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How to make artificial snow with your own hands?

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Making artificial snow with your own hands is quite simple. You will need: baking soda, lip balm, water. It is important to note that when using artificial snow, care must be taken not to damage surfaces or shoes. It is also not recommended to eat it.
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  1. Video: DIY Snow for Your Christmas Village
  2. Handy materials for making artificial snow
    1. Candles
    2. Salt
    3. Styrofoam
    4. Baby diapers
  3. Video: DIY Homemade Fake Snow | How to make a fake snow | CRAFT TAG
  4. Non-trivial imitations
    1. For drawing
    2. For applications
  5. Video: DIY Instant Snow! 3 Fake Snow DIYs TESTED!
  6. Delicious snow at home
  7. Video: How to Make Fake Instant Snow from a Diaper!
  8. Unnatural snow for interior transformations
  9. Video: A great Simple, Cheap, Durable FAKE SNOW for all your Winter Craft projects.
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Winter snowy landscapes fascinate with their beauty. But not always winter pleases with an abundance of snow. Even if there is a cover, it can only be enjoyed on the street. And I want to transfer a particle of a winter fairy tale into the house. For designers, photographers, decorators, a real find is artificial snow. Outwardly, it does not differ from the present.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, even pragmatists want to decorate their homes, and romantics want to sew do-it-yourself New Year's costume. There are many ways to create a magical atmosphere. How is artificial snow made for interior decorations?

Video: DIY Snow for Your Christmas Village

Handy materials for making artificial snow

The pre-holiday bustle unites the family. Children and adults like to do crafts, costumes, toys. Moments of joint creative activity and communication are priceless. So, we prepare the necessary materials and open the Santa Claus Workshop. There are many wonders in it: pieces of fabric, garlands, things from a grandmother's chest, paints, varnishes, wooden blanks and even components to make bath bombs . Get to work!

DIY artificial snow
DIY artificial snow


You can make homemade artificial snow from paraffin candles. The second component is talcum powder. Work algorithm:

  • wrap the candle with cloth;
  • holding firmly in hand, remove the wick;
  • grate;
  • paraffin mixed with talc in equal proportions.

The mixture is light, crumbly, very reminiscent of natural fine snow. They can decorate winter compositions of dried flowers, decorate the space under the Christmas tree. Important! Paraffin snow should not be scattered near heating appliances, under which it will "melt".


The Christmas tree, slightly touched by hoarfrost, looks bewitching. With the help of a saline solution, it is easy to achieve this effect. A liter of water is poured into the pan, one and a half packs of coarse salt are poured in and boiled, stirring, until completely dissolved. Branches are dipped into the resulting solution and left for 4-5 hours. Then the branches are taken out, shaken off excess moisture and dried. As they dry, they form a very “believable” frost.

Frost from salt on the tree
Frost from salt on a Christmas tree


How is artificial snow made from Styrofoam? Styrofoam (styrofoam) is usually placed in boxes with household appliances. If they are stored at home, there is no need to purchase material. Styrofoam is rubbed on a grater or crushed with a blender. If desired, you can achieve a finer fraction with your hands.

Such artificial snow is very light, it tends to scatter throughout the apartment, it is quite difficult to remove it.

Baby diapers

You can make artificial snowfor the Christmas tree from baby diapers. In diapers, sodium polyacrylate is used as a filler. In the swollen state, it perfectly imitates snow. For preparation, the diaper is cut, the filler is removed, placed in a container and water is gradually added. As the mass swells, knead it with your hands.

Video: DIY Homemade Fake Snow | How to make a fake snow | CRAFT TAG

Non-trivial imitations

For drawing

How to make fake snow with baking soda and shaving foam? Such imitation is very interesting for children. By dipping your fingers into the mixture, you can draw, make snowballs, and make figurines.

To prepare, mix:

  • shaving foam can;
  • pack of baking soda;
  • soda should be poured into the foam and stirred. The mass should be molded, but not stick to the hands. The consistency is regulated by soda;
  • Glitter is poured into the finished mixture to achieve a natural sparkle.

Snow-made figurines can be placed under the Christmas tree or given to friends.

Shave foam artificial snow
Shaving foam artificial snow

For applications

New Year's panels and pictures are a good idea for interior decoration. You can also draw them with artificial snow, it's very simple. You will need a tube of PVA glue with a thin nose and salt.

A sketch of the future painting is drawn on paper or fabric with a pencil. PVA glue is applied neatly along the contour, right through the spout from the tube, and fine salt is poured on it. The final touch is the design of the picture with a frame.

Video: DIY Instant Snow! 3 Fake Snow DIYs TESTED!

Delicious snow at home

The central part of the New Year's interior is a table. The hostesses devote a lot of time to decorating it, they deliberately think over the serving, menu, and decor. There are many foods that look like snow:

  • powdered sugar, it can be used to decorate desserts;
  • whipped cream, which, like fees, crown fruit salads;
  • finely grated egg whites

Champagne from “snowy” glasses taste amazing. Imitation of frost can be done by lowering the edges into syrup or water, and then into granulated sugar.

Video: How to Make Fake Instant Snow from a Diaper!

Unnatural snow for interior transformations

To decorate your home on New Year's Eve, you can use self-created or ready-made artificial snow in an aerosol package. Aerosol is convenient for decorating windows.

Holding the can at a distance of 10-20 cm from the glass, you can depict frost, Santa Claus, a Snowman on it, draw the consequences of a blizzard, realize everything that the imagination is capable of. Subsequently, you can clean the glass with a damp cloth, no traces remain.

Other decor ideas:

  • decoration “snowballs” bookshelves, window sills and other surfaces. This way you can achieve the effect of the beginning of a snowfall;
  • decoration of a Christmas tree or a composition of fir branches;
  • decoration of New Year's figures and installations;
  • decoration of crafts. To fix “snow cover” PVA glue is used;
  • decoration of cones, Christmas balls, candlesticks;
  • flower arrangements with artificial snow.
Faux Snow Decor Ideas
Faux Snow Decoration Ideas

Winter accents in the interior help to feel the magic of the New Year holiday. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Video: A great Simple, Cheap, Durable FAKE SNOW for all your Winter Craft projects.

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Comments (3)

- Jun 14, 2023 17:06:11

1. In a large bowl, mix together 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of lip balm.

2. Add some water and start stirring the mixture slowly. Add water gradually until the mixture looks like snow. Usually 2-3 tablespoons of water is sufficient.

3. If the snow is too dry, add a little more water. If it's too wet, add a little more baking soda.

4. Ready-made artificial snow can be used to decorate holiday tables, to create a winter atmosphere in the house or for children to play.
- Jun 11, 2023 14:11:43
To create artificial snow, you will need the following ingredients:

- Lip balm or glycerin
- Sodium polyacrylate (this substance is used as a waterproof material)
- Water


1. Take sodium polyacrylate and pour it into a clean plastic container. The amount of polyacrylate depends on how much snow you want to get.

2. Add water to the polyacrylate container. Typically, 1 tablespoon of polyacrylate needs about 1 cup of water.

3. Stir the contents of the container until the polyacrylate has absorbed all the water and turns into a thick mass.

4. Add some lip balm or glycerin to the resulting mass. This will help keep the moisture in the snow and make it softer.

5. Stir the contents of the container again to evenly distribute the balm or glycerin.

6. Your artificial snow is ready! You can use it to decorate a Christmas tree, create a winter scene, or just play and have fun.
- Jun 9, 2023 13:26:59
To create artificial snow at home, you will need:

- Soda - 2 cups
- Lip balm or glycerin - 1/2 cup
- Lip gloss or glitter - your choice

Step 1: Pour 2 cups of baking soda into a large cup or bowl.

Step 2: Add 1/2 cup of lip balm or glycerin.

Step 3: Stir the mixture well until it looks like wet sand.

Step 4: Add some lip gloss or glitter (optional) and mix again.

Step 5: Your artificial snow is ready!

You can use it to decorate the scenery, create winter scenes in a puppet theater or for winter themed games with children. Please note that snow will be wet and may leave marks, so its use should be limited indoors.