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How and how to insulate plastic windows?

How and how to insulate plastic windows? logo
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Insulating plastic windows can help reduce heating costs and improve the thermal insulation of your home. Some useful tips: use window insulation, install sealing profiles, use heat-reflecting film, install warm curtains or blinds, install thick curtains, cover windows with additional glass.
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  1. Video: How to install window tint at home with Inspire DIY Kent Thomas
  2. The need for insulation of plastic windows
  3. Video: How to Insulate Windows and Save Money on Heating Costs!
  4. Causes of leakage
  5. Video: bubble wrap window insulation three years later
  6. Insulation options for plastic windows
    1. Professional service
    2. Self-insulation at home
  7. Video: DIY - Do It Yourself How To Insulate Glass Windows - Home Glass Window Insulation
  8. External insulation of window openings
  9. Video: How to Insulate Windows | Cheap and Easy with Plastic Film
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Home care does not end all year round. In addition to pressing everyday problems, it is required to maintain the normal technical condition of the premises, periodically update the interior, and take care of the state of communications. All this takes time, some knowledge and skills.

The good news is a wealth of useful information about housekeeping. You need to spend a few minutes to learn, how to choose a ceiling lamp, how to make sure that plastic windows do not blow, do minor repairs to clothing, etc.

This material is devoted to the task of insulating plastic window openings.

Video: How to install window tint at home with Inspire DIY Kent Thomas

The need for insulation of plastic windows

The biggest heat loss occurs through windows. Modern designs with plastic profiles, multi-chamber double-glazed windows have excellent thermal insulation characteristics.

In the first years of operation, subject to the quality of structures and proper installation, there are no problems. But how to convert old plastic windows into winter mode? Saving heat will not only provide comfort, but will reduce utility bills.

It's blowing from plastic windows. What should I do?
Blowing through plastic windows. What to do?

Video: How to Insulate Windows and Save Money on Heating Costs!

Causes of leakage

Depressurization of window openings occurs:

  • due to violations of the installation technology;
  • with natural shrinkage of the building (typical for new buildings);
  • due to wear of the rubber seal;
  • due to errors in the installation and finishing of slopes;
  • Inconsistency of the double-glazed window with the climatic conditions of the region.

Part of the reasons can be eliminated on your own and budetly insulate plastic windows. Prudent owners are always exploring the possibility of solving a problem with minimal expenses, for example, they do not rush to a jewelry workshop if they know how to clean gold to make it shine. Rational housekeeping habits are good for personal development and family budget.

Let's leave an excursion into economic and psychological topics and return to the windows.

You can detect blowing zones by bringing your hand, a sheet of paper or a match to the window frame. In places where the flame, the sheet fluctuate or the hand feels cool, the connection of the insulation is broken. It will see through them.

Checking the tightness of window structures
Checking the tightness of window constructions

So, cold zones have been found. How to insulate plastic windows and window sills?

Video: bubble wrap window insulation three years later

Insulation options for plastic windows

The first rule for maintaining heat-saving capacity is not quite obvious, but important: glass and frames must be clean. The window must be washed with the means intended for this, the stains must be removed in order to “let” a maximum of infrared rays transmitting heat to a house or apartment.

The meaning of washing frames, in addition to the aesthetic component, is that the sealant adheres better to a clean, fat-free surface.

Do I need to call the craftsmen to do not blow out of plastic windows?

Professional service

Manufacturers give a guarantee on the design and their operation. If problems arise during the warranty period, it is reasonable to contact the contractor to fulfill obligations. The services of many companies include a preventive service, the activities of which are aimed at preventing depressurization.

The list of possible malfunctions is small. In most cases, you can deal with them yourself.

Self-insulation at home

The tightness of PVC window structures is ensured, among other things, by a sealant. This is a rubber layer, which is fixed in the technological recesses of the profile. It is placed on the frame and sash. During operation, the component wears out, microcracks form on the surface under the influence of temperature differences. The minimum operating cycle of seals is 5 years.

If the tape has visible defects, has lost its elasticity, has become rigid, it is changed. You can pre-lubricate and switch to the “Winter” adjusting pins. If there is no result, change the rubber gasket.

Replacement algorithm:

  • remove the sash;
  • remove old sealant;
  • Lay a new sealing contour;
  • glue the joint.
Seal replacement
Replacing the seal

Other insulation options:

  • filling the space under the windowsill with mounting foam. This is also a problematic location through which, due to the formation of condensate in the voids of the foam, cold penetrates. The old foam is removed, the dust is removed, the repair area is moistened, and the new mounting foam is filled according to the instructions on the package. The layer gains hardness during the day;
  • Adjusting the locking mechanism. If the cause of drafts is not in the seal, this part of the structure is checked. By adjusting the hinges, eccentrics, moving the strikers, you should observe how the tightness of the sash to the frame changes, choosing the tightest possible position. In more detail, the process can be studied by numerous videos on Internet resources;
  • slope insulation with sandwich panels;
  • installation of a heat-saving film on a double-glazed window. The event will cut heat loss by half.

A cardinal, but costly option for insulation is the installation of energy-saving double-glazed windows. This measure is resorted to if other insulation options have proven to be ineffective.

Video: DIY - Do It Yourself How To Insulate Glass Windows - Home Glass Window Insulation

External insulation of window openings

Whatever measures are taken to insulate plastic windows from the inside, there will be no proper effect if street bevels are not insulated. The work is carried out in dry calm weather and consists of the following activities:

  • preparation of hard insulation. You can use thermal slopes - foam elements ready for installation;
  • cleaning bevels from dust, leveling the surface;
  • primer;
  • installation of insulation on glue or mounting foam;
  • if not ready-made thermal slopes are used, but foam sheets, perforated corners are installed and a polymer mesh is installed;
  • final stage of work - plastering, painting.
External insulation of plastic windows
External insulation of plastic windows

Thermal insulation of window openings outside the building provides additional noise insulation, brings the “dew point” outside the wall, guarantees the absence of “cold bridges”.

Video: How to Insulate Windows | Cheap and Easy with Plastic Film

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Comments (3)

- May 24, 2023 14:11:32
Use heat reflective tape. Such a film is glued to the window glass and helps to reflect heat back into the room. It can also help reduce drafts and noticeably improve sound insulation.

Install warm curtains or blinds. Warm curtains or blinds can help keep the heat inside and improve window insulation. They can also help maintain privacy, prevent sunlight from entering, and protect against bad weather.
- May 21, 2023 11:12:10
Install thick curtains. Thick curtains can help reduce drafts and keep the heat inside. They can also help improve sound insulation.

Close the windows with additional glass. If you want to get maximum thermal insulation, you can install additional glass on the windows. This can be done with a special film or by installing additional glass on the window frame.
- May 18, 2023 18:18:14
Use window insulation. This is a special material that is glued to the window frame and creates an additional layer of insulation. Window insulation can be made from various materials such as foam rubber, polyurethane or mineral wool.

Install sealing profiles. Sealing profiles help to fill the gaps between the window frame and the wall, which allows you to keep the heat inside the room. These profiles can be made of rubber or foam.