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How to make a money tree with your own hands?

How to make a money tree with your own hands? logo
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The money tree is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is not difficult to make it yourself, for this you will need the following materials: tree root (you can buy it at a hobby store or find it in nature), wire (preferably green), a piece of foam or clay, coins or paper bills. Of the tools we need: scissors, pliers, glue.
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  1. Video: How to Make a Money Tree
  2. What can you make a money tree with?
    1. Video: 9 Steps to a DIY Money Tree
    2. Coins
    3. Video: Money Tree | Tree With Coins | How to make handmade gift
    4. Not real banknotes
    5. Video: How to make 25 Bills Money Bouquet by KK House
    6. Nutshell
    7. Embroidered panel
  3. Video: Easy Money Tree Origami 1 Dollar Tutorial DIY Folded No glue
  4. Topiary and its history
  5. Video: Money Tree-2 with your own hands for Wellbeing
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The money tree is a symbol of prosperity and financial well-being. The amulet is a wonderful gift and interior decoration. Many grow a flower of the same name or put a souvenir at home, symbolizing wealth.

You can make your own money tree decor. Various types of needlework develop, bring creative pleasure, create a positive attitude. Knitting, patchwork, creating decor items - these hobbies are the most common and popular.

Video: How to Make a Money Tree

What can you make a money tree with?

Following the symbolism, most needleworkers prefer to use money symbols, coins or banknotes. However, there is no taboo on the choice of materials. Original compositions are also created from other items, this does not change the essence of the amulet.

An important nuance: there should be a lot of money on the crown, at least a hundred, only in this case the talisman “works” to attract wealth. If there is no such collection at home, you can purchase the appropriate decorative items in the store.

Homemade money tree
Homemade money tree

Let's consider the most spectacular options.

Video: 9 Steps to a DIY Money Tree


How to make a money tree from coins with your own hands? Coins of the same size are required to work. The copper, silvery trifle is especially beautiful. If there is a desire to create a “golden” crown, you need to purchase golden paint in an aerosol. Also prepare aluminum or copper wire for the barrel, glue, varnish, a wooden blank for the base.

Working algorithm:

  • drill holes in each coin with a thin drill;
  • the trunk and branches are woven from wire;
  • on the branches through the holes “put” coins;
  • fix the composition on the base with glue.

If the base is wooden, it is varnished. You can “plant” a tree from coins into a finished container, into a gypsum mortar. The decor of the outer surface is a matter of fantasy. After trying once, you will understand that making a money tree from coins with your own hands is not difficult. Our blog has other interesting materials, such as tips, how to make a candy bouquet.

Coin Money Tree
Coin Money Tree

Video: Money Tree | Tree With Coins | How to make handmade gift

Not real banknotes

You can use paper money for the crown. Real banknotes are optional. Imitation banknotes in any currency can be purchased at office supply stores. For work you will need: a pot or stand, banknotes, glue, a barrel.

Working order:

  • filling the flowerpot with plaster;
  • insert the trunk: natural branch, sushi stick, etc.;
  • decorate the trunk with a knitting thread or ribbon. It is better to put the decor on the glue;
  • on the barrel we install a ready-made foam ball;
  • we roll the bills into a bag, like an accordion, fold them in half and glue them evenly over the entire surface of the ball. This is the most time-consuming part of the work in which other family members can be involved.

The final stage is decoration. Inside the banknotes, you can put beads, sequins, buttons. The crown of banknotes turns out to be very magnificent and looks original.

Banknote money tree
A banknote money tree

Video: How to make 25 Bills Money Bouquet by KK House


A pistachio lover can try to make a money tree from a nutshell. The work is painstaking, but the result is worth the effort.

For work you will need:

  • pistachio shells;
  • thin wire;
  • scissors;
  • decorative ribbon;
  • drill, thin drill;
  • spray gold paint;
  • gypsum;
  • pot or stand.

The most important part of the process is drilling holes in the shell. This should be done carefully, placing a wooden block under the shell. A wire 20-25 cm long is threaded and fixed into each hole. These are future branches. A crown is formed from branches by interlacing wires. Twisting the branches along the remaining length, you will get a trunk.

The barrel is wrapped with braid. For reliability, it is better to put it on glue. Then the product is stained completely. Gold color symbolizes coins.

The final stage - “landing” money tree in a pot and fixing. The container is filled with gypsum mortar. The outside of the pot can also be painted.

Pistachio Shell Money Tree
Pistachio shell money tree

Embroidered panel

A money tree doesn't have to be voluminous. The symbol of wealth can be depicted on fabric. Do-it-yourself embroidered picture money tree is a great option for needlewomen who prefer to work with a needle and thread.

For work, you will need your own or ready-made embroidery pattern, hoop, thread, needle. Embroidery can be decorated with ribbons, beads, placed in a frame.

Video: Easy Money Tree Origami 1 Dollar Tutorial DIY Folded No glue

Topiary and its history

Topiary is also considered a symbol of happiness - a composition of small sizes in the form of a tree with a spreading crown. Crafts of this type are no less popular than money trees. The idea of decorating houses with topiaries was given to the world by the Greeks. The hanging gardens of Babylon were a living symbol of the embodiment of the idea.

Indoor topiary, like a money tree, can be made by hand. The art of the needlewoman is that the object does not repeat the plants existing in nature. There are no restrictions on the use of materials, here you can give a flight of fancy.

At the first stage, you need to come up with a sketch, then select materials. Recommendations for beginners:

  • polystyrene, rubber ball, papier-mâché blank are suitable for crown imitation;
  • the trunk is made from natural branches, pencils, sticks, it is important that the material can withstand the upper part;
  • A natural stone of a beautiful shape, a flower pot, a decorative cup can serve as a stand.

The technology of connecting elements is intuitive. “Plant” topiary in a mixture of gypsum and alabaster. The final stage is decoration. The crown is decorated with beads, felt leaves, sequins, coffee beans, any options are acceptable. Thematic models, for example, wedding, birthday, can be decorated with hearts, numbers, ribbons.

Coffee bean tree of happiness
Coffee Bean Happiness Tree

Before starting work, it is advisable for beginners to watch a master class, how to make a money tree with your own hands or make a topiary. With experience comes your own creative ideas. An interesting hobby can, over time, develop into a nice financial bonus, so it's worth a try.

Video: Money Tree-2 with your own hands for Wellbeing

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- Jun 3, 2023 13:59:14
A money tree is not only a beautiful and original gift, but also a decorative element for your home. Here are a few reasons why you should make your own money tree and add it to your interior:

1. Uniqueness: By making your own money tree, you will create a unique decorative element that no one else will have.

2. Beauty: The money tree looks very beautiful and attractive, especially if you add decorations to it.

3. Gift: A money tree can be a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones, especially for holidays like birthdays, weddings or graduations.

4. Financial symbol: the money tree is a symbol of financial well-being and prosperity, so its presence in the house can create positive energy.

5. Hobbies: Making a money tree can be a fun hobby that will help you relax and have fun.