the efficiency can be significantly reduced.

Power Supply Performance Certification
Power Supply Performance Certification

Interesting. Not all manufacturers are certified, saving on this type of cost. Therefore, not every device has stickers. At the same time, in terms of parameters, products may not be inferior to models that have passed the certification procedure.

6 tips from a technical expert

For the first time faced with the need to choose a power supply for a personal computer, it is very difficult to understand a large number of numbers and requirements. If a person has minimal knowledge, then he may well buy a good device that will ensure the performance of specific tasks. Experts recommend paying attention to the most important aspects.

  1. You need to know exactly your equipment type. After all, a gaming PC requires a device with some characteristics, and for equipment on which only text documents and small files will be created, it is completely different.
  2. Defining the chassis form factor. There should not be any particular difficulties. If this is a classic model, then atx will do. If you have a small system unit, you will have to take measurements or study the dimensions in the passport, and then check on the Internet which device is needed. You will also need to study the characteristics of all components, primarily the processor and video card.
  3. Use an online calculator or manually calculate the sum of power consumption of all hardware components. Since computers are often upgraded and later connected to more powerful devices, it is necessary to have a margin, it is recommended to increase the figure by 1.5 - 2 times the actual one. For good gaming equipment, 750w is ideal.
  4. The choice of connection type also determines practicality. For advanced users, it is better to use modular options in order to remove or connect the necessary wires, if necessary, without cluttering up the space inside the case. For connoisseurs of savings, non-removable sets are suitable.
  5. To avoid trouble, it is better to choose models with effective protection against voltage surges and protect your equipment from at least short surges. It is important to determine the performance and use an efficiency indicator of at least 80%.
  6. Last is noise level. If sounds affect others and their peace of mind, then it is better to give priority to models with natural ventilation or those where the fans have large blades.
PSU for gaming computer
Gaming PSU

Knowing what a power supply is in a computer, you can correctly select a device that will provide maximum performance at the appropriate cost.

It is necessary to make a correct calculation of power, decide on the manufacturer and additional parameters, first of all, protection. After that, you can not worry about the power supply of the computer, because there will definitely be no problems with it.

Video: Full vs. Semi vs. Non-Modular Power Supplies - Which To Choose? [Guide]


How can I find out what kind of power supply my computer needs?

The easiest way is to look at the documents or go to the manufacturer's website. If a person assembles equipment, then the power and the system for its correction, the type of connection, the noise level, the presence of certain connectors are necessarily taken into account. It is better to give preference to brands with a high reputation.

How to find out what power the power supply needs?

For this, the load from the main components of the system unit is calculated. Most of all they pull the video card, processor, coolers, backlight. After summing up the indicators, it is worth adding another 150-200 W to secure the device in case of excess load.

What is a good power supply for a PC?

A good source of energy can be considered as one that ensures uninterrupted operation of equipment, including emergency modes in the form of power surges or periodic increase in loads. At the same time, the device must have a reasonable cost and produce a minimum of noise.

What will happen if you put a power supply unit with more power?

There is definitely nothing wrong with that. On the positive side, the possibility of a future computer upgrade and an increase in load, so you don’t have to buy a new PSU. If no perturbations are foreseen, then this will be an irrational waste of money.

Video: Choosing the Right PC Power Supply (PSU) as Fast As Possible

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- May 25, 2023 11:27:58
When choosing a power supply for a PC, the following parameters must be taken into account: power, efficiency, type of connection, availability of additional functions (for example, fan speed modulation). It is necessary to choose a power supply with a power reserve to ensure stable operation of the system.
- May 22, 2023 15:44:33
It is recommended to choose a high efficiency power supply to reduce power consumption and noise. It is important to make sure that the power supply has the necessary connectors to connect all PC components.
- May 13, 2023 10:29:53
When choosing a power supply for a PC, you need to consider the following parameters: power, efficiency, connectors, performance and reliability. It is recommended to choose a power supply unit with a capacity of at least 500 W for an average PC. It is optimal to choose models with high efficiency - 80 Plus Bronze and above. You also need to pay attention to the availability of the necessary connectors for all components of your PC. To reduce noise and meet power saving goals, you should choose power supplies with passive cooling (no fan) or with an ultra-quiet fan.