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When to plant pepper seedlings and how to do it right?

When to plant pepper seedlings and how to do it right? logo
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Pepper for seedlings should be sown 8-10 weeks before planting in open ground, when the soil has already warmed up to + 18-20 degrees. For sowing, it is better to use soil mixtures intended for seedlings of vegetables. Pepper seeds should be laid to a depth of 1-2 cm, after which the crops are covered with a film or glass and placed in a warm place with a temperature of + 22-25 degrees.
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Bulgarian pepper is the basis of many delicious dishes, a source of vitamins and minerals. Nutritionists recommend including a vegetable in the diet, especially with a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases.

In August, beds with ripe sunny fruits cause aesthetic pleasure. It is worth learning how to properly plant pepper seedlings to get a tasty and abundant harvest.

Video: Pepper Seedling Care Tips - Keep Young Pepper Plants Happy - Pepper Geek

Seed Fund

The variety of varieties of pepper satisfies the most demanding requests. A bitter, sweet vegetable of various shapes and colors is cultivated. It makes sense to plant pepper with seedlings, since the seeds will not have time to germinate in the ground, and the fruits will not ripen before frost.

This property is characteristic of the nightshade family. Tomatoes, eggplants are also germinated, planting tomatoes in open ground seedlings gives a faster harvest.

When choosing seeds, the following are taken into account:

  • Climatic features of the region. The colder the climate, the longer the vegetable ripens, so early-ripening varieties are chosen;
  • variety, appearance, taste. Information, photos are on the package;;
  • resistance to diseases, adverse weather conditions. Hybrid varieties bred by breeders for higher yields are marked on the packaging with the letters F1.

It is better to buy seed material in specialized stores.

Bell Pepper Seeds
Bell pepper seeds

Video: Germinating Pepper Seeds FAST - How To Plant Pepper Seeds

Seed preparation

Some manufacturers process seeds before packaging, which is indicated in the description that the material is ready for use. What to soak pepper seeds in for quick germination if they are untreated? Gardeners recommend:

  • preselect. For this, the material is placed in a 3% salt solution. Hollow seeds will float. They should be taken away and not used. The rest of the mass is washed, dried and sorted, removing small and large, damaged ones, leaving medium seeds;
  • disinfect in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, holding for 15 minutes, then rinse and dry.

Experienced gardeners know a lot of tricks: how to plant garlic for the winter, how to handle nightshade seeds ready for planting. p>

The secret of a good yield of bell pepper is in the preliminary germination of seeds. This is done on a sponge or agrofibre, abundantly moistened with water. The substrate is placed in a container, peas are laid out on it and closed. After 4-5 days, when white sprouts appear, you can sow sweet peppers for seedlings. This is done in late February - early March.

Preparatory measures increase germination, reduce the number of empty flowers, increase immunity, help to get strong healthy seedlings.

Preparing seeds for planting
Preparing seeds for planting

Some gardeners include hardening in preparation. To do this, hatched seeds are placed for several hours in a room with an air temperature of 1 ° C. After this procedure, the seedlings are not afraid of temperature changes.

It is not recommended to plant pepper seeds without soaking, yourself from a previous crop. Only coated, encapsulated seeds do not require preparation.

Planting seeds for seedlings

Prepare the containers in advance. These can be plastic cups with drainage holes or ready-made cassettes with a large number of cells. The containers are filled with universal soil for growing seedlings of vegetables, not reaching the edge of 2 cm. Further algorithm of actions:

  • moisten and compact the soil with your fingers;
  • put 2 grains in each container at a distance of 2 cm. Subsequently, the weaker sprout is removed;
  • fill the seeds with soil with a layer of up to 1 cm;
  • Cover the containers with cling film.

The temperature in the seed room should be 23-25°C.

Video: Planting Chilli Pepper Seeds? Avoid this mistake!

Caring for pepper seedlings

Before sprouts appear, the soil in containers is not watered, but sprayed from a spray bottle. Shoots will appear in 1-2 weeks. As soon as the sprouts hatch, the containers must be freed from the film and a favorable external environment should be created for the plants.


  • provide enough bright but diffused lighting. The best option is a phytolamp, but ordinary lamps can also be used. The first three days, the sprouts should be under the lamp around the clock, then the light source can be left for half a day;
  • Regularly moisten the soil in containers
  • perform top dressing;
  • harden off seedlings.
Healthy bell pepper seedling
Healthy bell pepper seedling

The first feeding is carried out when the seedlings have two leaves. The solution is made at the rate of 2.5 ml of potassium humate and half a teaspoon of urea. A tablespoon of the mixture is poured under each root.

The second top dressing is carried out in another two weeks, the last - before planting. By this time, the plants have already formed 6-8 leaves and the beginnings of buds. Nitroammophoska and other preparations with a high content of potassium are used. It is very important to follow the dosage indicated on the package.

Before top dressing, you need to moisten the soil. Fertilizing dry soil is dangerous for fragile roots. Containers with plants should not stand near heaters, as the soil mixture will dry out, and excessive watering can damage delicate roots.

A couple of weeks before transplanting peppers into open ground, hardening is carried out. In the first days, it is enough to open the window in the room, in the next days - to take it outside for 2-3 hours, gradually increasing the interval of stay in the fresh air.

Video: 5 Pepper Seedlings Mistakes You Don't Want To Make - Pepper Geek

Landing in open ground

Replant vegetables in the garden should be when the threat of night frost has passed. In regions with a temperate climate, landing is carried out in mid-late May.

Dive is carried out only with densely planted seedlings. The sprouts are separated, trying not to damage the central root. If the seedlings were grown in separate cassettes, it is not worth diving the culture so as not to expose it to undue stress. The grown seedlings are removed from the container along with the ground and placed in prepared holes.

Landing in open ground
Landing in open ground

Large-fruited varieties are planted according to the scheme 50 by 60 cm, immersed in the ground to the level of the root neck.

Video: Transplanting Pepper Seedlings - When and How To Transplant - Pepper Geek

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Comments (4)

- May 13, 2023 09:36:30
After planting, the plants need to be well watered and covered from possible frosts. To get a good harvest, peppers need to be regularly watered, fed and treated for pests and diseases. It is also recommended to thin out the plants, leaving 3-4 of the strongest shoots on each bush. Pepper loves a sunny place and grows well in fertile soils with neutral acidity. After harvest, the plants can be removed or left over the winter if the climate permits.
- May 13, 2023 09:36:15
Before planting in open ground, seedlings must be hardened off by taking them outside for several hours a day and gradually increasing the time spent outdoors. Pepper seedlings should be planted in open ground after the end of the threat of frost and when the soil warms up to + 18-20 degrees. Plants should be planted at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other, in deep holes filled with nutrient soil.
- May 13, 2023 09:35:58
After the emergence of seedlings, seedlings should be transferred to a bright place and the temperature should be reduced to + 18-20 degrees. Plants need to be watered regularly, monitor soil moisture and feed with complex fertilizers. When the seedlings reach a height of 10-15 cm and the first true leaves appear, they can be transplanted into separate pots or containers.
- May 9, 2023 13:32:49
Every year we grow seedlings of red sweet pepper and plant them in our garden. Red pepper is very rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals and is very beneficial for health, for strengthening blood vessels, is a protection against malignant neoplasms and much more. We recommend everyone to eat more of it!
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