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What should be the humidity in the apartment, the norm of humidity

What should be the humidity in the apartment, the norm of humidity logo
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Both too high and too low indoor humidity damages the microclimate of your home, as well as your health. It is recommended to regularly monitor the humidity level in your apartment using a home electronic hygrometer.
What will be in the article
  1. Video: What's the Best Humidity Level for Your Home?
  2. What does air humidity mean?
  3. How to measure indoor air humidity?
    1. Folk measurement methods
  4. Video: What can I do to control the humidity level in my home?
  5. Why is air supersaturated with water vapor harmful?
  6. Why can't you breathe dry air?
  7. Video: The best way to manage indoor humidity in the cold winter months
  8. Optimal humidity in different rooms
    1. Children's rooms
    2. Bathroom and kitchen
    3. Living rooms and bedrooms
  9. How to humidify dry air?
    1. Humidifiers
    2. Simple Solutions
  10. Video: My House has High Humidity. How Do I Fix It?
  11. FAQ
    1. What humidity is dangerous for humans?
    2. What air humidity is good for a person?
    3. Which is better for health dry or humid air?
    4. How does high humidity affect a person?
  12. Video: What is the Best Humidity for Your Home
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Comfortable and cozy housing implies the creation of an optimal microclimate in it. Not only temperature, but also the level of humidity is of paramount importance here. This indicator has a direct impact not only on the physical health of a person, but also on his mood and even the attractiveness of the interior in housing.

The article will discuss what humidity should be in a private house and apartment, why it is important to adhere to the recommended values and how to change the parameter using special equipment or improvised means.

Video: What's the Best Humidity Level for Your Home?

What does air humidity mean?

There are 2 types of humidity and sometimes people confuse them, although these are completely different indicators:

  1. The first one is absolute humidity and it shows how much water vapor is in the air. Calculated based on one cubic meter. This criterion is more relevant for industrial or commercial buildings, since the level of absolute humidity must comply with sanitary standards, if the responsible persons deviate, sanctions await.
  2. If we talk about housing, then here it is necessary to determine the relative humidity.

Relative humidity is calculated by dividing the absolute humidity by the saturated steam at which condensate forms. And now, based on these figures, a person understands whether everything is fine in the room or whether some measures will have to be taken to correct the situation. It is important to note that the humidity rate is not a stable indicator and varies depending on several factors:

  • season;
  • the purpose of the room;
  • the presence of children, old people or sick people;
  • interior features.

Sensitivity to violations of the indicator is shown by those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system.

high humidity in the apartment
high humidity in the apartment

It is necessary to take into account what season is outside the window and the weather. Indeed, at a temperature of +10, the humidity level is the same, and in summer it is completely different and water vapor is contained in much smaller quantities than in spring or winter.

How to measure indoor air humidity?

Critical levels of decrease or increase can be felt without the use of special equipment. So, at high humidity windows fog up, condensate is regularly formed on pipes with cold water and plumbing.

If the level decreases significantly, then it becomes more difficult to breathe, dryness and tightness of the skin is felt, dry cough appears, and it hurts the eyes. With less sharp deviations, it is better to measure with special devices, which have become much more accessible than before.

There is a special device that today can be found in the room of any apartment and this is a hygrometer. It shows the level of relative humidity and is no less necessary than a thermometer, as it helps to create a favorable microclimate in the home. Using the electronic version, you just need to change the batteries, and the technique itself shows the numbers.

Hygrometers often have an original design and are made in the form of a table clock, sometimes they are hung on the wall.

Increasingly, such meters are built into air conditioning and ventilation systems, primarily split systems.

Electronic home hygrometer
Electronic home hygrometer

Folk measurement methods

You can put a glass of water in the refrigerator and then take it out. If it fogs up, but there is no formation and dripping of drops, then the humidity in the room is average.

A more accurate method can be considered the use of a thermometer. You need to measure the temperature in the room and then wrap it in a wet rag. Next, the difference is compared with a special table.

Video: What can I do to control the humidity level in my home?

Why is air supersaturated with water vapor harmful?

If you choose between two evils, then the lesser will still be increased humidity, although moisture vapor can cause serious harm not only to humans, but also to the environment, and even to a greater extent. Among the main negative factors it should be noted:

  • mold and fungus formation;
  • damage to finishing materials;
  • furniture cracking;
  • not feeling well;
  • acceleration of corrosion of metal objects.

With constant exposure to a high level of saturated steam, the floor covering can swell, plaster, wallpaper peel off. Furniture quickly becomes unusable, both metal and wooden parts. Such conditions are especially detrimental to upholstered furniture.

The main danger lies in the appearance of fungus, mold, pathogenic bacteria. In rooms with a high level of humidity, the risk of getting respiratory diseases and allergies is always higher. There is also a decrease in concentration, headaches become more frequent.

To the negative consequences, definitely, it is worth adding the appearance of unpleasant smell. Damp apartments have to use additional heating devices, which leads to an increase in the cost of utilities. The first signs that the house is quite humid are the appearance of characteristic spots at the bottom of the walls, on the window slopes, and the windows themselves are constantly fogging up.

Mold on the walls
Mold on the walls

Why can't you breathe dry air?

Low humidity is much more dangerous for health, although there are several negative aspects for the interior. In the premises, wooden products quickly dry out, losing their attractiveness, and this also affects the service life.

Indoor plants do not take root well here, and even abundant watering does not really save the situation, pets suffer.

And in general, it is uncomfortable to be in rooms with a low level of humidity, and the need for cleaning increases significantly. Particular attention should be paid to this parameter during the heating season, when radiators and other heaters dry out the air.

Returning to health issues, the danger of dry air is more than obvious, since the amount of household dust sharply increases in its composition. And she, as you know, is one of the most common allergens. When staying indoors for a long time, the following symptoms may appear:

  • dryness of mucous membranes;
  • runny nose;
  • irritation of the upper respiratory tract;
  • irritability.

In a bedroom with a low level of humidity, it is difficult to get a good night's sleep. People often have a decrease in the protective functions of the body and the appearance of autoimmune diseases. Under the permanent influence of dry air, the skin becomes wrinkled faster, the elasticity of the epidermis is lost.

Dry air breathing problems
Breathing problems due to dry air

Video: The best way to manage indoor humidity in the cold winter months

Optimal humidity in different rooms

On average, humidity at the level of 40-50% is considered normal, but a number of factors should be taken into account and sometimes these figures may turn out to be too low or, conversely, high. True, there are critical figures that indicate the presence of a problem, regardless of the time of year or the role of the premises.

When the hygrometer shows numbers less than 20% and above 70%, then you need to sound the alarm and take urgent action.

You also need to rank and determine the most priority areas.

Children's rooms

When there are small children or elderly people in the family, it is their rooms that should have optimal performance. The minimum humidity should not fall below 40-45% and rise above 55%.

It is this level that allows you to breathe freely and eliminate the appearance of harmful factors. Here you can not do without additional equipment, since the children's room must be well warmed up, and this reduces the saturation of steam in the air.

Bathroom and kitchen

Next, you should move on to the bathroom, because here the most intense sources of high humidity and mold with fungus most often form. It is better that the numbers are no more than 40%, which is also true for the kitchen. Here it is simply vital to take regular measures to reduce humidity, and they will be discussed below.

Optimal humidity level for different rooms
Optimal Humidity for Different Rooms

Living rooms and bedrooms

The bedroom and living room are last on the list of importance, but this does not mean that you need to take the issue carelessly. There are a lot of electronics, furniture, printed materials, which means that the humidity in the bedroom should be appropriate. So, at a temperature of 25 degrees, the indicators should be brought up to +/- 50%. When houses are cooler, the requirements are reduced to 35-40%.

How to humidify dry air?

When the hygrometer shows critical numbers, and the body begins to suffer due to a low level of humidity, then you should think about solving the problem. There are several ways of varying degrees of effectiveness. They can be divided into 2 broad categories:

  1. Professional equipment.
  2. Handy tools.

In the first case, you will have to spend extra money, but you can’t save on comfort and health. Folk methods are more accessible, but do not always close the issue of dry air.


These are special devices whose task is to saturate the surrounding space with moisture vapor.

The simplest are devices with natural evaporation and dispersion by means of a fan. Boiling solutions are also found.

Models in which the liquid is broken into microparticles under the influence of ultrasound are gaining popularity. Modern devices are equipped with automation and, when the desired level is reached, they reduce spraying, maintaining optimal parameters. New models of air conditioners have a humidification function.

Ultrasonic humidifier for home
Ultrasonic home humidifier

Simple Solutions

Regular ventilation will help in the formation of the microclimate. Having a large open aquarium will greatly improve the situation. The level of humidity rises where there are a large number of plants and their abundant watering is carried out. Even just a bowl of water temporarily removes excessive dryness.

An interesting idea is hydrogel balls placed in a container of water. For a private house, you can use more creative ideas and create, for example, a small fountain.

Home Fountain
Home Fountain

Now, knowing what the humidity should be in the house, a person can not only exclude the negative impact of low or high values. You can create an optimal microclimate based on the time of year, the purpose of the premises and the health status of the residents.

Do not neglect the threat, and even more so, save on good equipment, be it a dehumidifier with a humidifier or a hygrometer. Especially if small children or elderly people live in the apartment.

Video: My House has High Humidity. How Do I Fix It?


What humidity is dangerous for humans?

When the indicators fall below the 20% mark, if we are talking about children's rooms, then it's time to take action if the level drops to 40%. It is also necessary to take into account the time of exposure to critical indicators, avoiding long periods of overdrying or excessive moisture.

What air humidity is good for a person?

Experts recommend maintaining humidity levels around 40-50%. Everything is individual, and the indicators depend not only on the premises, but also on the one who lives there. Doctors also recommend 70% for people with certain diseases of the respiratory system.

Which is better for health dry or humid air?

Best optimal level. But in the case of a direct effect on health, it is dryness that is worse. Such air dries out the skin and mucous membranes, makes breathing difficult and can lead to serious problems, such as asthma.

How does high humidity affect a person?

A high level provokes the formation of mold and fungus, but they already form a number of harmful and dangerous factors, primarily for breathing. You can also notice the negative impact of high humidity on finishing materials and furniture.

Video: What is the Best Humidity for Your Home

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Comments (3)

- May 25, 2023 11:22:18
The optimum humidity in the apartment should be in the range from 40% to 60%. If the air humidity is below 40%, it can lead to dry skin, eye and respiratory irritation, and damage to wooden surfaces and furniture. If the air humidity is above 60%, this can lead to mold and mildew, as well as to the deterioration of the health of people with allergies and asthma.
- May 22, 2023 15:27:31
To maintain optimal air humidity in the apartment, you can use humidifiers or dehumidifiers, ventilate the room, avoid overdrying the air when using heaters, and humidify the air with plants.
- May 12, 2023 14:37:06
My husband and I bought a humidifier for our house when I was pregnant and the summer was very hot and stuffy. In addition to humidity, we also received coolness in the room, which was very useful during the hot summer.