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An overview of how to choose the right electric grill. Horizontal or vertical

An overview of how to choose the right electric grill. Horizontal or vertical logo
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If you like to cook barbecue and often arrange picnics or barbecues in nature, then an electric barbecue grill can be a useful purchase. It allows you to cook kebabs indoors without going outside and does not require the use of coal or firewood, which can be convenient in city apartments or on balconies.
What will be in the article
  1. Video: Household Electric Vertical Barbecue Grill Kitchen Multifunctional BBQ Machine Kitchen
  2. Construction type
  3. Equipment Benefits
  4. Type of heating element
  5. Video: Best Shawarma Grill Machine For Home Use Electric
  6. Power
  7. Length and number of skewers
  8. Design features
  9. Video: Grill your own rotisserie chicken at home with this electric vertical gyro grill, Amazing results!
  10. Additional Features
  11. Material
  12. Manufacturer and models
    1. DELTA DL-6700
    2. VLK Palermo-6800
    3. REDMOND RBQ-0252-E
    4. Sikom-22.12
  13. Video: Testing a Rotisserie Grill 3 DIFFERENT WAYS! | Rotisserie Chicken and more
  14. FAQ
    1. How to save money on buying an electric barbecue grill?
    2. How to wash and care for the electric barbecue grill?
    3. Which type of heating element is the most efficient?
    4. Is it dangerous to use an electric barbecue with an open heater at home?
  15. Video: My £10 ebay rotisserie! - kitchen gadget testing
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One of the main advantages of owning a home, many people call the possibility of regular barbecue and barbecue. This is an ideal type of recreation for the warm season and the barbecue is a must-have attribute in the household.

The residents of the apartments used to be deprived of access to fire-fried dishes, but after the electric barbecue grill appeared, the barbecue menu can be prepared right in the kitchen all year round. The article will consider how to choose an electric barbecue grill, by what criteria they differ, and we will study the rating of the best models.

Video: Household Electric Vertical Barbecue Grill Kitchen Multifunctional BBQ Machine Kitchen

Construction type

There are 2 main design options:

  1. Vertical.
  2. Horizontal.

They differ significantly, and also have their own characteristics, which in some cases are fundamental.

For a small kitchen and a family, a home-made vertical barbecue grill is best. This is a glass flask or cylinder in which the skewers are located vertically and they constantly scroll, ensuring uniform frying. Fat here flows down onto special pallets, or there is a separate container for each serving of barbecue and other products.

Horizontal Electric Grill
Horizontal Electric Barbecue

But the horizontal home-made kebab looks very much like a barbecue and literally makes you mentally go somewhere in nature. Such designs are more spacious and are suitable for those who often have large groups of guests.

On the other hand, equipment takes up incomparably more space than vertical models.

Not every device is equipped with the function of scrolling skewers, so the chef will have to play the role of a real barbecue.

Equipment Benefits

By purchasing an electric barbecue grill at home, a person seriously expands his skills in the process of cooking. The technique has a number of advantages and it should be noted:

  • security;
  • versatility;
  • ease of care;
  • accessibility.

The prices for barbecue grills are far from sky-high and a simple model will not make a hole in the family budget. But you can at least every day eat original dishes and show off your talents in front of the guests. In the process of cooking, it is very difficult to start a fire, only grossly violating the rules for handling electrical appliances.

It is especially necessary to highlight the versatility, because here you can cook not only meat, but in general everything that is included in the assortment of the barbecue menu. Fish, champignons and vegetables are excellent.

In general, there are no restrictions and you can use traditional or author's recipes, you just need to place the products on skewers. Z

and the final result largely corresponds to the marinade, so it should be given no less attention than the choice of meat or cooking mode.

Liquid Smoke for Barbecue
Liquid Smoke for Barbecue

One of the main drawbacks of the barbecue is that there is no characteristic aroma of firewood, as when cooking over an open fire. This can be easily eliminated by using liquid smoke in which pork, beef or chicken is marinated, which ensures maximum resemblance to street barbecue.

Type of heating element

When choosing, the question is often asked which is the best barbecue grill for the heating element. Modern models use several options:

  • heating elements;
  • infrared tubes;
  • ceramic heating elements.

The latter products are rare, have a long service life. The infrared tubes heat up very quickly, which means that the cooking time is significantly reduced. It is also worth noting unpretentiousness and durability.

The most popular option is a heating element, this heating device is made in the form of a tube and is found in almost all models of electrical kitchen equipment. Having chosen such a model, you need to understand how much to fry the food, because it will take more time to cook the barbecue, since the heating elements heat up more slowly. But they are more affordable and unpretentious in care.

Heater in a vertical barbecue

Video: Best Shawarma Grill Machine For Home Use Electric


Another factor that affects how much to fry a barbecue is the power of the device. If cooking speed is important, then models with an indicator of 2000 W or more should be considered. 1500 W devices are considered optimal, but if it doesn’t matter how much to cook a dish, but there is a need to save electricity, then you should consider devices with a power of 600-800 W.

Power isn't the only factor that determines how long a cook will take. Here you need to take into account the type of product, because meat needs to be fried longer than mushrooms or vegetables with fish. Another important fact is the size. After all, if pork recipes involve large pieces, then we fry longer so that the whole piece is evenly heat treated and juicy. It is important not to dry small pieces, therefore, the time should be set less.

Length and number of skewers

The number of skewers and their length is determined solely by how many people will cook this or that dish. Experts recommend counting a portion for 1 consumer, based on one 20 cm long skewers. Their maximum length can reach 42 cm. Long skewers are relevant for large families and where guests often gather, as they allow you to string and cook a lot of kebab, barbecue or mushrooms with fish. True, this leads to an increase in the dimensions of the structure, which should also be taken into account.

As for the number of accessories, it is also formed based on the load. If you want to feed as many people as possible, then you should opt for models with 24 skewers.

Only horizontal electric grills have these characteristics.

In case of occasional use for 2-3 people, the best solution would be a model for 4 skewers, here we are talking about the vertical design of the equipment. The most popular devices are those with 10 to 15 elements.

6-skewers electric skewers
6-skewers electric skewers

Design features

The main criterion for differences between designs is horizontal or vertical loading. But there is another point that does not hurt to take into account when choosing, namely the location of the heating element. In vertical appliances, it is in the center and the skewers rotate around it.

This allows food to fry faster, especially if there is a quartz tube or a ceramic element.

In long barbecues, the heat source is located on the sides, due to the design features. Here, each portion receives its main heat periodically, approaching the side wall. There is no particular difference between the lateral and central options, the only thing is that in the first case it will take more time with the same work parameters. Collapsible structures are more priority, where body elements, tape, pallets are disconnected, which simplifies washing and storage.

Disassembled Device
Disassembled instrument

Video: Grill your own rotisserie chicken at home with this electric vertical gyro grill, Amazing results!

Additional Features

Not everyone knows how to use electric barbecue grills, after all, the technique is quite new. The whole process can be divided into 2 stages and the first is traditional - marinating products and stringing on skewers. There are instructions for the rest, but even devices with many functions have a clear interface that any cook will quickly understand.

Among the additional features, the most popular are the countdown timer, automatic shut-off, temperature control and the presence of clamps so that the meat does not slide down during rotation (vertical models). All this allows you to set the optimal temperature and set the time, and in order not to control the process, the automation will turn off the barbecue itself.

It is recommended to pay attention to the rotation speed of the skewers, which affects the cooking period.

Barbecue and Control Panel
Barbecue and control panel


Given that during operation the temperature inside the barbecue can reach more than 250 degrees, it is important to use reliable materials for the production of equipment. Most often, the body is made of stainless steel or aluminum, which can withstand temperature changes and are not subject to destructive processes. Flasks can also be made of metals or tempered glass. The latter option is more practical, allowing you to observe the process, and it looks more original.

Experts agree that the best electric barbecue for the home should have a thermally insulating casing. This minimizes the risk of burns if the device is accidentally touched while it is in operation. In addition, a good protective screen helps keep heat inside and eliminates leakage.

You should also pay attention to the material from which the handles and other accessories are made. The best is thermoplastic, which is not susceptible to high temperatures.

Manufacturer and models

Often when choosing, after the main characteristics, the brand is put at the forefront. Therefore, it is worth considering the best and most popular models among homemade kebabs.


Designed for 3 kg and 5 skewers, vertical. With a power of 900 W and a rotation speed of 2.5 rpm, it ensures fast and even frying. Aluminum protective screen, Bakelite handles. There is only one cooking mode, there is no automatic shutdown function.

VLK Palermo-6800

Ideal for a large company. Up to 5 kg of products can be loaded here, which will allow you to get 8 hearty servings. Power 1200 W, rotation speed - 4 rpm, so that the start of dinner will not be delayed. The timer is set for half an hour, but the temperature is not regulated.


Another vertical electric barbecue for the budget segment. Designed for loading up to 3 kg of meat and 6 skewers, it allows you to regularly organize picnics in the country or themed dinners at home. The case is steel, and the power is 900 W.

REDMOND Model RBQ-0252-E
REDMOND Model RBQ-0252-E


Horizontal model, indispensable for large events, since up to 23 skewers can rotate here at the same time, each with a separate drive. Power 7.6 kW, often used even in catering establishments. You need to install the equipment on the table. Get ready for big electricity bills.

Choosing which barbecue grill to buy for your home, you can provide yourself with a varied menu and always surprise not only family members, but also guests. It remains just to study the recipes and experiment with the products.

With the help of such equipment, you can organize a delicious and hearty dinner in just an hour.

The barbecue is easy to use and everyone will definitely enjoy cooking.

Video: Testing a Rotisserie Grill 3 DIFFERENT WAYS! | Rotisserie Chicken and more


How to save money on buying an electric barbecue grill?

To do this, you need to understand how many guests the cooking is designed for. If the barbecue and other barbecue menu is intended for 3-5 people, then it makes no sense to buy a model for a large number of skewers. Also, an electric barbecue where there is no function for turning skewers will cost less.

How to wash and care for the electric barbecue grill?

It is necessary to wash the structure after each use so that the fat does not freeze, which complicates cleaning. For care, ordinary detergents and hot water are used, which will remove any organic contaminants. It is better to store the barbecue dish unassembled.

Which type of heating element is the most efficient?

Ceramic heating elements are distinguished by high performance. It heats up quickly enough, providing a high temperature, while consuming a small amount of energy. It will last for many years, but not everyone can afford its price.

Is it dangerous to use an electric barbecue with an open heater at home?

The heating elements are inside the housing and do not come into contact with surrounding objects, so the risk of fire is minimal. However, it is better not to leave the equipment unattended for a long time. There is also a chance of burns, so be careful.

Video: My £10 ebay rotisserie! - kitchen gadget testing

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Comments (3)

- May 25, 2023 17:10:37
Some electric barbecue grills may have additional functions such as a grill, a roaster or the ability to use it as a frying pan.
- May 22, 2023 15:40:59
Pay attention to the presence of carrying handles, a convenient system for draining fat and ease of care for the device.
- May 13, 2023 10:02:43
When choosing an electric grill, you should pay attention to several important parameters:

1. Power - the higher it is, the faster the surface for frying heats up and the faster the dish is cooked.

2. Frying surface dimensions - choose a model with a surface sufficient to cook the required number of dishes.

3. Frying surface material - it is better to choose models with stainless steel or ceramic coating, as they are easy to clean and do not stick.

4. The presence of temperature control - this will allow you to choose the optimal temperature for cooking different dishes.

5. The presence of a lid - it will help keep fried foods warm and juicy.

6. Ease of use - choose models with comfortable handles and control buttons, as well as a removable grease collector for easy cleaning.