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How to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands?

How to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands? logo
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Making a candy bouquet is a fun and creative way to make a gift for friends and loved ones. Such a gift will be a great option for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion. Be sure that such a gift will not go unnoticed and will bring a lot of joy and pleasure to the one you give it to.
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  1. Video: Giant sweet bouquet | HOW TO MAKE HUGE Candy BOUQUET
  2. Sweet Composition Components
  3. Video: Chocolate Bouquet Tutorial/Easy way gift ideas/Kath Ideal
  4. Composition design
    1. Sweets with fresh flowers
  5. Video: Candy Bouquet for any Occasion! | The Crafty Black Girl
  6. Bouquet of “Raffaello”
  7. Video: chocolate bouquet tutorial || how to make an amazing chocolate bouquet.
    1. Making artificial flower buds
  8. Video: How to make Assorted Chocolate Bouquet
  9. Do-it-yourself sweet bouquet - a stylish present
  10. Video: How to make ferrero rocher bouquet with baby breath
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A flower bouquet is a traditional addition to a gift. Florists create real masterpieces, revealing the natural charm and beauty of fresh flowers. The bouquet gives a good mood, gives aesthetic pleasure. But why does it have to be exclusively floral?

Try to create an original candy bouquet. What materials are needed for candy bouquets and how to master the technique? Read tips for beginners “candy” florists.

Video: Giant sweet bouquet | HOW TO MAKE HUGE Candy BOUQUET

Sweet Composition Components

Those who were interested in how to make a money tree already have experience with materials at hand. To implement “candy” gift ideas, you need to prepare home tools and take a walk around the pastry shops.

How to make an edible bouquet with your own hands?

You can include any kind of sweets in the composition. If a gift is being prepared for a man, it is better to choose “brutal” chocolate bars. Girls and boys like chupa chups. The variety of sweets does not matter, but it is better to choose candies in wrappers for greater hygiene.

Chupa Chups Bouquet
Chupa Chups Bouquet

For work, you need to choose a lighted place, prepare tools: adhesive tape, scissors, long wooden sticks, glue, wrapping paper, ribbons for bandaging a bouquet, colored cardboard, felt. All this is sold in needlework stores. Those who were interested in where patchwork is used, how to master the technique, are perfectly familiar with the assortment and paid attention to such products.

If you plan to use fresh flowers, they must also be purchased in advance.

Video: Chocolate Bouquet Tutorial/Easy way gift ideas/Kath Ideal

Composition design

The main principle of the technology is to securely fasten candies on skewers. It is logical to add a wooden topper to themed bouquets. If you want to combine skewers with sweets and fresh flowers, it is better to use a basket or planter.

Sweets with fresh flowers

In this embodiment, the candy components of the composition are prepared in advance, because fresh flowers quickly deteriorate. Candies are fixed on skewers with adhesive tape or glue. A wet substrate is placed at the bottom of the basket or a container of water is placed. Then a bouquet is formed from the combined components.

It is better to choose flowers that are long-lasting: chrysanthemums, irises, alstroemerias, lilies.

Bouquet of sweets and fresh roses
Bouquet of sweets and natural roses

Video: Candy Bouquet for any Occasion! | The Crafty Black Girl

Bouquet of “Raffaello”

A very delicate noble bouquet can be created from ribbons and Raffaello candies; or similar, individually wrapped, round shape. Procedure for each candy

  • glue a toothpick to the base with hot glue;
  • to make an elegant wrap of tulle, lace, organza. The fabric should be thin and translucent, not crumble when cut. A square is cut out of the fabric according to the size of the candy, wrapped around, fixed with glue;
  • the rest of the fabric is wrapped on a toothpick.

Next, we prepare the base: cut out a circle with a diameter of 20 cm from paper and cut out a sector from it at an angle of 10-15 degrees. In the center of the base, cut out a circle with a diameter of 5 cm and make short cuts inside the small circle. We insert a cardboard tube into the resulting hole and glue it. We decorate the base of the bouquet with corrugated paper. In the finished “Bowl” place the sweets and shift the composition with a matching ribbon.

This bouquet is an interesting alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet.

Raffaello Bouquet
Raffaello Candy Bouquet

Video: chocolate bouquet tutorial || how to make an amazing chocolate bouquet.

Making artificial flower buds

Some people feel sorry for cut flowers. How to decorate a gift from candywithout live plants? It will take a little more time, but the result will be impressive. To simulate rosebuds you will need:

  • red and green crepe paper;
  • scissors, ruler;
  • double-sided tape;
  • wooden skewers;
  • thread.

You need to make square blanks from red paper. This is the basis of future buds. The size of the squares depends on the type of candy. For Ferrero Rocher, truffles, the approximate size is 7 * 7 cm. Green paper is cut into rectangles * 87 cm and strips 1 cm wide and 25 long. You need as many blanks as there are roses in the bouquet. Further step-by-step actions:

  • cut corners from squares on one side;
  • slicing a green square to simulate leaves. The cut should not reach the end of the workpiece by 2 cm;
  • bud formation. Candy is placed inside each. This is how the volume is formed. From above, the paper is slightly twisted to make a half-closed flower;
  • sepals are formed from green details;
  • with adhesive tape, the buds are connected to the skewer;
  • sepals are glued around the flowers;
  • The skewer is wrapped in a long green stripe.
Making Buds
Creating Buds

Such manipulations are done with each element. The finished bouquet is wrapped in paper, tied with a ribbon.

Tulips, bluebells, poppies, and other simple buds are made in the same way. Depending on the original, the color of the paper and the length of the skewers vary.

What paper to use for candy bouquets?

Corrugated paper is great for creating artificial buds because it can be stretched across. This makes it easier to shape the flower. Easy to use crepe paper. The material has pronounced decorative properties and is plastic.

You can use kraft paper to pack the finished bouquet. The material is sold in sheets or rolls. It is more convenient to buy the second option, since it is difficult to predict in advance what color you will need.

Corrugated Paper
Corrugated paper is the best material for sweet bouquets

Video: How to make Assorted Chocolate Bouquet

Do-it-yourself sweet bouquet - a stylish present

Look at the reaction of the hero of the occasion, who was given a candy composition. With a high probability it will be delight, amazement, admiration. These are the emotions that creativity can evoke.

The master of creating bouquets also receives his preferences:

  • Maximum impression at minimum cost;;
  • can choose the favorite sweets of the birthday boy, girl;
  • come up with an exclusive decor.

You don't need to learn anything to master a hobby that is gaining popularity. It only takes a little skill, patience, a desire to bring joy to others. Learning how to be a sweet gift designer is nice.

Video: How to make ferrero rocher bouquet with baby breath

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Comments (2)

- Jun 3, 2023 21:33:12
1. Prepare materials: sweets, wooden skewers, green floral tape, beautiful packaging (box or cellophane), decorative items (ribbons, paper, etc.).

2. Start a deal with candy. Choose the candy you want to use in the bouquet. You can use different types of candies to create an interesting and varied bouquet.

3. Prepare your skewers. Cut wooden skewers to the desired length. They should be long enough to penetrate the candy and short enough not to go beyond the bouquet.

4. Put candies on skewers. Pierce the candy with a skewer and push it to the middle of the candy. If the candy is soft, you can use a toothpick instead of a skewer.

5. Wrap the skewers in green floral tape. Start wrapping the skewers from the bottom, attaching the tape to the base of the candy and continuing to wrap to the top of the skewers. This will create the effect of a flower stem.

6. Collect the bouquet. Arrange the candies in the desired order and start assembling the bouquet by inserting candy skewers into the foam base. Arrange candies on different levels to create a voluminous and interesting bouquet.

7. Add decorative elements. Add ribbons, paper, or other decorative elements to decorate and complete the bouquet.

8. Pack the bouquet. Pack the bouquet in beautiful packaging, such as a box or cellophane. Add a bow or other embellishments to add extra flair to the package.
- Jun 3, 2023 21:32:48
1. Prepare materials and tools. You will need candy (any candy of your choice), barbecue sticks or wooden skewers, tape, colored paper, ribbons, scissors, and glue.

2. Wrap each candy in colored paper. You can use any paper color you like to complement the theme of your bouquet.

3. Guide the ends of the sticks or skewers down through the candy wrapper and secure with tape. This will help keep the candies in place in the bouquet.

4. Start creating the bouquet by choosing the candies you want to use and attaching them to the sticks. You can use any shape and arrangement to create your bouquet.

5. When you're done creating the bouquet, wrap it in colored paper and tie it with ribbon around the stems. You can also add additional embellishments such as bows to decorate your bouquet.