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Why you need a bottle sterilizer and which one is better to choose?

Why you need a bottle sterilizer and which one is better to choose? logo
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For premature, small or immunocompromised babies, it is highly recommended to use sterile feeding utensils, as their immunity may not be able to cope even with ordinary microorganisms. For these purposes, special devices are used, which is called a bottle sterilizer.
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  2. Device shape
  3. How to use the device
  4. Advantages of technology
  5. Video: Two great products! A bottle warmer and sterilizer.
  6. Types by heating method
  7. Number of jars
  8. Video: Best Baby Bottle Warmer, Sterilizer and Baby Food Warmer | Best Baby Product
  9. Container material
  10. Additional features
  11. Best Models
    1. Avent philips SCF293/00
    2. Philips SCF 284/03
    3. Chicco Sterilizer
    4. Kunder KNDR-24
    5. Kitfort KT-2315
  12. Video: Top 10: Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers of 2022 / Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Machine, UV Sterilizer Box
  13. FAQ
    1. Which baby bottle sterilizer is best?
    2. How does a bottle sterilizer work?
    3. How long does the sterilizer sterilize?
    4. What is the sterilizer for?
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The process of feeding a baby is a complex procedure. Not only the quality of the products is of key importance, but also the accompanying processes. There should be an optimal food temperature and clean accessories, first of all, a bottle and a nipple. Sterility is welcome, because the immunity of newborns is weak and any microorganisms will immediately cause problems.

Previously, parents were engaged in cleaning by hand, but now sterilization is carried out using technology. Below we will tell you how to choose the right bottle sterilizer so that it has the desired functionality.

Video: Top 5 Best Bottle Sterilizer Review in 2022

Device shape

Not everyone knows what a bottle sterilizer is, because this type of equipment is quite specific and only needed by families with a baby. There are different models of devices, both in function and in form.

A universal sterilizer similar to most medical solutions and those who work in the laboratories of hospitals and clinics will immediately recognize the device. Its design includes a bowl and a lid, oval or round, inside which children's accessories are placed.

Sterilizer and parts
Sterilizer and its parts

Each model has its own capacity and is designed for a different number of items. There are solutions that allow you to sterilize only one item, and there are equipment where several jars and other accessories are cleaned at the same time. The lid is usually transparent, which allows you to see how the processing is going on and control the entire process. The presence of other components depends entirely on what type of heating is provided for a particular model of the device.

If you are interested in the question how to remove an unpleasant smell from the refrigerator, to understand the main causes and how to fix it - we recommend that you read our article.

How to use the device

Understanding how the bottle sterilizer works, you can quickly and correctly carry out the necessary manipulations. Any device comes with instructions for use, unlike other equipment, when people rarely read this document, it is important to familiarize yourself with what is written with sterilizers. It's not even that improper operation harms the equipment. The main danger lurks for newborns, because errors in the processing of dishes can become a source of infection.

Sterilization procedure and benefits
Sterilization procedure and benefits

In an absolutely clean bowl, you should load all the attributes for feeding. Then it is covered with a lid and the required parameter is set if the models are multifunctional. Any jar or bottle is installed upside down so that the condensate flows down and no microbes get into the container.

After the end of the procedure, you need to turn off the sterilizer or it will turn off by itself. Further, it is important to know how long the dishes can be inside, while maintaining absolute cleanliness and sterility. As you can see, there is nothing difficult here and it is much easier than choosing the right good yogurt maker.

Advantages of technology

Before you figure out which bottle sterilizer to choose, it's worth exploring the benefits. The difference is especially clearly understood by those parents who have already raised one child on boiling accessories. And having tried the device for cleaning, the advantages of the purchase are immediately visible:

  • convenience;
  • security;
  • efficiency;
  • saving time.

The sterilizer for baby bottles is airtight and unwanted microorganisms will not penetrate inside, and all available on the dishes will be promptly destroyed.

The technique for adults is also safe, because here it is impossible to get burned or scalded, as often happens when boiling. For young mothers, time is of particular value. It is enough just to place accessories inside the device, use the saved time for other things, and it is best to relax. Since the sterilizer is used for several months, it wears out little and can always be sold to other young parents.

Video: Two great products! A bottle warmer and sterilizer.

Types by heating method

When thinking about which sterilizer to buy, you should pay attention to the type of heating. Devices are divided into 2 large categories - steam and where cold disinfection is used. In turn, the steam sterilizer can be powered by electricity or it can be heated in a microwave oven.

  1. steam
  2. for microwave oven
  3. with cold disinfection method, by adding disinfectant liquid

Microwave appliances are much simpler in design, although the main drawback is the inability to clean metal objects.

But the electric steam appliance is as versatile as possible, it is suitable for bottles and pacifiers. It is enough to plug it into the network, and the indicator will tell you when you need to turn it off or the equipment will turn off by itself.

Ultraviolet Light Device
Ultraviolet device

In the case of electric models, it is clear what temperature is in the – 100 degrees so that steam can form.

During cold sterilization, water does not boil, special antiseptic substances are added to it. In this solution, the bottle, pacifier and other items are cleaned.

The device will allow you to carry out the procedure while traveling or while relaxing in nature. Those who use innovative solutions should know how to sterilize bottles using ultraviolet technology. They are also convenient for travel, allowing you to empower parents who do not have access to the benefits of civilization.

Number of jars

To answer the question of how much a baby bottle sterilizer costs, you need to evaluate not only the type of heating, but also the number of objects that the device processes. This is the second most important parameter. The simplest models for 1 bottle, they are inexpensive and suitable for those who combine formula and breast milk. A much more practical option for 2 bottles, because it allows you to make a supply of containers and not mess around with one jar separately.

Placement of jars inside
Placing jars inside

Happy parents of twins or fraternal twins face more specific challenges. At a minimum, they need to have 2 clean bottles, which will have to be cleaned immediately after feeding.

A device for 4 bottles or more will help optimize the process, and this is already much more time saved. Also, 4 in 1 models are relevant if it is necessary to regularly feed the baby, when he eats only mixtures.

The need for clean dishes in the first months of life is simply colossal.

Video: Best Baby Bottle Warmer, Sterilizer and Baby Food Warmer | Best Baby Product

Container material

When it comes to young children, quality and safety are of fundamental importance. This applies to everything from eating with clothes to cleaning dishes and hygiene.

Therefore, it is important that the material of the sterilizer is not only reliable, but also as safe as possible. Most often, the bowl is made of plastic, but special medical. It perfectly withstands boiling, does not emit harmful substances, and the device itself is light and compact.

Glass is also often used, it has increased strength and belongs to environmentally friendly materials. Ceramics has good properties.

Additional features

If the buyer has decided on the main parameters and has not fully understood which device is better, then you should move on to additional features. The function of heating infant formula is convenient.

Sterilizer and warmer is a 2 in 1 solution that makes life much easier for new parents. And since the temperature of food directly affects the health of the baby, it is difficult to overestimate this possibility.

You can figure out how to use the heating function even without instructions, just set the timer.

Sterilizer control panel
Sterilizer control panel

Another handy tool is the presence of various compartments in the bowl. Some are needed for the correct placement of the bottles. Others contain nipples, pacifiers, breast pumps and other accessories. The display and automatic control allow you to track the process, find out what minute of sterilization is in progress, select the desired mode, and more. etc. The power is responsible for the speed of the device, and the higher it is, the faster the procedure for cleaning children's dishes for feeding.

Best Models

Usually, the final criterion when choosing equipment is the manufacturer. All the same, parents are scrupulous about quality and therefore prefer only the best devices from trusted suppliers. You can make such a rating, which includes companies with a worldwide reputation, whose products are not satisfactory:

  • avent philips;
  • kunder;
  • chicco;
  • kitfort;
  • medica.

It is worth considering a few of the most popular models.

If you don't know how an avent bottle sterilizer works, then you should stop at the simplest device. A concern from the Netherlands offers the SCF293/00 for 2 or more bottles, for a total of 6 containers.

Sterilization takes up to minutes, after which drying is switched on.

Items inside stay clean for 24 hours. If the question arose whether tweezers are needed, then of course you need them. It makes it easy to reach hot objects.

Avent philips SCF293/00

avent philips model SCF293/00
Avent Philips Model SCF293/00

Philips SCF 284/03

Consists of modules, and the cleaning process is only 6 minutes. Capable of dealing with 99.9% of germs. Easily cleans not only containers, but also other accessories, including breast pumps and pacifiers.

Chicco Sterilizer

The Italian brand Chicco will delight you with high quality. It is worth stopping at the 2 in 1 model. This is an ideal option for those who are faced with the tasks of feeding a child for the first time. The bowl holds up to 6 bottles, and auto-off mode will allow parents not to constantly check the device for readiness.

Chicco Sterilizer
Chicco Sterilizer

Kunder KNDR-24

The Chinese kunder will also not disappoint with the reliability of its products. The KNDR-24 device allows you not only to clean objects and heat up food. With it, you can steam the mixture and even defrost the ingredients. The temperature is regulated here, and it can be maintained for 2 days. The inner tray accommodates various small accessories for sterilization.

Kitfort KT-2315

Those who want to save money without sacrificing quality will definitely like the Kitfort KT-2315. The compact device freely accommodates up to 6 containers. The maximum cleaning time is 10 minutes. There is an automatic shut-off function, a stylish design is complemented by a light indicator, and tongs are included for safe removal of objects.

Kitfort KT-2315 Device
Kitfort KT-2315 device

Having answered the question for themselves which bottle sterilizer is better, parents will eventually receive a device that has a positive effect not only on the health of the baby. The technique will simplify feeding the newborn and save a lot of time. You should approach the choice of the device responsibly so that it lasts as long as possible, perhaps it will come in handy in the future when replenishing the family.

Video: Top 10: Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers of 2022 / Steam Sterilizer and Dryer Machine, UV Sterilizer Box


Which baby bottle sterilizer is best?

It all comes down to functionality and price. The modular type is in demand on the market, it is easy to handle, it is capable of performing many tasks. For some, simple models that clean the feeding kit are suitable.

How does a bottle sterilizer work?

The operation of the device is based on the formation of steam, which eliminates unnecessary particles from bottles, nipples and breast pumps. Steam formation is achieved in different ways. There is an electric type, there are sterilizers that need to be heated in the microwave. Models with ultraviolet are gaining popularity.

How long does the sterilizer sterilize?

Modern models allow you to process containers and other accessories very quickly. In general, the procedure takes no more than 10 minutes. You can set a timer or the sterilizer turns itself off when needed.

What is the sterilizer for?

The device allows you to process dishes and accessories that are used in the process of feeding the baby. With its help, the smallest particles of dirt, food debris and all kinds of microbes are eliminated.

Video: Top 4 Bottle Sterilizer for Babies - Medela, Philip AVENT, Papablic & Baby Brezza

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- May 13, 2023 10:40:08
Baby bottles and nipples should be sterilized each time before use until the baby is around 4-6 months of age when their immune system becomes more resistant to infections. The baby bottle sterilizer can be electric, steam or chemical and can be used to quickly and effectively sterilize bottles and nipples before every feeding.
- May 13, 2023 10:39:38
A baby bottle sterilizer is used to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be on the surface of a bottle after washing, which can lead to infections or illnesses in immunocompromised infants. Sterilization helps to kill any germs that are left behind after simpler handling of the bottle, such as washing or boiling water.