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Types of incense sticks (incense), their benefits and harms, methods of use

Types of incense sticks (incense), their benefits and harms, methods of use logo
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For a good rest and psychological relief, during meditation, sleep, massage or just relaxing on the couch - it will not be superfluous to use various incense and incense sticks. A pleasant aroma in the air will allow you to escape from the daily hustle and bustle, calm your thoughts and restore your strength.
What will be in the article
  1. Video: DO NOT Burn Another Incense Until You Watch This
  2. Types of aroma sticks
  3. How to choose a scent
  4. Video: How to Choose Best Incense Sticks | Top Best Agarbati | less expensive Bakhoor
  5. Choose a stand
  6. Types of incense
    1. Properties and classification
  7. How to use aroma sticks at home
  8. Benefit or harm: impact on health
  10. Types of various aroma sticks
  11. What are aroma sticks
  12. Types of aromatic substances
    1. Forms
  13. Composition of Indian aroma sticks
  14. Fragrances and the effect of incense sticks
  15. Choice of aroma sticks for home
  16. How to use and properly burn aroma sticks
  17. How to make aroma sticks yourself at home
  18. Video: Most Amazing Indian Incense Brands
  19. FAQ
    1. What types of incense are there?
    2. What are the names of sticks that smell delicious?
    3. Which aroma sticks are best for home?
    4. Why are incense sticks dangerous?
  20. Video: The Basics to Japanese Incense | Are they Worth it?
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Each apartment and house has its own smell, which can not always be called pleasant. The smoke from cooking, the plume from pets or the smell of sweat from those who do not like to take frequent showers - all this forms a specific microclimate. It has a negative effect on health and therefore many owners are looking for a way to make their home fragrant.

Various flavors exuding pleasant smells help with this. The article will discuss how to use incense, which aroma sticks to choose for the home and how to make them yourself.

Video: DO NOT Burn Another Incense Until You Watch This

Types of aroma sticks

It has long been known that aromatherapy is one of the effective ways not only to fill the room with pleasant smells, but also to influence the state of the body, especially psychological. Today, even men know how to use aroma sticks for the home, not to mention those who are fond of feng shui and oriental practices.

There are several criteria by which incense sticks are chosen:

  • construction;
  • composition;
  • influence;
  • country of production.

In stores you can find Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai products and they all have their own characteristics.

Aroma Sticks
Incense sticks

How to choose a scent

Smell is the most important factor and you need to be well versed in exotic ingredients, because they are the basis of incense. Not everyone knows what patchouli smells like or what aroma exudes lavender.

The smell should be pleasant and have a beneficial effect, you can take the mixture and create something unique.

In most flavors, the base is grass and various resins, there are also products based on musk, which are of animal origin. Often in apartments there is a rose, eucalyptus, mint, bergamot, citrus aromas, almonds and more. others

Video: How to Choose Best Incense Sticks | Top Best Agarbati | less expensive Bakhoor

Choose a stand

When buying a fragrance, you need to understand that it is a device that must harmoniously fit into the environment and be safe. When choosing aroma sticks, you need to know how to use them correctly, and here the stand that performs a number of tasks is of paramount importance.

It supports the fuming substance and prevents hot particles from reaching the table surface. In a ceramic, glass or steel stand, the stick can smolder for a long time without the threat of a fire. And a product with an original shape will enrich the interior.

Incense stand
Incense Stand

Types of incense

There are 3 types of incense according to design and use. This is:

  1. Basic;
  2. On bamboo.
  3. Plasticine.

In the manufacture of plasticine flavors, resin or honey is used, the composition is natural and does not contain harmful substances.

Another safe type of incense is baseless. Dry ingredients mix is placed in a rack.

The cheapest option is bamboo, the sliver is soaked in oils and then set on fire, giving off a certain smell.

Contains a large amount of carcinogens and harmful products, it is not recommended to use for a long time, it is inexpensive.

Properties and classification

Even doctors will say that incense is not only a way to transform a home so that it has a pleasant smell. Aroma sticks also provide an effect on the body, increasing the energy level. Inhaling the aroma, a person receives components that have a certain effect. One or another train can calm or, conversely, increase activity.

There are also protective products, they are loved by followers of esoteric practices who want to protect their homes from negative energy. Stabilizing fragrances allow you to quickly achieve inner harmony.

Meditation Sticks
Meditation Sticks

How to use aroma sticks at home

If earlier aroma sticks were an obligatory attribute of massage parlors or fortunetellers' homes, today they are often found in the homes of ordinary people. With their help, affordable aromatherapy is carried out and you need to figure out how to use such products correctly so that they provide the maximum effect.

The process should be approached competently and creatively, like lighting a hookah. After ignition, it is necessary to extinguish the flame, then the process of smoldering and odor emission will begin. If we are talking about meditation and other rituals, then you need to follow the appropriate procedures. Even an aromantic will not resist the sticks, something will definitely tremble in his soul.

Benefit or harm: impact on health

It takes just a few seconds to smell the apartment with unusual pleasant trains. In addition, the benefits of using products have been proven.

A good incense calms the nervous system and relaxes, under smoking incense you can make a wish and change your life for the better.

This solution will help create a special romantic atmosphere. There is some harm, the use of aroma sticks can be very expensive. There are substances in them that can provoke cancer or cause addiction. If the quality of products is poor, then the respiratory system suffers.


Types of various aroma sticks

Returning to geographical realities, India and Thailand offer classic aroma sticks. They are made up of bamboo rod, different scents require the use of special fragrances. Thanks to dyes, the products have a rich color and attractive appearance.

By the way, Indian chopsticks are called agarbatti, in ancient times they were used by healers and monks.

The Nepalese or Tibetan product consists mainly of herbal ingredients, most often rolled without a base, they must be handled very delicately.

What are aroma sticks

Incense sticks usually mean an incense exuding aroma, regardless of the type of execution. But if we talk about sticks, then these are products with a bamboo base, special oil is used for impregnation. This group of flavors is the most affordable and does not require the use of additional accessories.

They can be placed on any non-flammable plate or item. According to the rules of Feng Shui, products must be correctly placed in space.

Types of aromatic substances

Very popular sources of pleasant odors in liquids and aromatic oils are actively used both at home and at a professional level. They can be ethereal and synthetic. The former are more used in personal hygiene, the latter give a unique plume. Aromatic oils are made in various variations.

There are drops that can be simply applied to the surface. Candles are practical and effective, there are special stones. Not everyone knows the name of the device where liquid is poured and sticks are inserted. We are talking about an aroma diffuser for essential oils that can transform the microclimate in the house.

Aromatic oils
Aromatic oils


As mentioned above, the most popular options for releasing flavors are oils and sticks. In the first case, you need a special diffuser, for the rest of the products, any non-burning coasters, both special and improvised, are suitable.

The incense industry proposes to create an aromatic world with the help of other forms. So, mixtures are in demand, because a variety of components can be contained here. Briquettes, cones and pyramids look original, they can have a variety of colors. In general, there are no restrictions for masters.

Composition of Indian aroma sticks

The land of elephants, tea and Bollywood has conquered the world with its incense. The classic Indian source of pleasant smells usually consists of crushed herbs, spices, essential oils, often charcoal is added to enhance the properties.

Almost any product contains sandalwood, patchouli or vetiver. All this is placed on the base and dried thoroughly. Sticks are sold in stylish designer packages.

Indian agarbatti incense
Indian agarbatti incense

Fragrances and the effect of incense sticks

It is recommended to choose a flavoring based not only on the preferences of smell, but also on the basis of properties. After all, the aroma that will surround a person is able to affect his body. The most popular and best smells are:

Mint. Able to help the body quickly restore physical and psychological balance.

Lavender. Lavender is designed to nourish a person with positive energy and fight infectious diseases.

Basil. Promotes self-esteem and increases self-confidence. Shown to people of creative professions.

Eucalyptus. Helps to restore strength, recommended for inhalation and treatment of the respiratory system.

Cinnamon. Fights depression, can improve mood. Midges and annoying insects are afraid of cinnamon.

Jasmine. Increasing self-esteem and a penchant for creativity.

Pine. Effective fight against stress and depression, calming effect.

Choice of aroma sticks for home

The choice of flavors must be approached responsibly so as not to cause harm, children, pregnant women and people with respiratory diseases are especially susceptible to them. You need to know exactly which note is suitable for specific situations and what are the benefits of incense. If you buy a mixture, then you need to take a stand. To use oils, you should choose an aroma diffuser.

Homemade Aroma Sticks
Homemade incense sticks

How to use and properly burn aroma sticks

In order to give yourself an effective and safe aromatherapy, you need to know how to insert and how to light incense, and mostly mindfulness is required. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Place on a special stand or non-flammable object.
  2. Ignite the tip of the stick or the mixture in the container.
  3. Extinguish the fire, usually blown out.
  4. Follow the product.
  5. Extinguish and discard.

It is necessary to treat the procedure with maximum safety and not leave smoldering incense unattended for a long time. It is better to extinguish products with sand or earth, for example, in a flower pot.

How to make aroma sticks yourself at home

You don't have to go to the store to get an effective fragrance. There is an available recipe and all the ingredients are sold in the store. It will be necessary to grind agar-agar, charcoal, sandalwood powder, smelling dried plants. Next, essential oils and purified water are mixed, then the composition is applied to a bamboo stick and dries for 48 hours.

Otherwise, there are no differences from factory products in terms of how to set fire or where to place homemade incense.

Homemade Incense Stick
Homemade incense stick

Knowing how to use essential oils to scent an apartment, you can turn your home not just into a fragrant oasis, but also seriously improve the emotional background. The right fragrance for the home guarantees deep sleep and a sense of peace for all family members.

It is necessary to take a balanced approach to the choice of aroma sticks so that the products give pleasure and be a source of pride for the residents, causing admiration among the guests. Do not forget about safety and understand how to light the source of the original smell.

Video: Most Amazing Indian Incense Brands


What types of incense are there?

Incense sticks differ in many ways. Most often, buyers choose incense from a specific country - India, Tibet, China, Thailand, etc. They also focus on the composition (bamboo, baseless, chip, oil) and directly, smells (incense, musk, sandalwood, mint, chamomile, etc.) .

What are the names of sticks that smell delicious?

These are aroma sticks and their history goes back to antiquity. They are a mandatory attribute of all procedures related to relaxation and rest. Often used to create a special atmosphere in housing and even in the office.

Which aroma sticks are best for home?

Baseless incense can be called optimal. They contain only herbal ingredients, so they do not harm health. Sticks based on aromatic oils fill the room with original smells.

Why are incense sticks dangerous?

The positive aspects of aroma sticks are much greater than the negative ones. Among the most dangerous factors, it is worth noting the presence of carcinogens and the release of harmful combustion products. No need to use cheap low quality products.

Video: The Basics to Japanese Incense | Are they Worth it?

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- May 13, 2023 10:31:31
When choosing aroma sticks for your home, there are several factors to consider. First, the choice should be based on your preferences and purpose of use. Secondly, pay attention to the composition of aromatic oils - it is better to choose natural ones. Thirdly, it is worth choosing aroma sticks with a long service life and a more intense aroma. Fourth, for greater safety, choose incense sticks with a flameless system that will avoid possible fires. Finally, periodically change the aroma sticks to prevent addiction to the aroma and achieve maximum effect.