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How to choose a good video peephole for the front door

How to choose a good video peephole for the front door logo
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Such a device as a video eye is very useful and will bring a lot of benefits both in terms of convenience and security of your home or apartment. You can not only remotely be aware of what is happening outside your door, but also record all your visitors.
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  1. Video: EZVIZ DP1C Review - Turn your door's peephole into a secure video!!
  2. What is a video peephole
  3. What are wireless video eyes
    1. How the image is rendered
    2. Camera view angle
  4. Video: 5 Best Peephole Cameras To Secure Your Door
  5. Advantages of a video eye over conventional optical eyes
  6. A few words about disadvantages
  7. Video: 7 Best Peephole Door Camera to Buy 2021 Buyer's Guide
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  9. How to install a wireless video peephole yourself
    1. Xiaomi Smart Look CatY
  10. Video: Top 5 Best Peephole Cameras 2022
  11. FAQ
    1. What are video eyes?
    2. How to distinguish a video peephole from a regular one?
    3. Which is better video peephole or video call?
    4. Can I use a video eye?
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Uninvited guests can bring a lot of negative emotions, so sometimes it's better to pretend that no one is at home. For these purposes, video eyes are excellent, which allow you to find out who is persistently knocking or ringing the doorbell without approaching it.

There are many varieties of such gadgets and therefore you need to understand the issue in order to purchase the optimal device. The article will consider the question of which video peephole to choose for the front door, as well as their positive aspects and disadvantages.

Video: EZVIZ DP1C Review - Turn your door's peephole into a secure video!!

What is a video peephole

A video peephole can be called the simplest element of a security system. Depending on the device model, you can not only know who came to visit, but also protect your home from some threats. Also, the gadget allows you to see what is happening on the stairwell, and this always contributes to a more courteous behavior of neighbors and overall cleanliness in the entrance. It is exactly the same as a regular optical peephole on the door, but there are many more functions.

There are some legal intricacies of installation, which will be discussed below.

If we talk about the design of this inconspicuous device, then usually video eyes consist of:

  • cameras;
  • monitor;
  • enclosures;
  • wireless module;
  • battery.

There are battery-powered solutions, it is not uncommon to find equipment that works directly from the network, so you need to have a power outlet nearby. The housing for the camera is durable, protects it from mechanical influences.

Video Eye Kit
Video Eye Kit

One of the most affordable options is a device with a monitor that is mounted on the inside of the door. The image is displayed.

The disadvantage of this solution is that you have to go to the monitor in order to see the guest.

Therefore, more and more people opt for wireless models, they are more practical and equipped with a number of useful features.

What are wireless video eyes

By choosing a wireless peephole for the front door, a person will be able to monitor what is happening from anywhere in the apartment. And if it is an IP technology, then the image is transmitted over the Internet and you can receive data even on the other side of the world. Here you do not need to mess with the monitor, but just download the application on your smartphone or tablet.

Such a system will cost more than a wired one, but there are many more possibilities and the gadget can prevent serious troubles, including robbery or fire.

Manufacturers offer additional functionality, so you should pay attention to the characteristics so as not to pay for unnecessary features and not be left without important functions. Video eyes in the apartment can have:

  • motion and smoke detectors;
  • GSM modules;
  • infrared illumination;
  • autoresponder;
  • body.

The peephole in the case is less susceptible to mechanical stress than the unpackaged version.

Infrared illumination device
Infrared Illuminated Device

If you are installing with a motion sensor and recording, the device starts recording information after someone approaches the door.

Using an infrared module, you can identify guests in complete darkness, because if there is no backlight, then the capabilities of the gadget are reduced.

GSM technology allows you to transfer information to the screen of any device. An autoresponder will inform visitors that the house is empty at the moment, at least this is how the owner positions the property.

How the image is rendered

Image transmission is carried out by broadcasting an analog or digital signal.

Digital is considered more versatile, allowing you to maintain high image quality.

But analog with each new record on the media makes the original image less clear. Also, the installation of outdated equipment requires the use of analog receivers, and if there is no 15-year-old TV, then you will have to buy a decoder. Digital models are more sensitive and look smaller.

Black and white and color image
Black and white and color

A modern wireless door peephole is capable of generating a color or black and white signal. Those who encounter such devices for the first time believe that a color image is better.

Actually, a lot depends on the matrix, and if we are talking about an inexpensive device, then the black-and-white picture is more detailed, and the quality may be lost on a color image.

In the case of shooting in the dark, even black and white pictures are much better and allow you to better identify what is happening in front of the door.

Camera view angle

This parameter is important, but far from key. If a panoramic view is a priority for a person, then it is better to install video surveillance, but it will also cost accordingly. Using a video eye allows you to solve a small number of tasks, and the main one is the identification of the person who came. For such purposes, it is enough that the video camera has an angle of 90 degrees.

In this case, other people who will stand on the sides will not get into the lens, and this aspect is really important for the issue of safety.

To be able to see all visitors, it is better to choose a model where the camera has a coverage angle of 120 degrees. Having installed the device with a 180-degree view, a person sees what can happen in the stairwell. This option is relevant in the case of dysfunctional neighbors, to whom guests come and quarrel on the site or damage property.

You just need to understand that the larger the angle, the lower the image quality and distortions begin at a distance of 3-4 meters.

180 degree viewing angle
180 degree viewing angle

Video: 5 Best Peephole Cameras To Secure Your Door

Advantages of a video eye over conventional optical eyes

The most important advantage that a video peephole has over an optical device is that there is no need to go to the door. All other advantages depend on the specific model and its capabilities.

Gadgets with a record are in demand, because a person can see who came home during the absence.

What else the optical "contemplator" cannot do is react to movement, such a function allows the device to turn on at the moment when someone approaches the door. Not a single mechanical peephole will allow you to understand what is happening behind the door at night.

Innovative solutions can be not only with a motion sensor, but also respond to a person's approach. There are eyes that use a smoke detector and if a neighbor or on the floor has a fire, the wireless device will transmit information to the owner and he will be able to quickly respond to an emergency.

But where the equipment is inferior to optics is in maintenance. Any stand-alone video eye requires constant power. Therefore, you need to regularly charge the battery, and if the battery is dead, you will have to change it.

Video Eye Battery
Video Eye Battery

A few words about disadvantages

Any medal always has two sides, and video eyes are no exception. In fairness, they have much less disadvantages than advantages. One of the main disadvantages is the ability to seal the camera with chewing gum or tape. On the other hand, if this is a model with a record, then you can always see who was the hooligan.

If there is no anti-vandal protection, then it is easy to damage the internal mechanism even by accident.

When transmitting a signal over wifi, interference may fall into the range and impair the performance of the gadget. These difficulties can hardly be called critical and it is quite simple to solve the problems.

Video: 7 Best Peephole Door Camera to Buy 2021 Buyer's Guide

Permission required for editing

The question often arises - the neighbors installed a video peephole, what should I do in this case? If you have good relations with your neighbors, then you just need to be happy for them and think about ensuring that your apartment is also equipped with a useful gadget. As for legal nuances, there are a number of subtleties.

Nowhere in the laws is it clearly stated on the video peephole whether permission is needed or not. Formally, the installation itself does not require going to any authorities and obtaining approval. Hypothetically, problems may begin as a result of the operation of the device.

If the camera captures a neighbor's apartment, then he can accuse the owner of the gadget of encroaching on the secret of his personal life. The main argument is that with the help of the peephole, actually surveillance is being conducted. In the event that the case does go to court, which is unlikely, any lawyer will prove innocence. The fact is that it is not forbidden to shoot people, not to mention objects. But uploading videos to the public without permission is prohibited.

So if there are no plans to publish the records on the Internet, then there will definitely be no problems.

Device Mount
Mounting the device

How to install a wireless video peephole yourself

Unlike video surveillance systems, where specialists are necessarily involved in installation work, the installation of video eyes is available to an ordinary person. To do this, you only need instructions and a tool, most often a regular screwdriver is enough. You also need to understand that it is easiest to assemble a modular case peephole, and the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Inserting and pulling a cable through the hole in the door.
  2. Attach a monitor.
  3. Monitor, cable and camera connection.
  4. Launching the device.

The structure is mounted on special brackets and securely fixed. This type of installation is suitable if the device is wired and the image is displayed on the monitor.

When an internal wireless gadget is installed, then you will have to make additional settings for signal transmission via Wi-Fi. In this case, a SIM card is required, and a special application is downloaded to the smartphone.

Xiaomi Smart Look CatY

Considering the best models, users and experts highlight xiaomi products, in particular Smart Loock CatY. Here, the viewing angle is 166 degrees, and infrared illumination provides visibility up to 5 meters. The amount of built-in memory is 4 GB, and the sensor captures movement for 3 meters. When setting up, you need integration with cloud storage, where the recorded information will be located.

xiaomi smart loock caty eye
xiaomi smart look caty

Having installed the device and figured out how to connect the video eye to the phone, you can very soon appreciate the benefits of using it. Now it is easy to identify the caller from anywhere in the house, and if a model with advanced functionality is chosen, then the peephole will become an important element of the security system.

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What are video eyes?

There are many criteria by which devices are selected. Most often, they are guided by the method of information transmission (analogue or digital, wireless or wired). In addition, gadgets may have additional functions - motion sensors, night shooting, recording, etc.

How to distinguish a video peephole from a regular one?

Most of the models at first glance do not differ in optical products. Upon closer examination, it is possible to identify the video eye, but only if there are additional systems (sensors, camera movement, etc.).

Which is better video peephole or video call?

There is no single answer and it all depends on the goals, as well as the budget. If you just want to know who came to visit, just use the video peephole. If you need maximum security and functionality, video intercoms should be preferred.

Can I use a video eye?

There are certain nuances in this issue and depend on the type of gadget. If the peephole does not record information, then permission is not required. In case of capture of the doors of a neighbor, it is worth consulting with him before installation. Basically, it's enough just not to distribute records with third parties.

Video: Digital Door Peephole Camera | Motion Sensor | Wendry

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Comments (4)

- May 13, 2023 14:54:07
Choosing a good video peephole for your front door depends on several factors such as budget, image quality, viewing angle, functionality, design, and others.

When choosing a video eye, pay attention to the resolution of the camera. The higher the resolution, the clearer the image you will get. It is recommended to choose video eyes with a resolution of at least 1080p.
- May 13, 2023 14:53:18
It is also important to pay attention to the viewing angle. Choose video eyes with a wide viewing angle that will allow you to see as much of the area in front of the front door as possible.

Functionality can also be an important factor when choosing a video peephole. Some video eyes may have features such as night vision, video recording, two-way communication, and others.
- May 13, 2023 14:53:05
Design can also be an important factor when choosing a video peephole. Choose a video peephole that matches your door design and surroundings.

Some popular video peepholes for 2023 include Ring Video Doorbell, Nest Hello, Arlo Video Doorbell, August Doorbell Cam Pro and SkyBell HD.

Pay attention to other users' reviews and ratings when choosing a video peephole. It is also recommended to choose video eyes from well-known brands that offer a guarantee on their products.
- May 10, 2023 00:19:27
The video peephole is a very useful and irreplaceable thing: you can see who is ringing the doorbell without getting up from the couch or in general - you may not be at home, and everyone who came will get on camera and you can remotely see everything on your smartphone. I am very pleased that we installed it on our door. I advise everyone))