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What is bohemian life in boho style?

What is bohemian life in boho style? logo
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Creative and freedom-loving people prefer to dress outside the box in multi-layered bright and colorful clothes. Bohemian style is suitable for anyone who wants to express their individuality and does not want to be like anyone in his environment.
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  2. The history of the emergence of the bohemian trend
  3. Video: Stylish Bohemian Casual | Boho Chic Outfits 2017/2018 Style Ideas
  4. Boho characteristic
    1. Types and styles of direction
  5. Video: Chic Bohemian Trend Outfit Ideas. How to Wear Boho Outfit in Spring Summer?
  6. Boho Application Options
    1. Wedding Solutions
    2. Shoes and accessories
  7. Rules for applying Boho style
  8. Video: Boho Outfits Ideas - 100+ Boho Dresses Ideas
  9. FAQ
    1. What does boho style mean?
    2. What is characteristic of boho style?
    3. Who dresses in boho style?
    4. Which shoes suit the boho style?
  10. Video: How to Dress BOHEMIAN Style | BOHO Style Guide
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Clothes have long ceased to be solely a means of covering nudity and protecting against weather phenomena. Today it is an element of the image and a way to emphasize individuality. Everyone has their own preferences, but fashion is important for everyone, especially for women. Someone tends to the classics, but someone wants to be bright and free. Bohemian style or boho helps to bring these desires to life.

It represents not just a certain type of outfit, but a whole philosophy. The article will examine in detail what is characteristic of the boho style in clothes, its characteristic features and ideas for shaping the image in the 2024 year.

Video: Stylish Bohemian Casual || Boho Chic Outfits 2020/2021 Style Ideas

The history of the emergence of the bohemian trend

Bohemia usually refers to creative people. They have a special type of thinking and a creative approach to the image. Directors, actors, artists, poets, representatives of show business and other elites prefer to choose something not just special, but even outrageous.

Such non-trivial things in clothes suggest a boho style. During its existence, this direction has changed significantly. If you don’t know where the boho style came from, then this is the famous region of the Czech Republic, Bohemia, which gave the world a lot of great things.

Old European Fairs
Old European fairs

At first, a bright and long outfit was a hallmark of gypsies, itinerant artists and was definitely not associated with the nobility or famous people in the 18th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, just those who led a bohemian lifestyle became interested in style, colorful and noticeable wardrobe items could always be seen on representatives of the creative intelligentsia.

In the 21st century, boho style is a way not just to stand out from the crowd, but to feel free. And if you simply answer the question of who prefers this boho style, then this is everyone whose thinking goes beyond stereotypes and the desire to be like everyone else.

Video: Stylish Bohemian Casual | Boho Chic Outfits 2017/2018 Style Ideas

Boho characteristic

Understanding the question of what the boho style in clothes is, there are a lot of features here, most of them unique and unlike anything else. The main features are as follows:

  • large number of garments and layers;
  • texture of fabrics;
  • drapery and lace;
  • bespoke tailoring;
  • comfort.

All clothes have a wide cut, it does not hinder movements and allows you to feel as free as possible, even if it is a wedding dress.

Looking at the ladies in dresses with ethnic notes, one can distinguish a certain negligence and lightness. The image of the fair sex can combine a large number of diverse things that are absolutely impossible to use together in other styles. A woman can easily throw a vest over a blouse, and tie a shawl or a large airy scarf on top, while she will wear a frilled skirt, and boots with wide tops on her legs.

The texture deserves special attention. The fabric may be worn, rough to the touch, or have fringed knit patterns.

Boho style in modern life
Boho style in modern life

Although it implies boho chic in clothes, the main thing here is an original approach and creativity. You can always create a real masterpiece from improvised fabrics with your own hands. Fashionistas can look at patterns on thematic resources or exchange with friends.

If someone does not want to learn boho style schemes, you can always buy ready-made outfits. Usually they are sold individually and are not cheap, especially when it comes to famous designers. These are the things celebrities wear.

Types and styles of direction

First of all, what is the boho style for? To express individuality, it has several directions, which can radically differ from each other:

  • classic;
  • glamour;
  • hippies;
  • grunge;
  • eco

Classic. In the classic style, the emphasis is on lightness and carelessness. Here are all the characteristic features, permeated with notes of different ethnic groups. Such outfits are usually sewn to order from good and expensive fabrics.

Glamour. Truly bohemian chic is seen in the "glamour" direction. It is light, because special fabrics are used to create wardrobe items - silk, chiffon, satin, satin. An abundance of fur inserts and decorative elements are used in clothes.

Hippie. In the case of hippies, boho style is part of a subculture that the whole world knew about half a century ago. The outfit is a symbiosis of different fabrics, colors and national motifs. Jeans, linen, synthetic materials are used for sewing things. It is easy to make jewelry with your own hands, complementing an already non-trivial look.

Hippie in a bohemian direction
Hippies Going Bohemian

Grunge. One of the main features that characterizes the Bohemian style is the presentation of luxury through the use of techniques that are difficult to attribute to wealth. The direction of grunge is just designed to break stereotypes. The clothes here are not so bright, there are more dark colors, there are inscriptions, sometimes of a provocative nature. Artificially aged things are used, some antique, shabby accessories.

Eco. It is easy to transform bohemian chic into an instrument of some kind of struggle. So, the direction "eco" aims to draw attention to environmental issues. A person does not use leather and fur in his image, most of the clothes are sewn from natural fabrics.

Video: Chic Bohemian Trend Outfit Ideas. How to Wear Boho Outfit in Spring Summer?

Boho Application Options

You need to clearly understand who suits the boho style in clothes, and here a surprise awaits the fair sex. After all, absolutely everyone can touch the bohemian life, whose thinking is not fixated on the format - "what people will think."

A loose and bright outfit for overweight women will be an opportunity to hide figure flaws.

By the way, the direction of chic does not particularly emphasize the dignity, since everything is hidden behind the negligence and lightness of fabrics.

It is worth considering 2 clothing options for full ladies and slender girls. In the first case:

  • layered floor-length skirt with lace or wide trousers;
  • asymmetrical dress or wide tunic;
  • knitted sweater or long sweater in coarse knit;
  • cowboy hat and oversized glasses
  • straw tote

Shoes should be flat, according to the weather.

Boho outfit for ladies in the body
Boho outfit for ladies in body

The following image will suit the slender representatives of the fair sex:

  • dress or blouse with lace;
  • short denim skirt;
  • leather bracelet on the right wrist and wooden bracelet on the left;
  • small purse;
  • sandals with lots of straps

You can take a bright cape.

The female approach to creating an image has no age limits; ladies over 50 and young girls look great in boho. Well, if you want to complement the outfit with something original, you can always pick up a hook and make a couple of creative turns of decor.

Wedding Solutions

The times when the wedding was held according to one pattern are gradually disappearing into the past. Today, the newlyweds organize the holiday in such a way that it is bright and memorable.

Some, having heard about a wedding in the boho style, ask a reasonable question - what is it? And a little moving away from the shock, they understand that this option is really worth considering.

To be fair, bohemian wedding dresses are different from hippie and even classic outfits. More calm colors of light colors prevail here, you can choose a stylish white dress so as not to deviate from traditions at all.

Boho Wedding
Boho Wedding

But the pattern and decoration provide chic and the wedding dress turns into something that is hard to take your eyes off. The characteristic features include layering, especially this "sins" skirt, clothes have a free silhouette, dresses are sewn from light fabrics. Lace and embroidery are welcome, which will make the image even more refined and sophisticated. A bohemian dress with lush decor is perfect for full brides.

If you don't know what boho style is at a wedding, then it's not just clothes. It is felt in the environment and naturally, in the interior. An excellent choice for an event would be a loft-style location or a room with panoramic windows. An arch should be installed inside, vintage carpets and tapestries are used. If this is the summer season, then there is nothing to think about - nature.

Shoes and accessories

In a bohemian style, everything is essential, including shoes with accessories.

For the first time, wondering what to combine the boho style with, you can definitely answer that everything unusual and sometimes illogical will do here. Aged boots or boots from the middle of the 20th century will become a universal option for autumn / winter / spring, even under the classics, even under the hippies with grunge. Often there is lacing or a zipper, but again, in a vintage design.

Shoe boots with a wide top will look great on the leg, like peasant girls in the USA.

Shoes for Bohemian Ladies
Shoes for Bohemian Ladies

One more decorating will become a powerful tool for creating an image. Seeing any boho accessory, you might think that this is a gypsy goods store. But it is in their colorfulness that the main secret of popularity lies.

Items with leather straps, massive bracelets, rings and earrings predominate. Almost any dress looks great with a wide belt. Jewelery and stylish bijouterie are harmoniously combined. A headband or even a wreath of flowers will not become superfluous.

Rules for applying Boho style

When forming a rebellious and non-trivial image, you need to follow certain rules so as not to turn into a freak. It is not recommended to overdo it with vintage things. If these are retro dresses in boho style, then it is better to choose shoes and accessories in a slightly different direction. If a dress, tunic, sundress, or trousers clearly indicates bohemian chic, then the bag should be more relaxed and vice versa. A straw bag will become a universal option.

Straw Bag Girl
Girl with a Straw Bag

It is not recommended to use a set of loose clothing when attending official events. In this, you definitely cannot appear at work if the lady is not an actress or a representative of the creative profession. The audience of the theater will not appreciate the creativity and the boss in the office will definitely not be happy.

Thinking about how to switch to the boho style, you need to have some courage, especially for residents of small towns. Such an outfit can easily puzzle others, and sometimes cause ridicule. On the other hand, a bright image is guaranteed and full confidence that the appearance on a walk or a party will not go unnoticed. In addition, boho clothes should be in harmony with shoes and accessories, because here it is easy to cross the line between creativity and bad taste.

Video: Boho Outfits Ideas - 100+ Boho Dresses Ideas


What does boho style mean?

It means unusual. This style involves bright clothes that are hard to miss. Ethnic notes and freedom of movement prevail in it. Style emphasizes individuality, more suitable for the warm season.

What is characteristic of boho style?

Fashion connoisseurs can't go wrong when identifying a bohemian trend. The boho style involves variegated colors, the use of textured fabrics and unlimited flight of the designer's fantasies. All items have a free cut and are perfect for women with different types of figure.

Who dresses in boho style?

Despite the definition of boho as a style for bohemia, ladies of any social status can wear bright outfits. Naturally, it is relevant for creative people for whom individuality is important - actresses, models, artists. Such clothes are in the wardrobe of the fair sex, who want to say something to the world. You can safely call Kate Moos an icon.

Which shoes suit the boho style?

Shoes are a harmonious addition and must fully match the outfit. The main principle is convenience and comfort. Products without heels, flat soles or wedges are used. Country boots, sandals, ballet flats are popular. Be sure to have a colorful decor and a minimum of traditional fittings.

Video: How to Dress BOHEMIAN Style | BOHO Style Guide

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Comments (2)

- May 13, 2023 10:38:16
Boho style (or bohemian style) in clothing is a style that combines elements of hippie, ethnic and bohemian culture. It is distinguished by freedom, ease and a mood close to nature. Boho clothing uses soft, natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, linen, leather, and suede. Characteristic elements of the style are lace, braids, yeast, bright colors, draped fabrics, French knots, bandages and headdresses. You can use several clothes of various styles in one ensemble. Accessories are an important element of the boho style: large and bright earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, scarves, beads and even toe rings.
- May 13, 2023 10:37:48
In general, this style helps to create an individual and creative image that reflects the character and mood.