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How to attract luck and money yourself?

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The answer to this question can be subjective, as each person has their own beliefs and methods of attracting good luck and money. Spend more time with successful people, don't leave your wallet empty, money loves silence and doesn't like being talked about.
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  1. Video: 3 Things to Attract Money & Wealth FASTER
  2. The Law of Positive Thinking
  3. Video: 6 Ways To Attract Luck In Your Life
  4. What should be in the house to attract money?
  5. Video: MONEY SPELL: Turn SALT Into DOLLARS By Saying These 7 MAGIC WORDS... (Incredible Abundance)
  6. Under the pillow or behind the painting?
  7. Folk experience
    1. Actions to attract money
  8. Video: Money Will Come To You After Doing This Ritual /Cinnamon Manifestation
  9. Amulet to attract good luck
  10. Video: How to attract money FAST (this absolutely works!)
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Material well-being, success, good luck are the result of daily own efforts. But since ancient times, people have believed that these categories are nothing but energy that can be attracted or repelled.

What needs to be done for a positive result, what symbols attract money? Psychologists, feng shui specialists, coaches, esotericists have recommendations on this topic.

Video: 3 Things to Attract Money & Wealth FASTER

The Law of Positive Thinking

Human thought is material. Think and talk about money, luck should only be in a positive way. Success turns away when doubts and fears prevail in thinking.

You can choose according to all the rules feng shui wallet, collect a collection of talismans, observe folk signs, but never achieve the desired outcome due to the mere thought that it will never happen. Poverty in the head is the worst enemy of financial well-being.

Positive thoughts about money are a means of achieving prosperity
Positive thoughts about money are the means to prosperity

Change thinking helps:

  • self-hypnosis and thoughts that every day is better than the previous one;
  • wellbeing planning. For a better materialization of a dream, psychologists advise writing it down or sketching it. Do you want a new car? Draw it and hang it in front of your eyes. Visual goals are achieved faster;
  • formation of a prosperous social environment. There are hundreds of examples of successful businesses that have grown from useful personal contacts;
  • speaking out loud with a positive connotation of the words wealth, prosperity, success, prosperity, joy, dream.

Attracting money and personal success begins with working on your inner world. Get new knowledge, skills, set and realize goals, be grateful to fate, for everything that is now. After putting things in order in your head, you can begin to attract money energy to your house and wallet.

Video: 6 Ways To Attract Luck In Your Life

What should be in the house to attract money?

Esoteric theory teaches that there should be a zone of wealth in the house. It is better to equip it in the southeastern part of the dwelling. In the living room, in the office, where there is a Feng Shui desktop, it is enough to put a few symbols that attract wealth or limit yourself to one talisman. Commonly used:

  • Aquarium. It should have a goldfish, a symbol of money, black - to level out troubles and failures;
  • three-legged toad made of natural metal;
  • statuette of an owl, the guardian of the household finances;
  • red accessories;
  • money tree. It is better not to buy it in a store, but to ask for a process from wealthy friends;
  • Banknotes whose number starts or ends with an eight, the infinity symbol. You need to store them not in a wallet, in a beautiful case or a wooden box, demonstrating a respectful attitude towards prosperity and attracting positive energy.
Feng Shui Wealth Zone
The Feng Shui Wealth Zone

This is not a complete list of amulets. You can read what other items bring wealth and good luck, find out what you need to carry in your wallet to attract money from a variety of sources. Having information, everyone makes a personal choice.

Video: MONEY SPELL: Turn SALT Into DOLLARS By Saying These 7 MAGIC WORDS... (Incredible Abundance)

Under the pillow or behind the painting?

Where can and where can't you keep money in the house? If a safe deposit box or an account is not your choice, the banknote storage location is determined so that they multiply. Feng Shui advises organizing storage in the wealth zone, which was mentioned above. The storage must be energetically strong, therefore:

  • you can not use old rags or paper;
  • it is worth spending money on an expensive box made of natural material;
  • you can not equip storage in the hallway. Guests can bring negative energy that “dilute” monetary energy;
  • Coins and banknotes are stored separately.

A vase or a clay vessel with coins, placed in a well-lit place, helps to strengthen the attractive energy. The piggy bank should be replenished.

You should not place storage in a bookcase, in a chest of drawers with photographs. The energy of these items can slow down cash flows. Other forbidden caches:

  • Mattress and pillow. The owners rest on bedding, therefore, they transfer the energy of peace to money, and active energy is desirable;
  • glass jar. Banknotes in it can not be neatly folded. Chaotic storage threatens the same confusion in life;
  • a place in a draft. Money will “blow out” from family.
Incorrect storage of money in the house
Improper storage of money in the house

You can understand that the chosen place is the right one by listening to personal feelings. In energetically strong locations, a person calms down, feels comfortable.

Folk experience

It is known that signs and sayings are a generalization of many years of observations. Here is what you need to do to raise money, according to people's experience:

  • not to hand over the money, but to put it on a horizontal surface;
  • repay debt in small bills, so less financial energy will be spent;
  • keep a paper bill under the tablecloth;
  • immediately spend funds found by chance or won in the lottery. This rule does not work with wages. Earned money, on the contrary, is not recommended to spend on the day of receipt, they must “spend the night” at home;;
  • Don't send money over the threshold.

Actions to attract money

It has been noticed that dirty windows delay money energy. If you have financial problems, you should wash all glass surfaces.

Experience shows that home-made amulets are most effectively attracted to money.

Video: Money Will Come To You After Doing This Ritual /Cinnamon Manifestation

Amulet to attract good luck

The well-known symbol “Hand of Happiness” or “Hamsa” in the form of an open symmetrical palm is very popular among all peoples. You can buy it, but it's better to make it yourself, it's easy.

Hamsa Charm
Khamsa Amulet

Step-by-step algorithm:

  • draw an outline using a stencil;
  • transfer the design to a dense fabric, such as felt;
  • decorate the inside in the technique you own. You can use embroidery, beads;
  • cut the amulet along the contour.

You can decorate a wealth zone with a talisman or carry it with you in a bag, if it is small, you can use it as a neck decoration.

Video: How to attract money FAST (this absolutely works!)

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Comments (3)

- May 13, 2023 09:58:04
1. Define your goals and areas where you want to be successful. Develop an action plan and stick to it.

2. Be positive and confident. A positive attitude and self-confidence will help you overcome difficulties and achieve your goals.

3. Develop your skills and knowledge in your chosen field. Training and continuous improvement will help you become an expert in your field and attract more earning opportunities.

4. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things. Sometimes the key to success is getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

5. Try to be grateful and grateful for everything you have. This will help attract even more favorable events and opportunities.
- May 13, 2023 09:57:28
6. Don't forget the importance of working on yourself and your emotions. Successful people are often able to control their emotions and not give in to the mood.

7. Find a way to meditate or relax that will help you deal with stress and stay positive.

8. Look for opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with other successful people. Communication with such people can be a source of new ideas and inspiration.

9. Don't forget about health and work-life balance. Success should not be a reason to sacrifice your health and personal happiness.

10. Finally, remember that success and money are not ends in themselves. It is important to remain a person with high moral principles and values ​​that help you maintain your individuality and achieve success in harmony with yourself and the world around you.
- May 7, 2023 14:51:42
It seems to me that just being positive always is not the key to success, good luck. We still need to make plans and move towards our goal. Plan your actions in advance, stick to your plan and then you are doomed to success and results. Everything changes only by action.