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How to make DIY Christmas costumes: ideas for children and adults

How to make DIY Christmas costumes: ideas for children and adults logo
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Making a New Year's costume with your own hands is not only interesting and creative, but also economical. Here are a few ideas for creating New Year's costumes: Snow Maiden, Christmas tree, snowflake, Rudolph, Santa Claus. These are just some of the costume ideas that you can make yourself. Feel free to experiment and add your own creative touch.
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  1. Video: Christmas Tree Costume | DIY Tutorial
  2. Types and choice of New Year's costumes
  3. Video: Making A Dress Out of Christmas Trees!
  4. Materials for New Year's costumes
  6. Popular New Year images
    1. Children's Christmas pirate costume
    2. Snowman
    3. Carlson
    1. Bunny
    2. Masquerade mask
  8. Video: Christmas Costume Idea: DIY Bobblehead Cosplay.
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The traditional New Year's feast is no longer a trend. Modernity dictates other laws, people tend to spend this holiday in an unusual way - to go on a tourist trip, organize a family photo session, go to a skating rink, to a club, to arrange a costume party. What image to think of for the New Year?

Video: Christmas Tree Costume | DIY Tutorial

Types and choice of New Year's costumes

People of all ages participate in New Year's events, even grandparents. Adult and children's New Year's costumes differ in themes and details. Parents usually choose a prototype that they follow when creating an image. Children's options are less concrete, abstract characters are more often present here.

The specific idea depends on how you plan to spend the holiday. What ideas can you make for the New Year? If the celebration will be in the family circle, it is enough just to indicate the recognition of the image. In the club, pub, New Year's contests are held, dances are arranged.

The outfit should be comfortable for participation in entertainment events. Do you want to arrange a romantic meeting, organize a home SPA? In this case, bath bomb recipes.

Inspiration for what costume to wear on New Year's Eve can vary:

  • transformation into your favorite superhero;
  • visualization of winter themes: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, Christmas Tree, Snowflake, etc.;
  • using the symbol for the coming year: Rabbit, Monkey, Tiger;
  • role images.
Christmas themed costumes
Christmas themed costumes

After understanding the idea, they begin to implement it. There are three ways: buy a ready-made New Year's costume, rent it, or make it yourself. The first way is easier, but more expensive. Self-tailoring, selection of accessories is an interesting creative process in which the whole family is involved.

The outfit can be well detailed, it will be exclusive and budget. Special tailoring skills are not required. The most original costumes for the New Year are created from old things and improvised means. Successful finds cheer up.

New Year's decor also creates a festive atmosphere. To decorate your home beautifully, learn how to make artificial snow with your own hands.

Video: Making A Dress Out of Christmas Trees!

Materials for New Year's costumes

With all the variety of carnival costumes, three elements can be distinguished in them:

  • base. It can be found in your own adult or children's wardrobe. An old tracksuit can become the basis for the image of Batman, Koshchei the Immortal, Fixik, Spider-Man, Pirate. The dress is a great option for visualizing Cinderellas, Princesses, Maids;
  • details for image recognition. Every house has unnecessary stoles, hats, gloves that will complement the costume of the Musketeer, Sorcerer;
  • accessories: masks, tails, wings, wigs. This is the part that will have to work hard.

Let's consider the idea of implementing the elements of a New Year's costume using Pinocchio as an example. The base, shirt, stockings, shorts are in the wardrobe of every child. Kopak is easy to sew. But in order for Pinocchio to be recognized in the boy, details and accessories are needed:

  • The nose can be made out of paper by gluing a quarter circle and securing it with an elastic band;
  • the golden key is cut out of cardboard and painted yellow;
  • An alphabet can be any book that has a cover with an appropriate illustration.
Golden Key Christmas Costume
Golden Key Christmas Costume

How to make Pinocchio's hair? From strips of colored paper that are wound around a pencil to simulate curls. The strips are stapled under the cap.

Similarly, disassembling into components, you can make adult and children's costumes of various subjects.


Role-play games with dressing up and disguise are an important part of the development of children and an emotional component for adults. In a New Year's costume, a child, an adult “trying on” traits of a new personality, explores new elements of behavior, which perfectly develops a personality.

Let's learn how to create the most popular images for the New Year celebration

Children's Christmas pirate costume

The main part is old jeans and a vest. They need to “bring” in a pirate look: cut the legs unevenly, make a few patches. Details - bandana and neckerchief. Accessories - a belt, a knife in his belt, a clip on one ear, a frightening amulet around his neck, and, of course, a black patch over one eye. The costume is also suitable for adults.

Christmas Pirate Costume
Pirate Christmas Costume


A very simple but effective snowman costume can be made in minutes. Girls only need to put on a white dress with black buttons sewn onto the bodice and pick up a white umbrella. A carrot nose will successfully replace an orange bow tie. The snowman guy can wear white jeans and a T-shirt and an orange cap. Don't forget to capture modern interpretations of the Snowman in your photo session.


A bright T-shirt, plaid trousers with straps and bright shoes - that's what you need to find in the wardrobe of a child who wants to become Carlson for one evening. The propeller can be made from thick cardboard. A red wig completes the look.



A white turtleneck, white trousers, leggings, a fur vest are the basis of hare equipment. The ears are made of cardboard, the tail is made of the remnants of fur. The Bunny costume does not need to be sewn at all, but it looks cute, suitable for boys and girls.

Christmas Bunny Costume
New Year Bunny Costume

Masquerade mask

If there is a desire to certainly meet the New Year in an evening dress, do not be too lazy to make a mask. She gives the image a mystery. You can not wear a mask, but keep it on a stick near your eyes. This is exactly what the ladies did at the old carnivals.

Do you want to have an interesting New Year? Start preparing early. Expectation and preparation are no less pleasant than the holiday itself. Over time, adults lose the ability to believe in miracles. Give this opportunity to yourself, make beautiful New Year's costumes for children, and, if not a miracle, then a magical mood will be provided.

Don't forget that making your own Christmas costume can take a lot of time and effort, but it can be a lot of fun and exciting. You can also add your own details and embellishments to the costume to make it even more unique and personal.

Video: Christmas Costume Idea: DIY Bobblehead Cosplay.

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Comments (7)

- Jun 18, 2023 19:37:12
Snow Maiden. To create a Snow Maiden costume, you need: a red knitted dress, a white fur coat, white mittens, white shoes or boots, a red bow hair decoration. Manto can be sewn independently from faux fur. The costume is additionally decorated with white and silver sequins and fur.
- Jun 12, 2023 19:40:25
Herringbone. To create a Christmas tree costume, you need a green tunic or train dress, green tights or leggings, green shoes, a green paper garland and gold stars around your neck and hair. The costume is additionally decorated with shimmering white or silver glitter.
- Jun 11, 2023 12:02:39
Snowflake. To create a Snowflake costume, you need a winter white jacket, a winter white skirt, white tights, white shoes, a sparkling cold white sweater with snowflake sequins and a rich white scarf. The costume is additionally decorated with effects with shimmering white sequins and white paper snow crystals.
- Jun 10, 2023 19:22:50
Rudolf. To create the costume of Rudolph Nuzhik, you need brown trousers, a brown sweater, several tufts of brown fur, brown boots, horns made of soft material, Rudolph's nose is red. The costume is additionally decorated with shimmering gold and red sequins.
- Jun 9, 2023 14:51:06
Father Frost. To create a Santa Claus costume, you need red shorts or a skirt, a white fur vest, a white fur cap, black boots, a white fur beard. The costume is additionally decorated with shimmering gold and red sequins.
- Jun 8, 2023 12:15:27
Snowman. To create a Snowman costume, you need to take a white fabric, such as fleece or footer, and sew a jumpsuit with a hood. Black fur stripes or lace can be sewn onto the jumpsuit as buttons. For a headdress, you can use a white hat with a pom-pom and sew black buttons on it as eyes. For the nose, you can use carrots by attaching it to a hood or hat.
- Jun 7, 2023 11:46:27
Christmas deer. To create the Christmas Reindeer costume, you will need a brown jumpsuit or dress, brown stockings, brown shoes, and a brown hat with horns. You can add a white belly, white gloves and a white tie to the costume, and attach deer ears and a tail to the costume.