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How to choose a ceiling lamp?

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The choice of a ceiling light depends on many factors such as interior style, functionality, room size, ceiling height and personal preference. It should match the style and functionality of your interior, and the dimensions should match the dimensions of the room.
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  1. Video: How to Choose the BEST LIGHTING for Every Room in Your Home | Julie Khuu
  2. Types of ceiling lights
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  6. Selection criteria
    1. Ceiling lights and work surface
    2. Lamp type
    3. Light level
    4. Additional functionality
  7. Video: How To Choose Ceiling and Bathroom Lighting
  8. What ceiling lights are in fashion now?
    1. Materials and interior styles
    2. Trend models, colors, configurations
  9. Video: How To Light A Space | Mistakes, Rules + Lighting In Interior Design
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The traditional solution for indoor lighting is chandeliers. Today they have a worthy alternative - compact and functional ceiling lights. Products are available in a variety of designs, from different materials.

An inexperienced consumer is lost in the variety of assortment and characteristics. We will learn what power to choose a ceiling lamp for effective lighting, how to understand designs and materials, types of lighting.

Video: How to Choose the BEST LIGHTING for Every Room in Your Home | Julie Khuu

Types of ceiling lights

There are several categories to classify. According to their functional purpose, there are ceiling lamps for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other types of rooms.

According to the method of installation, devices are distinguished:

  • overhead, fixed directly to the surface, without technical niches;
  • recessed, the case of which is installed flush with the ceiling or protrudes slightly beyond it. The category is represented mainly by point models with LEDs;
  • suspended, fixed close to the ceiling on fasteners.

Manufacturers offer models with a protected housing that can be used outdoors and designed for indoor lighting.

Variety of Ceiling Lights
A Variety of Ceiling Lights

An important classification criterion for consumers is the type of luminous flux. There are devices that generate diffused light falling at a wide angle. Lamps - spots form a directed stream of lighting, models with lampshades directed upwards - reflected light.

Video: Biggest Lighting Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Ceiling lamps - universal lighting equipment. This is a good option for lighting large areas, such as public buildings, offices. Products are used in residential interiors, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and models with a moisture-proof housing - in industrial premises, for lighting streets and facades.

Ceiling lamps are used to organize the main lighting, zonal (illumination of places for reading, working at a computer), decorative (illumination of paintings or other interior details). Before highlighting a spectacular gold item, learn how to restore shine to gold.

Video: Timeless, Iconic Lighting That NEVER Goes Out of Style!

Selection criteria

How to choose a ceiling LED lamp? You should take into account the required functionality, room dimensions, degree of protection, power.

Ceiling lights and work surface

The question of which ceiling lights are better is considered in the context of the ceiling design. Experts advise:

  • install recessed models on stretch and suspended ceilings;
  • mount overhead ceiling lights on concrete, wooden, brick ceilings;
  • with a modest ceiling height, give preference to point built-in modules, install several hanging fixtures with different lighting scenarios in high rooms.
Lighting a low-ceiling room
Lighting a room with a low ceiling

The large glass area means that the room will be fairly well lit during the day. In the presence of darkened zones, corners, local lighting of low power is organized in them. Don't forget to find out what is the best way to insulate windows for the winter to prevent heat loss.

Lamp type

Lighting devices are equipped with incandescent lamps, halogen, fluorescent light sources, LED modules, the most progressive to date. Advantages of LED lamps:

  • saving electricity by 5-8 times;
  • low heating temperature;
  • security;
  • wide choice of lighting options: diffused, cold, warm light;
  • Long working life of built-in LED modules (15-20 years with 5 hours daily operation).

For rooms with intense lighting, this is the best and most economical option. The modules are quite expensive, but the investment is justified by the listed advantages.

Light level

For each type of room there is a recommended indicator of illumination:

  • for the bedroom - 10-12 W per sq. m;
  • in the kitchen, in the living room - 20 W per sq. m;
  • in children's rooms - 16-18 watts per sq. m.

The figures are absolute and can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Lighting standards for different rooms
Illumination standards for different rooms

Additional functionality

Manufacturers offer models that can be integrated into the “smart home” or use it remotely. Equipment options:

  • remote control with adjustable light intensity, color, activation of a group of LEDs, etc.;
  • motion sensor. It makes sense to purchase a ceiling lamp with this function in a corridor or other passage room;
  • with data transfer from a smartphone to usb, bluetooth devices.
Ceiling lamp with remote control
Remote Ceiling Light

The aesthetic component, the style of the appliances are also taken into account when choosing.

Video: How To Choose Ceiling and Bathroom Lighting

What ceiling lights are in fashion now?

Materials and interior styles

Ceiling lamps in a metal case in shades of black, chrome go well with modern, high-tech, minimalist styles. Built-in products are equally good for classic and modern.

Which chandeliers will never go out of fashion? These are universal glass options, suspended wooden models that are in harmony with country interiors, Provence, metal lamps.

Spots, lamps on cables, track systems are suitable for the loft style.

Trend models, colors, configurations

Proper lighting design of the premises gives the interior a finished look, provides comfort and coziness. When choosing ceiling lights, it is worth considering personal taste, important technical criteria and fashion trends. Here is what is at the peak of popularity today:

  • appliances with a rattan body finish to illuminate the kitchen, dining areas in eco-styles;
  • white, gold, copper tone metal cases, brass models;
  • LED luminaires with a futuristic, asymmetric shape;
  • concise design with a minimum of details;
  • emphasis on saving resources and useful functionality;
  • Colored light that creates unique compositions to suit specific interiors.
Led Rattan Ceiling Light
LED Rattan Ceiling Lamp

So, fashion is gradually moving away from the idea of lighting, the central element of which is a chandelier. Track lights confidently occupy a vacant niche, since they are easy to move, turn lamps for zoning.

Video: How To Light A Space | Mistakes, Rules + Lighting In Interior Design

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- May 19, 2023 14:55:01
For example, in a kitchen, you might want to choose fixtures with bright, white light to provide enough light for cooking, while in a bedroom, you might choose dimmer fixtures to create soft, cozy lighting.

If the lamp is too small, it may look insignificant and not fit the scale of the room. If the luminaire is too large, it can create congestion and discomfort.
- May 17, 2023 14:55:40
Ceiling height is also important when choosing a ceiling light. If the ceilings are high, it is better to choose lamps with a long pendant or chandeliers to create more effective lighting.

The choice of lamp depends on personal preferences and taste. Choose a lamp that you like and that suits your interior.