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How to choose the right yogurt maker for your home? What is important to know.

How to choose the right yogurt maker for your home? What is important to know. logo
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If you are a yogurt lover and want to get the most out of this wonderful product, then it's time to think about buying a yogurt maker and start making your own 100% natural and healthy snack for yourself and your family.
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  2. Device shape
  3. Types by heating method
  4. Video: 7 Best Yogurt Makers 2024 [ Top 7 Yogurt Makers Picks ]
  5. Yoghurt Recipe
  6. Number of jars
  7. Container material
  8. Additional Features
  9. Video: Top 5 Best Yogurt Makers Reviews 2024
  10. The best models of yogurt makers
    1. Kitfort KT-2007
    2. Mulinex DJC141
    3. Redmond RYM-M5401-E
    4. Oursson FE1405D/GA
    5. Tefal YG654882
  11. Video: Best Yogurt Makers - Make Thick Protein Yogurt Easily At Your Home
  12. FAQ
    1. How else can I use a yogurt maker?
    2. How to choose the right yogurt maker for home?
    3. What are yogurt makers?
    4. What is the yogurt maker for?
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Milk is a unique product not only in terms of the number of useful properties and importance for the body. It is also a derivative for a huge amount of dairy products. And one of the most popular is yogurt, because it contains bacteria that favorably affect the digestive system.

Supermarket shelves are full of offers with different percentages of fat content and additives. But attentive buyers, reading the labels, understand that it contains a lot of harmful components - stabilizers, dyes, preservatives. In order not to saturate the body with chemistry, it is better to cook yogurt yourself. For this, only a yogurt maker is needed, and below we will tell you how to choose this technique.

Video: TOP 5 Best Yogurt Maker 2024

Device shape

A glass of yogurt in the morning guarantees a hearty breakfast and a boost of energy for the whole day. This is a great dinner option for those who follow the figure, in addition, the bacteria contained there are useful for digestion.

Therefore, those who like to regularly consume dairy products should take care of buying a yogurt maker and make delicious things at home without worrying about the quality.

The device has a simple design - a heating stand, a transparent lid and containers in which yogurt is prepared.

Round Yogurt Maker
Round Yogurt Maker

The shape of the device is the most important characteristic, not related to the practical side. Manufacturers produce round, square and rectangular products. When choosing, there are more questions to the design component and personal preferences of a person. Although if a yogurt maker has a large bowl, then it is better to take a rectangular or square design, they are more ergonomic and save space, unlike round models.

Purchasing appliances has a number of advantages, and if you decide to purchase a yogurt maker for your home, you can count on:

  • savings;
  • versatility;
  • ease of preparation;
  • practicality;
  • security.

When using natural milk and starter cultures, the products will not contain food additives and harmful substances. Since yogurts are not cheap in the store, with intensive use the device will pay off very quickly.

If you are interested in the question how to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator , to understand the main causes and how to fix it - we recommend that you read our article.

Types by heating method

The method of heating containers is what is important to know when choosing the best yogurt maker. Conventionally, devices are divided into electrical and mechanical. The latter type involves more labor-intensive preparation of dairy products. They are made like a thermos. Raw materials are poured into a special compartment, then this container is installed in another structure filled with boiling water, and then the natural fermentation process is carried out. There are no wires and buttons, the yogurt maker is best suited for those who rarely prepare treats.

Electric models are great for those who are used to saving their time and appreciate convenience. It is enough to connect the device to the network and set the desired mode, then you just have to pick up a container with yogurt or other products.

Yogurt makers are a technique that consumes a small amount of electricity, the best option in terms of power is up to 60 W, which will allow you to quickly heat up the composition.

Electric Yogurt Maker
Electric yogurt maker

Video: 7 Best Yogurt Makers 2024 [ Top 7 Yogurt Makers Picks ]

Yoghurt Recipe

Until people are faced with the question of how to properly prepare yogurt, it seems to them something very difficult. In fact, the process, although specific, is understandable, than, for example, the answer to the question what are bottle sterilizers.

And the main task is the purchase of high-quality raw materials. It is best to take village milk and natural starter cultures.

The technician will do everything else for the person. You can use any recipe, but the algorithm is as follows:

  1. Pour in milk.
  2. Add starter.
  3. Start heating.
  4. Leave for 8-10 hours.
  5. Place the containers in the refrigerator.

The last point is important in light of the fact that at high temperatures, bacteria continue to multiply in a favorable environment.

Homemade yogurt
Homemade yogurt

If you do not know how to make homemade yogurt with berries or fruits, then it is not much more difficult than making a regular product. Berries and pieces of fruit must be poured to the bottom before pouring milk and sourdough. Otherwise, there are no differences.

The yogurt maker is also designed to create other products. To make delicious sour cream, you will need cream and a special sour cream starter. You can take ryazhenka or previously prepared yogurt. Kefir is based on milk and a special kefir culture. If you want cottage cheese, then you also need milk, sourdough, and after fermentation, you should pour out the whey and pass the mass through gauze.

Number of jars

It is important not only to know how to make yogurt, but also how to store it and serve it properly. The solution of these problems determines the competent choice of the number of jars in which dairy gastronomic masterpieces are created.

There are models of yogurt makers with one large capacity and after fermentation, the products can be poured into dishes or poured, for example, into a cup for personal use.

More practical are devices that have several jars. This allows you to make products from milk with different fillings - one will contain yogurt with currants, another with raspberries, the third kefir, etc.

The number of jars varies from 4 to 12, there are models with 15 small containers.

The minimum volume is from 30 mg. The presence of several bottles is convenient not only because yogurt and other products are distributed in portions. It is convenient to take such a container with you to work or study in order to have lunch or a snack in your free time.

Container material

Another criterion for choosing devices is the material from which containers are made. This factor can be attributed to the decorative and design component, because it does not have a special effect on the quality and other characteristics of the product.

The most common are glass jars, it is tempered and designed for temperature changes, has a long service life.

Heat-resistant plastic, naturally food-grade, can be used. The practical material providing compactness and long term of operation of the device. Models where the containers are made of steel or ceramic look more stylish.

Jars for Devices
Jars for devices

Additional Features

Even experienced experimenters in the kitchen are wondering how to cook dairy products when they first encounter appliances equipped with additional features. Manufacturers offer devices that make it as easy as possible to create yogurt and other treats containing lactose. Among the most popular tools are:

  • timer;
  • different modes;
  • beep;
  • indication;
  • LCD displays

There are even models where filtration of the final product is provided, such yogurt makers are suitable for making cottage cheese and other soft cheeses.

The most functional is the timer, thanks to which the device turns off automatically after reaching the required temperature. Operating modes are responsible for the preparation of other products. So that a person does not constantly check the readiness of the finish, he will be informed by a sound signal.

If there is a display, all information about the current process is displayed on it. There are devices where portioned jars and a large capacity are included in the kit. Mandatory instruction and careful study.

Display Device
Display device

Video: Top 5 Best Yogurt Makers Reviews 2024

The best models of yogurt makers

If we talk about the best yogurt makers, then here everyone decides for himself which device is preferable. It is better to look after equipment from trusted manufacturers and below we will consider several popular models from different brands.

Kitfort KT-2007

Inexpensive electric model for 4 jars, the latter are made of glass with polyethylene lids. On the display, you can set the operating time - up to 48 hours and the temperature - up to 50 degrees. An audible signal sounds when the job is completed. Power consumption of the device does not exceed 50 W, ergonomics and control are as simple as possible. For maintenance and cleaning, ordinary detergents are used, not abrasive.

Kitfort KT-2007 Yogurt Maker
Kitfort KT-2007 Yogurt Maker

Mulinex DJC141

Stylish white model, designed for 7 plastic jars of 150 ml. Ease of control is ensured by the presence of an indicator and a timer. The most economical, consumes no more than 12 watts of power. An additional plus is definitely the presence of markings on the caps, so you can indicate the type of product and, most importantly, its production date.

Redmond RYM-M5401-E

The yogurt maker allows you to cook 8 portions of dairy products at the same time, 180 ml each. Heating is carried out quickly due to the increased power of 50 watts. There is a timer that turns off the device for 12 hours in 1 hour increments. LEDs and a modern display add practicality and style to the device. The heating stand is made of steel, the body is plastic.

Oursson FE1405D/GA

There are 4 modes, so with the help of a yogurt maker you can even get wine with dough, not to mention dairy products. There are 10 jars in the set, which gives unlimited possibilities for experiments. The device is compact, weighs just over 2 kg. The case is made of plastic, there is a timer, a sound signal and an original indication. Power is a modest 20 watts.

Tefal YG654882

The French brand does not need additional recommendations. There are 2 options for YG654882 - for 6 and 12 containers. With the help of the device, you can cook delicious yogurt, cottage cheese and dessert. The design of the device is simple, it consists of a tray, a holder, cups and a lid, so even a novice cook will not get confused. The cups are made of glass, the lids are plastic, the filters are detachable. The control is mechanical, there is the possibility of auto-shutdown.

Tefal Model YG654882
Tefal Model YG654882

Now knowing which yogurt maker to choose, you can provide your family with delicious and natural dairy products. A good model will allow you to quickly prepare yogurt, sour cream or fermented baked milk with cottage cheese to your liking. This is a great option not only for families with small children, but also for lovers of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. The technique will quickly pay off.

Video: Best Yogurt Makers - Make Thick Protein Yogurt Easily At Your Home


How else can I use a yogurt maker?

Despite the name, you can cook in such a device not only yogurt. If you take other raw materials and turn on a certain temperature regime, you can get cottage cheese, sour cream, fermented baked milk. Therefore, the yogurt maker is a multifunctional device.

How to choose the right yogurt maker for home?

There are several criteria for the right choice, but the main ones are the number of containers and performance. If this is a small family, then 2-5 jars are enough. But if there are lovers of delicious dairy products in large quantities, then more containers are needed, up to 15. Someone pays attention to the shape of the yogurt maker, power, jar material, etc.

What are yogurt makers?

Techniques vary in different ways. Such as shape or power are secondary and the choice is based on preference. By type of control devices are mechanical and electronic. The former have a minimum of functions, but automation simplifies the process as much as possible and expands the possibilities. Also a nice bonus are additional features with a timer, backlight, etc.

What is the yogurt maker for?

This is a device that can maintain a certain temperature. During this period of time, enzymatic processes take place with milk and special starter cultures, as a result of which real yogurt is formed. This method is not only fast and convenient, it allows you to get a product without harmful components.

Video: Best Yogurt Maker 2024 - The Only 5 You Should Consider Today

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- May 13, 2023 10:36:10
When choosing a yogurt maker for your home, there are several important factors to consider. First, determine how many servings of yogurt you are going to make, this will help you choose the right size. Pay attention to the material of the case and containers - it is better to choose transparent plastic, so that it is more convenient to control the cooking process. It is also important to pay attention to the power and the presence of a timer - the greater the power of the appliance, the faster the yogurt will be ready. The timer will allow you to control the process and turn off the device at the right time. One of the main parameters is temperature control - the best is a model with the ability to adjust temperature and power. In this case, you can get the perfect fermented milk product of the desired consistency and taste. When choosing a yogurt maker, you should take into account its ease of use and maintenance - the device should be easy to mount / dismantle and easy to clean.