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How to choose a feng shui wallet to attract money?

How to choose a feng shui wallet to attract money? logo
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According to Feng Shui, your money should be comfortable and not crowded, so we are looking towards a large rectangular wallet. Access to money should be quick and convenient, when you do not need to fold bills in half, four times or twist into a tube. This attitude towards money is perceived as disrespectful.
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  4. Video: How to Fengshui your Wallet for Attracting Wealth and Abundance
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  7. Video: 8 Wallet Feng Shui Tips and Lucky Color to Attract Money Wealth and Prosperity
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Chinese wisdom says that wealth comes to those who wait for it and agree to accept it. A person is happy if he has many facets of abundance: love, health, wisdom, fame, money. It is difficult to achieve material success without labor, but labor alone is not enough.

Using the principles of Feng Shui, you can make a wallet, a place to store banknotes, an additional means of attracting financial stability. We will learn how to determine the color of a wallet according to Feng Shui, choose an accessory according to the principles of Taoist philosophy.


How to choose the right wallet to attract money?

The principles of Feng Shui state that you can attract good luck and money, including a thoughtful attitude to buying a wallet. Matter:

  • accessory color;
  • size;
  • production material;
  • content.

Let's take a closer look at these components.

How to choose the right color for your wallet?

Feng Shui gives general and personalized recommendations regarding the color scheme of an accessory.

Red is considered a universal color for generating monetary energy. This is the choice of those wishing to accumulate large sums.

But the red purse should be used with caution. For timid people, an accessory can cause exhaustion of their own strength just like the wrong Desktop Feng Shui in the office.

Best feng shui wallet color
The best feng shui color for a wallet

Good “work” to attract money, the colors of the elements Prosperity and Welfare, these are, respectively, earth and metal. Silver, golden, brown wallets are suitable for everyone.

A personalized theory on how to find out your wallet coloris as follows: the last digit of the year of birth symbolizes a certain element. Depending on the accessory to it, the tone of the accessory is determined. To determine it is convenient to use the table:

0.1Metalwhite, bronze, metallic, copper, gold
2,3Waterblue, cyan, purple, turquoise
4,5Treemint, bottle, pistachio and other shades of green
6,7Fireyellow, orange
8,9Earthterracotta, shades of brown, beige, sand

Representatives of the water element should be guided by general rather than personal recommendations. Blue is a symbol of temporality and loss, so it's best not to buy a wallet in shades of blue.

Video: How to choose your Feng Shui Wallet that attract Wealth

Wallet Size

Psychologically, a person who chooses a modest purse is set up for small expenses. He obviously understands that he does not need a large container for banknotes, there will be nothing to put in it.

Feng Shui teaches you to keep money in perfect condition, without wrinkling, so the wallet should hold banknotes of all denominations, fit in size to different currencies. On average, it is 15-20 cm.

A large wallet is a signal of positive energy that its owner is ready to receive solid money without much personal effort.

A more specific size is calculated using the imperial Feng Shui ruler. In it, a segment of up to 5.4 cm attracts money. The size of the accessory, a multiple of this value, accumulates funds.

Feng Shui Imperial Line
Imperial feng shui ruler

A segment with a length of 5.4 to 10.8 cm symbolizes losses, including financial losses, so the multiplicity of the sides of the wallet from this interval should be avoided.

Appearance, quality “money house” also matter.


Money energy does not encounter obstacles when passing through natural materials. Leather, suede and even natural fabric are great choices. Stylish, expensive accessory looks respectable. Beautiful expensive things increase self-esteem, affect the quality of life, so you should not save on an accessory.

An artificial leather wallet can block energy.

The design, the clasp should be functional, easy to use, then the owner will be happy to remove the bills. The shape is preferably rectangular or oval. In such a vault, bills do not need to be folded in half or folded. It is better to stay on models with several compartments for banknotes of various denominations and a pocket for small change.

Video: How to Fengshui your Wallet for Attracting Wealth and Abundance

Feng shui wallet contents

The accessory is designed to store banknotes. Bank cards are virtual custodians of the money supply, so they can also take a place in the financial vault. Shopping lists, checks and other papers should not be in the wallet, as they interrupt the energy flows coming from the bills.

Banknotes and bank cards - feng shui wallet contents
Banknotes and bank cards - Feng Shui wallet contents

Charms to attract money

Feng Shui advises to strengthen the monetary energy with talismans. Traditionally, three Chinese coins on a red ribbon, a cinnamon strip or a bean fruit are placed in the wallet.

A small built-in mirror at first visually, and then in reality, doubles the amount of money. Other popular mascots:

  • Chinese "Mouse in the wallet";
  • money key;
  • a lucky coin minted in the year of the owner's birth.

Charms must be “activated” before being put into the wallet, i.e. think of them with love, ask them to help bring material well-being.

Chinese coins - money talisman
Chinese coins are a money charm

Video: What to Put in Your Wallet to Attract Money - Feng Shui Tips

Handling money and wallet

It is important not only to determine what color the wallet should be in order to carry money in it, but also to choose the right shape, size, and use the accessory correctly.

It is not uncommon to see the following picture in stores: a person, paying, looks for banknotes for a long time, removes crumpled money from his pockets, drops a trifle, is nervous. Such handling of money does not contribute to successful financial savings.

Simple recommendations from the philosophy of Feng Shui read:

  • keep your wallet clean and intact;
  • do not leave it empty, including the coin compartment;
  • Do not keep crumpled, torn, dirty banknotes in your wallet. In banks they can be exchanged;
  • Count the money in your wallet. At any time, you need to know how much money is stored there;
  • keep banknotes in descending order;
  • leave the habit of putting photos of loved ones in transparent compartments. This action weakens the energy of relatives and redirects energy. The wallet is designed to store money and bank cards;
  • A randomly found coin or banknote in the pockets of clothes should go to the wallet.

Skepticism interferes with the implementation of the principles of Feng Shui in relation to the attraction of all kinds of wealth. Faith in a wise philosophy enhances their effect.

Video: 8 Wallet Feng Shui Tips and Lucky Color to Attract Money Wealth and Prosperity

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Comments (4)

- May 13, 2023 11:58:06
Choosing a feng shui wallet can help attract auspicious energy and improve financial well-being. Here are some tips that can help you choose the perfect feng shui wallet:

1. Choose the wallet you like. A wallet should be comfortable and practical, and reflect your personality and style.

2. Avoid black. Black color is considered unfortunate for the wallet, as it can attract negative energy. It is better to choose a wallet in a different color, such as red, green or blue.

3. Pay attention to the material. Leather wallets are considered the most auspicious, as leather symbolizes prosperity and wealth. You can also choose a wallet made from other natural materials, such as cotton or silk.
- May 13, 2023 11:57:55
4. Choose a wallet with enough compartments. A wallet with multiple compartments will help you keep your money organized and avoid clutter.

5. Avoid wallets with sharp corners. Sharp corners can attract negative energy. It is better to choose a wallet with rounded corners.

6. Avoid purses with pictures of animals or birds. Purses with the image of animals or birds can attract unpleasant events.

7. Pay attention to the price. The wallet should be affordable and not make you feel guilty about spending the money.
- May 7, 2023 15:48:48
And I bought myself a red leather wallet a long time ago and carefully, respectfully treat every bill in my wallet. I can't explain how, but it works. There is something in this feng shui. Let many people not believe in it. It's their business.
- May 2, 2023 16:32:11
I never thought that it was necessary to approach the choice of a wallet so comprehensively (both the color, the size and the material from which the wallet is made) - I didn’t think that all this was important. This is not easy Feng Shui)))